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How to Save Your Church From The Take-Over
of the "Church Growth Movement"

Former Madison Church of Christ member speaks out about the take-over of that church, the reasons 1500 members left, and how it's happening at churches across America.

Dear Brothers in Christ:

I contact you today not in person but by this letter because of the serious nature of the information I have to convey.

I have been studying matters that I consider important to all the members of the Church of Christ.

The responsibility of not conveying this information is greater than I want to bear.

Since you are the leaders and watchmen of souls at your congregation, I feel that it's important for me to make this information available to you first.

I have written the enclosed report as a talk that is available to your members upon your invitation, or as a printed piece that can be passed out to them.

Most important is the recommended study.

I place these matters in your hands, and pray that you see the importance of dealing with them in relation to the membership.

I am available for any questions that you might have, or to speak to your members.

Thank you for your attention to this pressing issue.

Your brother in Christ,

David Rhoades
125 Rhoades Ln
Hendersonville, Tn. 37075
PH. 615-822-9329

David Rhoades is a former Madison member and resides with his wife and two children in Hendersonville,Tn. He is the President of the Rhoades Car Company, and a founder of the web site which attempts to warn others what is happening to the Christian churches and why. He is a member of Toastmasters International, The John Birch Society, and is currently a member of the Shackle Island Church of Christ in his community.

How to Save Your Church From The Take-Over of the "Church Growth Movement"
A Talk by
David Rhoades

There is an ill wind blowing across the Christian churches in America and around the world.

The wind has been blowing so slow that most church members today cannot even tell that it has developed into a full-blown storm.

Today my goal is to tell you what's been happening in this storm, how it got started, who is behind it and make suggestions on how to save the Church.

There are congregations of all denominations not far from this building that are experiencing the effects of what's been called the "Church Growth Movement."

As part of the strategies, the members will find that all of a sudden one Sunday they will arrive for worship services and, if they are a Baptist church, the piano has been replaced by a guitar or a full band. If they are a Church of Christ which normally doesn't have choirs or instruments, they will arrive to find a "Praise Team" that sings with microphones.

The techniques are a little different, depending on the church, as to how fast the change agents will press change on the church.

But in each case what the members find is a change in worship that changes hymns to modern song selections and, in many cases, outright rock 'n roll.

In most cases these changes are a total surprise for most of the members.

A few years back, the members of Richland Hills Church of Christ were surprised that the Deacons had been replaced with Deaconesses. (1)

The members of that church wrote letters to the elders which went unanswered. Later the elders called some of the members in to a meeting where one of the elders said this: (2)

"Any further correspondence with the elders must start with this statement": "I want to communicate with you in regard to a decision you have made that puts my eternal soul in jeopardy."

I might say that the outcome of that meeting was not very fruitful.

The Richland Hills Church of Christ announced that starting in 2007, they would have a Saturday Night worship service with communion and musical instruments, even though 9 months earlier church leadership had denied that would ever happen.

When the members at Gardendale Baptist began questioning the changes at their church, the pastor called for a vote of support from the membership. The pastor said, "Those who vote against me will be removed from membership in the family immediately." They had a vote, and the 165 that voted against the pastor were asked to leave. Later, they were told they could return only if they signed a covenant for church unity. (3)

When members of my former congregation, the 60-year-old Madison Church of Christ, started questioning what was happening to their worship services, the elders first claimed ignorance. Later it was shown that the church had paid for certain leaders to attend growth conferences at the Saddleback Church. Then one Sunday the elders announced from the pulpit that, "anyone that did not like what was happening, should leave". Sure enough about 1500 people eventually left. (4)

Although most of the "church growth" problems stem from changing the worship services into a venue of "Holy Entertainment" and watered-down doctrine, there is more to come. One has only to look to the liberal denominations that have already adopted modern music and instrumentation in the worship service. The Episcopals and the Methodists have long since seen these problems pass, and are now splitting over active homosexual members, and pastors.

There are tens of thousands of established churches that have already succumbed to the "church growth process". You are not hearing about it on the nightly news, nor are you hearing about it in church.

