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At The


I am certain there are many brethren who are prone to ask, "Why bother with any attempt to respond to the Liberal, cultic, false teaching which is so apparent at the Nashville Jubilee." I ask myself the question and try to think that someone else might deal with the matter-and that might be the case. It is very possible that some of my brethren might decide to deal with the false doctrines being proliferated at the Jubilee.

I keep thinking about the question a dear, loving and sweet lady presented to me. She was so irresistibly positive with her love when she blurted out, "What makes you think you are qualified to answer the liberals?" I never did know it took much sense to answer a batch of nonsense.

Whether anyone realizes or not, Steve Flatt and his coterie of fraternal helpers created an unscriptural missionary society and apparently many people are too dumb to see anything wrong with it. Ask any supporter of the Jubilee what is right or wrong with it. Ask any supporter of the Jubilee what is right or wrong with the Old Missionary Society. They will usually blink like hoot owls. Many have no earthly idea about the Old Missionary Society of days gone by.

The parade of speakers who perform before the Jubilee crowds is one more sight for sore eyes. I compare them to the prophets of Baal who did their dance on old Mt. Carmel [I Kings 18]. There isn't any difference in dancing for the devil up on Carmel and clapping for the devil down in Nashville.

For several years half-baked professors in "our" schools have slurped at eh slime troughs of sectarian scholars who chirp and burp about the personal work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people. This borrowed Calvinistic foolishness is regurgitated in classrooms and the young, Holy Spirit, God sent, heaven filled preachers go forth to speak in a new tongue and testify about the work of the, "sweet Holy Spirit." It used to be called, "better-felt-and-told," but now it is better told than explained and defended. There are no defenders.

With the passing a few years, one can now say without any question that the doctrine of the Holyrollers is rife in our schools and is getting top billing at the Jubilee Circus.

I am certain that some will aver that I just do not understand all those Jubilee endowed speakers. This is the usual prattle and it causes me to wonder just exactly how such people are so knowledgeable as to declare that others do not understand what is being babbled about the Holy Spirit. Do those who accuse us of not understanding presume that they understand? Oh yes they do. They do but I don't. They can but I cannot. They must understand in order to know that I do not understand.

If and when a man presumes to speak about the Holy Spirit, he should attempt to speak a few words which cannot.

All of the vain jangling about the Holy Spirit which has been palavered at the Jubilee has been borrowed from the cults. To egotistical brethren it sounds new and novel. Apparently it hasn't crossed their minds that their bigoted assertions and fanciful testimonials have been dealt with and answered, many times over throughout the years.

Jubilee barkers are not on a new trail. Why do they mislead people? The cults and sects have made every flimsy argument which our Johnnies-come-lately brethren are trying to copy.

Anyone who knows anything about something knows that discussion and debates is a very good way to test ideas and issues of interest. It just seems plain stupid to me for speech professors to be paid large salaries in our universities to teach courses in, "Discussion and Debate," yet not one school man seems willing to practice what is presented. Why is this? Where are those debate professors?

In days of yore, our brethren prepared themselves, stayed ready, and met false teachers in debate. The work of the Holy Spirit was a frequent issue for debates. When rabble-rousers come along and are ready to meet brethren in debating the work of the Holy Spirit, to whom shall brethren turn in search of a soldier who can take the sword of the Spirit and go forth as to war? Where is one to be found? Call Lipscomb University! They teach Debate courses. One might find a moderator for some cultic preacher but one would not find a Lipscomb professor who would defend the truth about the Holy Spirit in debate. In fact some Lipscomb professors would make the some foolish arguments about the Holy Spirit that the sectarians have made in days gone by. Such is the result of reading from and listening to false teachers and trying to be popular.

For one to declare that we cannot know and teach the truth about the work of the Holy Spirit would lead one to presume that we cannot know the truth about anything which is printed in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is spoken of in the Bible and that would mean that we can at least know about the person of the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us what we need to know about the work of the Holy Spirit and there is no other source to which we can go for information. I am aware of the absurd claims of emotional men who jabber about what the Holy Spirit is telling them. Such claims are subjective to the core, without fact, and come from fictitious minds.

