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Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed

Film Reviewed

No one ever watches a video that I have reviewed. I've even bought videos and handed them out. No one watches them!

So, it's with this caveat that I am writing you about the movie "Expelled". Myself, along with my son Lacy, and my daughter Precious went to it Friday night April 18th, 2008.

Ben Stein is the star of this ducumentary-movie. It's a well done film about how higher education has eliminated professors, teachers, and academics that believe in the possibility of "Intelligent Design"

Things have really changed in the 45 years since I first went into my high school library and inquiried about a copy of Darwins' "Origin of Species".

Expelled shows how today Darwin's theory is being taught as scientific fact even though there are are no facts. The theory of "Intelligent Design" is not allowed even though there seems to be more credible scientific evidence.

The film exposes the shallowness of Darwin's theory of evolution, and shows the outright contempt and hatefulness academics have for "Intelligent Design" which they equate to the ignorance of those that believe in the God of the Bible.

Stein masterfully lets the biggest "anti-christs" in education draw their own noose. He sedately leads them to self destruct in their theory of evolution.

Here is my warning about seeing this movie;

1. You should not go see this movie if you hate God or Jesus Christ. I would like to hope the movie would help you to think, but it's probably just going to make you madder.

2. You should not go see this movie if you don't believe in conspiracies, because this movie exposes one tentacle of the largest conspiracy you are never going to believe anyway.

3. You should not go see this movie if you are a Christian and think satan isn't active today. Stay home you are not going to get it either.

So, who should see this film?

My recomendation is that no one should go see this film. Just go back to sleep.

For all those that don't like taking my recomendations use Fandango to find a theater near you.

David Rhoades

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