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Wife Swapping Made Wholesome

David Rhoades

Some 10 or 15 years ago I suggested to a bachelor friend of mine who lived in Atlanta, that he should find him a church to attend on Sunday. As a little enticement, I threw in; My dad always said. "Son, if you are looking for a girl, go to church, they are all there."

It wasn't long after that, my friend called one day and announced that he had joined a church in Atlanta. He said he had asked around and had been told that his new church was "the church" in Atlanta for yuppies like himself. He said it even had a "swingers ministry".

This was long before I new anything about the "church growth" movement or their various ministries like; "clown ministries", "biking ministries", etc.

My friend used to tell me about his experiences in church. It sounded like an entertaining environment, but it didn't sound like church. I never really thought much about it. Now I know I should have.

Some few years later my friend announced to me that he had been reading a book on why Jesus Christ never existed. He further stated that he no longer believed in God or Jesus Christ. He had received "new enlightenment" somewhere.

By this time I had become studied in the "new age", "earth worship", and the other pagan religions rampaging through our midst. I recognized his new "there is no truth", "everybody has their own truth" new age talk.

I felt compelled to ask my friend some questions. I wanted to see what circumstances had changed the religion of this southern boy that had been brought up in a Baptist church.

There were only two major factors, and they later turned out to be the same two factors that had led others I know to not only leave the church, but to also deny Christ.

1st. His membership in his apostate "new church"

2nd. His study of the corrupted NIV bible, which was designed to go hand in hand with the new apostate churches.

I do take responsibility for suggesting that he go to church to find a girl, instead of to "Worship his Lord and Creator"

There you have it. Two steps and he is out and gone, and spiritually lost.

An "apostate church", and an "apostate bible".


New Age Bible Versions

The "Blind and the Dead"

Church Growth Movement-Manipulating the church into globalism

Other articles by David Rhoades can be read at;

David Rhoades' views are those of his own. They do not necessarily represent
those of his friends, his sister-in-law, or groups he is associated with!
Free to publish this article as long as the above links remain intact.

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