Down through the years, sound and faithful brethren have presented the truth in religious debates with every kind of heretic, the truth has nothing to fear in debates. Our holiness tainted brethren refuse to debate. They are not all that nice, sweet and positive. They are not too busy. They are too fearful and far too cowardly. That kind of fellow better stay in his rat hole. He will emerge long enough to spree at the Jubilee and then run away with his little bag of alibis back to his hole of safety and hug his security blanket.

When false and untenable positions are presented in a public forum, astute Bible students can discern the weakness and contradictory nature of such positions. Honest men will not attempt to set forth any position which is contrary to truth. Such would bring damnation to ones own soul as well as those who might be influenced to embrace error. Also if one is so perverse as to attempt to present pointers which one knows to be wrong-ones opponent just might be able to make one look like a colossal fool which of course would be deserving.

After having met false teachers at every turn with the Word of God, our brethren have been put to the test many times over. There are seasoned, tried and tested arguments based upon the Word of God that cannot be successfully answered. Is that wishful thinking? What about the Unitarian position which denies the Trininty? Is there really such a person as the Holy Spirit? Our old brethren debated this issue. Would one of the new liberals be willing to uphold the truth in debate with the Unitarian? Not 'til Jesus comes!

The most pathetic thing to hear, comes from any number of folks who have attended the Jubilee and who will babble, "I didn't see anything wrong." Of course not! Blind creatures do not see.

The following information will show the year, the speakers and the subjects which have been presented at the Jubilee during the last few years, relative to the Holy Spirit. Do I need to tell you 25 speeches were given in six years by neo-Pentecostals, while others clapped? If this does not tell you something-then I confess that you are beyond help.

Speeches On Holy Spirit At Jubilee

Year Speaker Subject
-------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
1991 Doris Black Rejoice in the Spirit 1-2-3
1992 Lindsey Garmon Identifying & Deploying Spiritual Gifts
1992 Lindsey Garmon Identifying & Deploying Spiritual Gifts
1992 Lindsey Garmon Identifying & Deploying Spiritual Gifts
1993 Steve Flatt Does the Spirit Move You
1993 Steve Flatt Does the Spirit Move You
1993 Steve Flatt Does the Spirit Move You
1994 Jeanine Reese Leadership & Spiritual Gifts
1994 Jeanine Reese Leadership & Spiritual Gifts
1994 Jeanine Reese Leadership & Spiritual Gifts
1994 Earl Lavender Allowing God's Spirit to Grow the Church
1995 Randy Harris God the Spirit-Powerful Presence
1996 Bob Harrington The Spirit and Spiritual Growth
1996 Bob Harrington The Spirit and Life Experiences
1996 Bob Harrington The Spirit and Spiritual Discipline
1996 Bob Anderson The Compassion of the Spirit
1996 Earl Lavender Walking With the Spirit
1996 Tom Riley The Sweet Fruit of the Holy Spirit
1996 Tom Riley The Sweet Fruit of the Holy Spirit
1996 Joe Beam Discerning the Holy Spirit
1996 Joe Beam Releasing the Spirit's Power
1996 Joe Beam Bring the Spirit into the Current Crises

Chapter 1
Review Of Doris Black
Speaking On The Subject Of Rejoice In The Spirit

Doris Black was brought from Abilene University in order to help "cultify" women into a state of Holyrollerism. She says she believes 90% of what Billy Graham writes in his book on the Holy Spirit. Of course that is exactly why she has become a featured speaker on the Jubilee. If she did not bring the Pentecostal foolishness of Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, et. al. with her, she would not be welcome at the Jubilee. To assume that I do not know Holyrollerism and to assert that I do not understand and do not state the Holyroller position accurately is beneath the dignity of an answer.

Doris Black spits forth Baptist doctrine, Holyroller doctrine and subjectivism by the yard while a group of silly women applaud. It is interesting that Doris Black serves on various committees at Abilene University. Like some other Abilene folks she has learned to parrot the Calvinistic-Pentecostal positions fairly well which qualifies her as a real super-star when she gets on a Jubilee soap box.

Mrs. Black is scheduled to appear at the International Bible College Workshop in Florence, Ala. for two speeches. It seems that Dennis Jones dearly loves several of the Jubilee stars, since he has them pegged for performances at IBC. I have no idea how many sisters will clap for sister Black. Let's say that Brother Jones is in her corner aiding and abetting her as he begs for your dollars and mine-No thanks! Some of us know when enough is too much.

