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Past or Future, History or Prophecy

David Rhoades

I have a good friend that accuses me of false teaching every time I send him new information to discern. It's gotten so annoying that I have decided to stop sending him anything.

The problem seams to be that a lot of my writing has to do with what appears to be foretold in Revelation, a book in the Bible.

First, let me state clearly here that I do not do prophecy. I am not studied in nor am I gifted with this ability.

When I write or talk about what appears to be "apostate or one world churches", I am talking about history.

I have written about the "World Council of Churches" being a NGO of the United Nations. I have written about their published plan to form a "One World Government", and their plan to form a "One World Church".

I have written about their plan to bring all churches together using an ecumenical movement. (1)

It doesn't take a prophet to see all the different Christian churches taking on Saddleback's "40 days of Purpose" program, or other ecumenical programs like "Promise Keepers".

So when I say the "One World Church" is happening before your very eyes, I'm just repeating what others have said they are going to do, and they are doing it!

Some of my writings have mentioned the "antichrist".

History teaches us that "Alice Bailey" wrote many books from her "spirit guide", talking about the coming "christ savior". The problem is Alice Bailey worshiped Lucifer. Her publishing Company, The Lucis Trust, was formerly named the "Lucifer Publishing Company". Alice Bailey's christ is not your "Christ".

Today the United Nation's arm Unesco is sponsored by the Lucis Trust.

I can only assume that Alice Bailey's christ is an antichrist.

I can further only assume that if Alice Bailiey's christ heads up the "One World Church" after it's formed, that he will be "the antichrist".

If any of this sounds like prophecy, it's not because I made it so.

One cannot study prophecy without studying history.

This unfortunately opens another trap.

History has been changed.

I believe it's been changed to keep you and I from testing prophecy.

There are many examples, but here is just one;

"Preterism (the belief that Revelation is about past events in the 1st century) was first advanced in 1604 by Jesuit Luis de Alcasar to destroy the Reformed Protestant teaching that the papacy was Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore and the historical Antichrist."

My message is this;

I'm no prophet, and one can not study or test prophecy without studying history. One cannot study history without being aware that history has been changed.

Other articles by David Rhoades can be read at;

David Rhoades' views are those of his own. They do not necessarily represent
those of his friends, his sister-in-law, or groups he is associated with!
Free to publish this article as long as the above links remain intact.

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