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Defending The King James Bible

There is nothing wrong with marketing new Bibles that have larger type, color maps, better indexes, and leather covers. The problem comes with marketing corrupted counterfeits to the word of God.

Some would call it heresy to use false and misleading information about God's word as it was originally translated to sell those counterfeits.

I have a friend who discovered the Bible he had been using was corrupted. Once he was sure of the facts he wanted to consult with a preacher that was teaching from the same Bible.

When my friend started to address his concerns about the NIV Bible to his preacher friend, the preacher refused to discuss it, almost like my friend was talking heresy about the NIV.

Well you see this preacher, who I am sure is a Godly man, has been deceived. He has been tricked and fooled, like many of us, into the heresy of abandoning the Inspired Word of God contained in the King James Bible, for a corrupted version.

This preacher is not alone. This is a wide spread problem, and you will see it in almost every Church. Preachers and members everywhere are studying what they think is the word of God. In fact what they are studying in these new modern Bible versions is a corrupted Bible, from a different Greek text that was compiled by unbelievers and pagans starting in the earliest days after Christ. (200 A.D.)

Most modern Bible versions are from this corrupted Greek text. Ths N.I.V., NASB, And even the New King James.

Most people think the New King James is just a redo of the King James Bible. Not so! The New King James like the N.I.V., are owned Trade Marks and copyrights of two large publishing corporations. You see, no one can publish either one of these Bibles except their owners. That's right! They are both owned and are counterfeits to the true word of God.

This story is NOT about Bible versions. There is plenty of documentation on this subject. The ConcernedMembers have an excellent article here on the web. If you are interested in futher study about Bible versions, click on one of the links below.

This story is about the outright false and misleading information that has to be presented about the King James Bible, in order for us to want a "Newer Bible" The people telling us the false information have a purpose and an agenda. Their agenda is to move us to a newer Bible, a Bible that has been prepared just for this day and this time. Their new Bible facilitates what they want to teach us about homosexuality, deaconeses, Holy Entertainment, tolerance, unity in diversity and their vision for a New World Order. They are called "change agents", and they are fully within the Church.

Before they can get us to partake of a new Bible, first they have to convince us that there is something wrong with our current Bible. It's just like when God gave us water to drink, and it was free. Man offered us cola. We had to be convinced cola was better than water, because man wanted to charge us. So by spending large amounts of money promoting their false product, they're able to convince us, the dumb sheep, that cola is better than water, and the new versions of the Bible are better than the Original.

Their plan is two fold. 1st. By spending large sums of money promoting their New Bibles. ( I think the N.I.V. has sold more than 150,000,000 copies so far) 2nd by spreading false rumors and misleading information about the King James Bible. These rumors get spread by preachers, elders, and fellow members that pick them up and spread them unchallenged, and some are willing "change agents" others have just been fooled.

Our job here is simply to get the truth out. The truth will be self evident when presented. It's just like the lie that cola quenches your thirst better than water.

We want to challenge each and every false and misleading statement being told about the King James Bible with the truth. We want to invite these "change agents" into a public place where they can defend their misinformation, if thay can.

We have prepared a large hall, that can hold a multitude of people. It will be open 24 hours a day so that those that work at night can come by during the day.

On the walls we are going to hang the charges against God's word from these "change agents". Beside their charges will be hung the truth for all to visit and read.

Both the "change agents" and the ConcernedMembers will be present to answer questions.

We have invited Christians from all over the world to join us, and read the testimony, and then vote on each and every charge. Be it True, or be it False

When we are through, we pray this can be settled for ever and ever.

Join Us In FORUM HALL at

Attacks on the King James from within the Church;

Grace Centered Magazine Modern Translations or the King James? by Lee Wilson

Grace Centered Magazine Choosing A Bible Translation? by Bob Williams

THE KING JAMES VERSION A Critical Analysis by Al Maxey

Study the truth about Bible versions at;

Study links to Bible Versions

Click here to read more articles by this author.

Please notify me when new editorials are added.

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