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Put The Glasses On
Adapted from a Toastmasters speech given by David Rhoades

Thank you Dear ToastMaster, ToastMaster Members, and Honored Guest.

First, I want to Thank all of you for your warm welcome of this new member into the Hendersonville, ToastMasters at the last meeting.

I have spent a lifetime avoiding the very thing I have volunteered for tonight.

My shyness probably started before I was born.

I tried to come out of the womb breach, but the doctor would have none of that.

For 12 hours, and with his hands in my Mother's womb, the doctor turned this 9 lb 12 ounce baby around to arrive normally.

At an early age the entrepreneur in me wanted to mow loawns, but I was to shy to knock on my neighbors doors to ask for business. I enlisted the help of my younger sister.

I have always been to hesitant to lead a prayer or read the Bible in public.

Not because I didn't believe the message, but because I am shy.

I even picked a slow Wednesday night, at Church, to be baptized.

So what brings this 54 year old, shy, untrained and inexperienced speaker before you tonight?

I have been made aware of impending danger to my fellow man!

A danger that is so incredible, it's hard to believe!

So evil in it's intent

So hideously hidden

That it's hard for even the most intelligent people to comprehend it's existence.

I know that 80 percent of the people don't have the time to know what's going on.

15 percent already know, but don't know what to do.

That leave 5 percent, and half of them are on the other side.

With those odds I may not reach a single soul in here tonight.

I what to take this message out to any group that will ask me to speak.

I have been practicing at home in front of my family.

My 12 year old Daughter rolls her eyes back in her head.

My Wife puts her hands to her ears, closes her eyes, and shakes her head vigorously.

And my 18 year old Son, if he is a home, will leave the room.

This reminds me of a less than famous science fiction movie by the famous director, John Carpenter.

In this movie the main star is a young, unemployed carpenter, traveling around the country in a railroad boxcar.

As he looks at the tall buildings that represent the power and wealth of the greatest country on earth, he lets us know what his perceived reality is.

He's young and he has his whole future ahead of him. The tall buildings represent a country that gives him the freedom to travel, and the opportunities that are boundless.

One night, by chance, he finds himself in an abandoned warehouse, where he discovers boxes of what he thinks are sunglasses.

The next morning as he's walking the streets of the big city, he puts a pair of the glasses on.

To his astonishment, all the advertisements emanating from the billbloards, the magazine stands, and the TV's have startling hidden messages, that can only be seen with the glasses.

At first he can't believe what he is seeing. He repeatedly takes the glasses off and puts them back on.

What's revealed to him is hidden propaganda that's being transmitted unknowingly to all who see the advertisements.

Propaganda that makes the people like sheep and disinterested in what's really going on.

He can also see that the people in control of the country, are not who they appear to be.

Later in the move, he finds out that it's an organized evil that's behind it all. An evil that's against God and all he stands for.

The carpenter now has a problem! Does he throw the glasses away, to keep his preceived reality?

Or.... does he keep the glasses on and try to warn others.

There is a fight scene in the movie that must last 15 minutes. It's all over the carpenter to trying get a friend to put the glasses on.

Although this is just a movie, it symbolizes what's really happening today.

Many good people will say

It's God's plan, there is nothing I can do.

I'm even quoted scripture; The trusting live by faith. Roms. 1:17

I say yes, but shouldn't even the faithful be willing?

Doesn't God use His will though the willing hands of a skilled doctor in the delivery of a baby?

And if He does, isn't it up to us to furnish the willing hands?

Like the Watchman in the Bible, in Ezekiel 33:7. Once we are aware of the danger, we must warn our fellow man.

Just as surely as God gave me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose to smell, I believe He sent me here tonight for your help to spread this message.

Other articles by David Rhoades can be read at;

David Rhoades' views are those of his own. They do not necessarily represent
those of his friends, his sister-in-law, or groups he is associated with!
Free to publish this article as long as the above links remain intact.

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