What you are witnessing are not random events. These events are scripted. They are scripted to have the results you are seeing.

The script writers are a multitude of front organizations that are selling church leaders on the wonder of "church growth." They are all members of organizations that are globalist "change agents" who are orchestrating a plan of globalism.

Rick Warren, one of the "change agent" members and the pastor of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. is best known for his book "THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE" which has sold 25 million copies. He has spawned an entire industry advising churches to become "purpose-driven" by attracting nonbelievers with lively worship services. (5)

They have books, seminars, and training lectures to help transition churches. The word "transition" is key, because this is a long process.

Part of the script calls for filling at least 20% of the church with young adults in their 20's and 30's.

They use key marketing elements that attract a particular individual.

It's a process that's usually started in some of the Sunday school classes and is kept from most of the members.

It is a process that has deceit at its core. It has to be secret, because it can take up to 10 to 15 years to transition a church.

In one training session audience members were advised, "Trust very few people with your plans. All the forces of hell are going to come at you when you wake up that church." (6)

One of the training seminars has a title "Dealing with Opposition". In this part it is recommended that the pastor speak to critical members, then help them leave if they don't stop objecting. Then when those congregants join a new church, they instruct pastors to call the new minister and suggest that the congregants be barred from any leadership role.

The president of a church transitions company said, "You've got to play hardball, you cannot transition a church and placate every whiny Christian along the way".

By now I know you are thinking this doesn't sound very Christian, and you probably think that none of this could happen in your church.

I am here to tell you that not only can it happen, but it will happen unless you know how to identify it and do something about it.

By doing nothing, it will be just a matter of time.

In the next part we will see how it begins.

PART 2: The Transitioning of the Church

In order for a church to progress to these stages, the members in the church must be "transitioned."

This is a process that takes time. They don't have to transition everyone, just enough to take over the church.

In order to get us from point A (conservative church), to point B (liberal church with instruments and homosexual clergy), we will be transitioned through a long slow process to gradually build up to these final points.

A common analogy is one of cooking a frog. I'm told that if you put a frog into boiling water he will jump out, and the proper way is to gradually turn the heat up. The frog gradually gets used to the temperature and feels very warm and snug, just prior to being cooked.

I know some of us think we could never be fooled or transitioned, but it's already happening.

When I was a boy, if television had the content it does today, my parents would not have let me watch it. What parent will take away their children's television today?

Prior to the 1930s those that studied the Bible considered a Christmas Tree to be like the groves in the Bible, pagan symbols that used to be worshiped as pagan gods. Today everyone has a Christmas tree, and you even see them in churches. What has happened?

If I suggested that you give up your Christmas tree today, I would be ridiculed and laughed out of town. The transition is almost complete.

There is also transitioning taking place in the modern church that has been infiltrated by the "change agents."

At my former church, the teacher of a young adult class called "Homebuilders" recorded his class one Sunday as he taught a lesson on transition to his class members. (7)

The following was taken from a transcript of that tape.

"What we said was if the word entertainment does mean to divert ones attention, to cause to be pleasurable, to cause to be interesting, then that is what we're here to do."

"Does it mean we cannot we cannot use it for a while? But at the same time during that interim term we need to have teaching on it. We need to talk about it. Well what is it? And soon as I say the word "holy entertainment" there would be some who would go "ouu--- ! You know I jus(t), jus(t), it sounds so----. But in a way that's what we're here to do. We are here as Paul would say, "to take your eyes off what is seen and to put it on what? --- what is unseen". We are here to divert people's attention ---."

"I wanted to tell you a lot about that --- uh --- Saddleback church that I told you about."

"It is a church on purpose. They are directed"

"And when I start using the praise teams and the --- banners and the ---, and all of this, and I'm wrapped in that and I like it and, and you know, and, and I feel closer to God when I do it. And, and I'm all enthused about it, what I forget is there's the people out there who haven't been in on the planning and the praying and the knowing and the experiencing it little by little and the little grandmother that says, "you mean the services that I grew up here for 55 years --- they're not here any more?" ---- And the dad who says, "my kids, I raised um here, it just doesn't seem the same." And Mary sits at the back you know or in the middle and she says, "you know Tom, they took Face To Face out of these books."--- And I want to say YES, YES but look at what they....."

