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Conspiracy In The Church

Adapted From A Talk By David Rhoades

Earlier I have alluded to a hidden evil group that was controlling all of humanity behind a veil of fake reality.

Tonight I want to reveal to you that there really is an evil and hidden group controlling all of humanity. We are slowly and unknowingly being manipulated, toward their planned agenda.

In the next few minutes I would like to tell you what that agenda is and how I discovered it.

My story starts out a few short years ago when me and a friend would have coffee on Sunday morning across the street from our church.

Our wives and our children would be in Sunday school, but the wise ones we were, had better plans.

As we set there, we could look out the window and see the church.

Our conversations would range from technology, and government conspiracies to UFOs, and occasionally the "New World Order".

Little did either one of us realize that part of the largest world wide conspiracy ever was taking place across the street in our church.

This church was a traditional 60 year old church, that had grown to over 3000 members.

There had been members recently leaving, but no one noticed. I'm not sure whether they had made their concerns known or not.

But now it seems that quite a few members were becoming upset over circumstances that were taking place in the church.

It seems that there were a small but vocal group that were determined to change the church, and how the members worshiped.

This small group and some of the new members could have started their own church, but it turns out that what they wanted was this church.

The vocal minority had slowly gained control of a majority of the elders. Some of the new elders were quoted as telling members; "If you don't like what's going on you can leave"

There were now large numbers of members leaving

The new elders had called in a professional team of arbitration specialist to lead the old church members and elders through a small group process of consensus.

I recognized the arbitration team and their surveys as using modern day mind control techniques.

Now let me say right here. I could feel that something was deeply wrong. There were secret meetings, lies being told by the elders, people leaving, and a general atmosphere a person should not find in a church. In fact it impressed me as sort of evil.

If you haven't been able to tell by now, I have been a church slacker, and I needed help to put these pieces together and to understand what was happening.

While asking around, someone told me about a gentleman that had been studying this problem.

I called him and made a lunch appointment to come by his office that very day.

I will call this man Bob. To give you a little history, Bob had been studying this problem directly relating to the church problem for about 6 months or more. He had his head stuck in a computer, only to come up for air occasionally. The problem was that no one would listen to him.

Bob was excited that I had called and gave me a warm welcome when I arrived at the lunch hour.

I said Bob, what is going on at the church?

He looked at me, and without saying a word turned around and picked up what must have been a 4" thick binder of notes, and said I can't tell you, you won't believe it, you need to read this.

I pushed it away, and said "Bob just tell me what's happening at the church?"

Bob said, "Look you have got to read this, and you need to go back to 258BC"

I said "Bob, I am on my lunch break, and I don't have time to go back to 258 BC"

As the frustration built up on Bob, he started throwing out big words like Willowcreek, Saddleback, THE NIV Bible. At the time I did not know what any of these things were.

I left shortly thereafter without an answer to my question.

Exactly one week later I'm setting in my office flipping through a news magazine.

I came across an article about a Church in Illinois called Willowcreek. The article was about willowcreeks ability to draw 14,000 worshippers to church on Sunday. It went on to state that they had been so successful that now they had begin to consult with churches all over the US on how to modernize their services to draw more people. Kind of like the franchise for churches. And they now consult with thousands of churches.

I said; "ha ha".

Willowcreek you might remember was one of the names Bob through out at me when we met.

This started my quest for information that took me on a trip. A trip that I can only describe as the most exciting and enlightening trips a person can take and still be alive to tell about it.

Yes, I ended up going back to 258 BC and even further, I went back to creation.

What I found out was, what happened at my church wasn't unique. In fact the same thing was happening at churches throughout the world. Many denominations have already gone through this process. A process that's so cunning and deliberate that it's used like a cookie cutter and is achieving the same results in each church it infiltrates.

One of the most disturbing things through is that most people that have been effected by this process don't even know it. Half the members eventually left my church, and moved on to other churches. Half the members stayed. But, neither half knew what had happened. They think this was just another church split, and they are totally unaware of the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is connected to world domination. Yes the planners of this system are planning a one world government, and a one world church.

The agenda is to control the churches, the governments, the schools, and the financial institutions of the world.

The same process that was used to take over my church is being used to take over the world.

Initially, most of you are not going to believe any of this.

But, if I have given you one word or given you one thought that will lead one person here to study this and warn others, then I have done my job.

Other articles by David Rhoades can be read at;

David Rhoades' views are those of his own. They do not necessarily represent
those of his friends, his sister-in-law, or groups he is associated with!
Free to publish this article as long as the above links remain intact.

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