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Discover What This 10 Year Old Girl Found Out About Her Bible That Will Shock You!

The other night I was writing the copy for the last editorial, "Some Call It Heresy". My 10 year old daughter, who we named Precious, came into the room and sat down at the table. She said, "What are you writing dad?"

I said, "Honey I am writing a story about the lies people are telling about the King James Bible. They want us to think the newer modern Bibles, like the NIV and the New King James Bible (NKJ), are better."

I told her, The King James Bible is a lot like water. God gave both the King James and water to us for our needs. Modern Bibles are much like cola. They were both sold to us by man. To get us to accept either one they have to lie about how much better they are than God's original. You and I know that cola doesn't quench your thirst like water.

Precious said, "Daddy what about my Bibles? They are both New King James Bibles!"

I said, "No honey, I've looked at your bibles and I think they are King James Bibles."

Precious said, "No dad, they are New King James!"

I said, "Ok honey bring your Bibles in here and let's take a look."

Well, a few seconds later plunked down on the table before me were two of the cutest little girl Bibles you have ever seen. My wife had bought both of them at a yard sale, and Precious has been using them since.

Across the front of the Bible it said "Precious Moments Bible". Down the spine, sure enough, it said New King James Version.

As I opened the front cover I recognized the "Triquetra". That is an ancient mark the publisher says represents the Trinity. In actuality there is more evidence it represents Satan. The "Triquetra" has been used for centuries by pagans and witches, and it's still in use today!

I circled the two marks in both Bibles, and told Precious about them. I told her we would have to get her a new Bible.

Precious retired to her room, and I continued my writing.

A few minutes later Precious returned, and proclaimed that she had found a page on the internet that said just what I had been telling her! What's this? Is my daughter testing what her dad tells her?

I said honey let's take a look at what you have found. As soon as I saw it, I recognized it as a page that I had read while doing my research. It is in fact a very good page to tell you what's wrong with the New King James. Click on the "Triquetra" below, to examine the web page that my daughter found while "testing" her dad.

I returned to my writing at the kitchen table. In a little while Precious returned. This time she had a bottle of cola in her hand, and she proceeded to pour it out in the kitchen sink.

I said, "Precious, What are you doing?"

Precious said, "When I started really tasting the cola, I realized how bad it really tasted. I am only drinking water from now on."

Precious' New Bible

A night or two later the family was out when we decided it would be a good time to stop by the book store and get Precious a new Bible.

After a quick tour of the Bible department it was determined that a pretty new blue King James was to be Precious' new Bible. I did examine it carefully to make sure it was a King James. I had been studying this subject long enough to know that tricks and lies in the Bible publishing business are enough to put most businesses to shame.

When we got home Precious couldn't wait to get her new Bible unwrapped, and to bring it to me to further express her appreciation.

As I looked at the new Bible I noticed something that I did not catch when we bought the Bible. It was published by Zondervan! How depressing! I have just warned others in one of my last editorials (NIV, Alert Level-5, link below) about Zondervan. Now here I am buying a Zondervan product for my little girl.

Of course I started doing all the normal rationalizations. 1. Zondervan is a big publisher. They publish a lot of books, and of course it only makes sense that they publish a King James Bible. 2. As long as it's a King James Bible what else is there to worry about?

I have to tell you that the more I rationalized the more this bothered me. Why you ask? Well Zondervan is the exclusive publisher of the N.I.V., which is one of the worst Bibles to have corrupted the word of God. (An opinion shared by smarter people than myself.) Zondervan's parent company publishes the Satanic Bible. Now think about it. If these people cared about the word of God, do you think they would publish the Satanic Bible? No, their goal is not a Holy one.

Precious' new Bible needs another examination!

Inside the front cover we find this copyright;
KJV Gift and Award Bible, Revised
Copyright 2000 by The Zondervan Corporation

Three pages further we find a section called; How The Bible Came To Us

According to Zondervan this is how we got the Bible;

"The Old Testament was first written in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages. About 250 years before Jesus' birth, it was translated into Greek (this text was called the Septuagint). All of the New Testament was written in Greek. About 350 years after Jesus' death, Jerome, who was a leader in the early church, translated the Bible into Latin, the language commonly spoken by many people at that time. Several hundred years later, most people no longer spoke Latin. But even so, Jerome's translation, called the Vulgate, was the official Bible in Western Europe for more than 1,000 years."

There is a problem here. This is false! Yes, the whole paragraph is false.

What they are giving us is the path of the corrupted modern versions, not the King James Bible. They want us to think the King James came from the same corrupted Greek text the newer modern versions came from.

    1. The Septuagent was written by Origen in Egypt. It was a corrupted version of the Old Testament. . The Old Testament of the King James came from the Traditional Hebrew, Ben Chayyim Massoretic Text.

    2. Jerome was hired by the Catholics to write "Jerome's Bible" which is the official Catholic Bible Not only did he use the corrupted Septuagint for the Old Testament, but he used the "minority text" from the Origen and Eusebius Bible for the New Testament. This is the basis for the Westcott-Hort Greek Text of 1881, which itself is the basis for all modern Bible versions, including the NIV, NASB, the New King James Version, and others.

    It's no wonder why the modern Bible versions conform to the Catholic Bible.

    The New Testament in the King James Bible came from the 'Majority Text'. It has also been referred to as the 'Traditional Text' and it is also called 'The Textus Receptus'.

    3. If this wasn't already bad enough, what else they don't tell you is the reason Jerome's Bible was the official Bible for 1,000 years. This period was during the Dark Ages, when the Catholics had the official Bible (Jeromes's Bible), and they persecuted and murdered anyone that had the true Bible.

If you have managed to stay with this story, which is true by the way, then you are faced with the same questions I had some 10 months ago.

What is the history of the Bible, and the Bible versions?

If this information is new to you like it was to me several months ago, here are some things to think about;

    1. Do you believe a multimillion dollar Bible publisher?
    2. Do you believe me ?(a self confessed Bible illiterate)
    3. Or do you do what a 10 year old can do in about 10 minutes? ..Test it, see if it's true!
David Rhoades
A Daddy and A ConcernedMember


See What Precious Discovered About The New King James

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The King James Bible, Old and New Testament Text

The Origen -Eusebius Bible, and the Septuagint
( The Corrupted Minority Text In Greek )

Jerome's Bible

The Dark Ages

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