"Four little things really quick. Really quick. We're jus(t) gonna mention um, on about how to deal with critics. Uhmm --- . A. Affirm and acknowledge. Affirm their right to not like what we like. Hold their hands and say because by the same token we'll have to turn it around and we'll want them to affirm our light, our right to like what they don't like.

As the church and its members get transitioned, here is a list of things you can expect to show up in your church.

1. (see below)

2. Sermons more geared toward "feel good" than scripture. -- No hell and damnation.

3. Casual dress for worship

4. Appearance of surveys - To form consensus

5. Appearance of covenants - The BIBLE warns us about swearing oaths

6. The appearance of church mission statements, especially using the words "Unity in Diversity." (Unity in Diversity is Orwellian double-speak from the United Nations. To promote ecumenism within different churches. i.e., all religions lead to God's salvation).

7. Appointment of more elders - Change agents will say, If we are going to grow, we need more elders.

8. Small groups - in--home meetings on Sunday and Wednesday nightS.

9. Building and expansion programs - that put the church into debt

10. Third Worship Services - especially Saturday night services

11. The naming of "worship leaders" or "pulpit ministers" --beware of strange names. Some class names like "Homebuilder" are commonly used for young adult classes

12. Projection screens - looks practical, but the ultimate purpose will come out later

13. Clapping in worship - starts out after drama or baptisms

14. Drama during worship

15. Appearance of praise teams or musical instruments

16. Appearance of practicing homosexuals in the membership and in the pulpit.

PART 3: The Number One Thing

There is one item that I left off this list intentionally. It's the most important item on the list; It should be listed at number 1. If you fail to correct this problem, your church is doomed to fall into the modern church movement.

It's probably already present in your church. Correcting it is not going to be easy. It's slowly grown in presence for the last 100 years, but it started a long time ago.

If we go way back in history to the year 1582, to the continent of England, we find a country still struggling to come out from under the rule of Rome. For the first time the common man can read the words of God in English with the Tyndale BIBLE. By 1582 The Tyndale BIBLE was 60 years old. On Saturday night the people of England weren't as busy as we are today, so they read and knew their BIBLE. (8)

Tyndale's English BIBLE had not gone unnoticed by Rome. By 1582, after taking 30 years to translate, the first English version of the Catholic BIBLE appeared. It was called the Jesuit BIBLE. The Jesuits tried to force their version on England.

The important thing to know about these two BIBLES is that were translated from two different sets of text. It wasn't a matter of translating something different from the same text, they were translated from two different texts. (9)

The Jesuits employed an immense barrage of lies against the Tyndale BIBLE. They called it antiquated, out of date, and hard to read.

The English people did not fall for the lies and rejected the Jesuit BIBLE as being corrupt.

This was Satan's first assault against the English BIBLE from the Greek text of Erasmus, the same text used by the Luther BIBLE, and later the King James 1611 Authorized.

Do you think Satan gave up?

No, you're right he didn't give up, and I have two of his latest modern day translations right here, both from the same corrupt manuscripts used to write the Jesuit BIBLE.

These BIBLES have been copyrighted and are owned by large publishing companies; I can't even quote from them legally without giving credit to the copyright owners.

To copyright a printed book like this, the book has to be different by at least 15% from the original. Not only are these BIBLES 15% different from the original, but also, they are different from each other. In many cases -- 6,000 plus changes.

Many modern BIBLES today come from the same corrupt manuscripts as did the Jesuit BIBLE.(10)

Today in many churches, while mom and dad study from the original BIBLE, their children are in Sunday school studying from a modern and corrupt version of the BIBLE.

These BIBLES have had the words "grove" and "groves," in reference to pagan idols, removed.

In the newest of these BIBLES the word "sodomite" has been replaced with "male shrine prostitute." That is supposed to be easier to read than "sodomite."

It's no wonder that the average 22 year old today doesn't even know what the word "sodomite" means.

