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An Address Given At The "Counter-Inaugural" on the steps of the Federal Court House in Nashville 01-20-2005

David Rhoades

Sharon Cobb, thank you for asking me to speak.

I have to be honest. When you first ask me to speak here, I could think of a thousand places I had rather be.

But when I think of your hard work and dedication,

And I think of the counrty we are leaving our children and grand children, I knew I had to be here.

I think most of us vote these days, for what we hope to be the lesser of two evils.

Well, when we vote like that, all we end up with is evil.

Our opponent is formidable, and it controls elements within BOTH MAJOR political parties.

The only way we can bring this country out of this morass, is for us to join together.

We must join together under the constitution of the United States of America.

It won't be easy. Because that means that I need to stand up for your right to say and do things I don't personally agree with.

I must believe that God gave you freewill, which I can not take away. The constitution of the United States gives you certain inalienable rights which I don't want to take away.

But it also means you will need to stand up for my rights to tell you, I believe you are wrong.

To be a fundamental constitutionalist, we will have to stand up for all our rights under the constitution whether we like them or not.

No, it won't be easy.

Our enemy is trying to divide us. And then they will pick us off one by one.

If I don't stand up for your rights today, then they will come for my rights tomorrow.

When we hear a politician talking about a fluid constitution, this should a warning sign. This means they want to change the constitution.

To often we don't get the right answers. But many times we don't ask the right questions.

Lets get together and start asking more questions.

And if they don't answer our questions, let their silence be our answer.

Thank You

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David Rhoades' views are those of his own. They do not necessarily represent
those of his friends, his sister-in-law, or groups he is associated with!
Free to publish this article as long as the above links remain intact.

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