So the number 1 thing on the list of a church in transition is the appearance and dominate use of the corrupted modern BIBLE versions, especially in its Sunday schools. These versions are fully endorsed by the "church growth movement." It's no wonder the word of God has begun to sound like "babel" from the different languages of long ago.

I know of no church that studies for the truth in fundamental BIBLE history; that has fallen victim to the "church growth movement." (11)

I think the evidence shows that churches using the corrupted versions of the BIBLE are setting up their own future demise.

PART 4: How do we save the church?

In 1984 Ira North was the minister at my former congregation The Madison Church of Christ. He requested a study of a new BIBLE version at that time. Cecil N. Wright, an assistant minister of the church, was asked to do that evaluation. Mr. Wright spent some two years and compiled a report that looked like a small book. This in part is what the report said;

The threat of division is real. How can faithful brethren sit back in silence and hear the word of God mutilated, and see the faith of our young members destroyed? Let us note well where the blame will rest. Who is guilty of splitting a log? The one who drives the wedge? or the one who pleads for it not to be driven? THE ONE WHO DRIVES THE WEDGE! Who was guilty of dividing the church over Instrumental Music? Those who injected it into the worship! The blame will not only rest on preachers who use the corrupt version but also on elders who are to protect and to guard the flock. I plead with all elders to wake up, study up, and to speak up!

Ira North died shortly after this time. The report was consigned to gather dust in the church library, where I last saw it. New ministers were hired that brought in the new BIBLE versions and the rest is history. (12)

Many brothers inside the church today have a general apathy I can only describe as worse than lukewarm.

Elders, deacons, and preachers that we normally think of as watchmen have failed to warn their sheep of the coming storm.

I have talked to many elders and preachers that not only have no comprehension of what's happening, but they will tell me that they don't want to know.

We need a new breed of watchmen to save the church.

As far as I know there are no specific Biblical qualifications for watchmen, as there are for elders and deacons.

But, common sense would dictate that a watchman would be alert for dangers that would harm the souls of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

A watchman should "gird himself up with the full armor of the Lord," and make himself knowledgeable about Biblical and secular information, to guard against the seen and the unseen.

He should be steadfast against his distractors, but firm in warning about the dangers of globalism, and ecumenism in the church.

The watchman should participate in the selection of new elders, deacons and preachers, never failing to count the good fruits and looking as well for the bad. In essence, looking for elders, deacons and preachers that can be watchmen as well.

By far the biggest challenge for today's watchman will be encouraging his church to study the history of the BIBLE and to seek the truth in God's word.

In closing, one last thing about watchmen; According to Ezekiel 33:7, God holds watchmen especially accountable. Should they fail to warn, the blood of their brothers and sisters will be on the watchman's hands.

Please let the record show that I have given that warning tonight.

Thank You.

Please find printed copies of this talk with references on the back tables.

Copies may be viewed from this web site:

Copies may be printed from this pdf file:

(1) The Deaconesses TimeLine

(2) Elders Meet With Concerned Members January 31, 2002

(3) Gardendale Baptist Kicks Out 165 Members

(4) What Happened At The Madison Church of Christ

(5) Rick Warren admits to being member of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

(6) Walstreet Journal Article - A Popular Strategy For Church Growth Splits Congregants

(6a) June 2006 - Purpose Driven Resisters - Must Leave or Die Those who oppose the "program" are called leaders from hell.

(7) TRANSCRIPT OF "Homebuilders Class"

(8) History of the BIBLE by Elder Robert L. Webb

(9) The Jesuit plan to undermine the BIBLE



(11) "SPIRITUAL DECEPTION IN THE HIGHEST". An In Depth Study Of:. The Authorized King James BIBLE vs. All Other 'Modern Versions'.

(12) How did this dire prediction about a modern BIBLE version come to pass at The Madison Church Of Christ?

Our Authorized BIBLE Vindicated
By Wilkinson, Benjamin George, PhD


Permission is granted for your reproduction of this talk as long as all credits remain intact.
To contact David Rhoades about speaking engagements; 615-822-9329 or Email,

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