The three Jubilee speeches of Doris Black on the Holy Spirit were titled, "Rejoice in the Spirit" and her blunders need to be answered. I have listened to the taped speeches twice and have taken very careful notes. Under no circumstances would I take a statement out of context or misuse an utterance of the speaker. This is extremely wicked, dishonest, and unnecessary.

Doris Black is a false teacher and is engaged in leading people astray. This is not a mere assertion, if so, surely someone will be able to expose my efforts. I will welcome anyone correcting anything which flows from my pen, which is not grounded in the Word of God or which is a misstatement of facts.

Some eight years ago sister Black wrote a book. She aners, "I know a lot more than I did when I wrote that book eight years ago!" I have not seen that book but I am trying to find it. If the Jubilee presentations are any indications of how much more our sister has learned in eight years she must have been pathetic beyond description back yonder. She still knows absolutely nothing about the work of the Holy Spirit. Maybe her genius has developed from reading Billy Graham. Why did not the Holy Spirit guide the Jubilee sister into a complete fullness of understanding back when she was trying to write her book about the Holy Spirit? Where was the Spirit back then?

For one who has the Holy Spirit working inside her in such a marvelous way it just seems incredible that during her speech about the first passage of scripture cited was undoubtedly the wrong one. Yes, I listened again and again. In speaking of the Holy Spirit sister Black, "He regenerates man according to John 3:5." This isn't trivial. It isn't nitpicking. It is very crucial in view of all the assertions subsequently made as to what the Holy Spirit does for one.

The passage sister Black probably meant to use was Titus 3:5 instead of John 3:5. I could have made that blunder along with many others but I do not claim all that mighty power of the Holy Spirit in my life. The Holy Spirit in my life. The Holy Spirit should have known which verse to use. John 3:5 is silent about regeneration.

All the prattling sisters with neo-Pentecostal persuasions can make mistakes like the rest of us while testifying about how the Holy Spirit helps them. Do they think the Holy Spirit wants them to teach about the Holy Spirit? Does the Holy Spirit want the truth taught about the Holy Spirit? Is it teaching the truth about the Holy Spirit when wrong references are given by sister Black? She did this more than once? Why did the Holy Spirit not nudge her? She claims to be nudged and urged by the Spirit. Is it too trivial for the Holy Spirit to nudge one about Bible references? Do not forget this.

Why did the Holy Spirit not nudge sister Black when she was hunting and trying to find specific Bible verses to read? Why let her make a mistake and then nudge her? Why not nudge her before the mistake? Moreover why did our sister have to resort to reading from her NIV perversion, even stammering and stumbling at times while trying to read? Will she claim absolute perfection in her presentation? Please understand why I ask these questions. I have no intention, desire or motive whatsoever to disparage our sister. She is making claims about the Holy Spirit which are absurd. It is my duty to convict the gainsayers. She reads promises which were applicable to the inspired apostles and apparently thinks that those passages apply to her. She thinks some of the apostolic passages are applicable today but we shall see.

Sister Black makes a terrible mistake in her use of Ezekiel 36:26. The passage states,
    A new heart also will I give you, and new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgements, and do them.
Truly this was a premise Jehovah made to the house of Israel [36:27]. God kept his promise. The Methodists want to use verse 25 in the chapter to support sprinkling. The premillenialists want to use the chapter to support their claims of being restored to the promised land and sister Black wants to use verses 26-27 and apply it to Jubilee women who claim the Holy Spirit. That is stretching the verse completely out of its setting. No one denies that the Holy Spirit was promised. The issue centers around those to whom he was promised. Like so many Holyrollers, Mrs. Black finds a promise of the Holy Spirit and she goes hog-wild. Apparently handling aright the word of truth never crosses her mind.

We are asked to read Isaiah 44:3 which states, "...I will pour my spirit upon thy seed..." We are then told, "We see this fulfilled in Acts the second chapter." In looking at Acts 2 we learn that Peter cited the events as a fulfillment of Joel 2:28. In fact Acts 2 was a fulfillment of many Old Testament passages.

Mrs. Black can make grandiose claims about the passage promising her the Holy Spirit but she is two-thousand years too late. Can she prophesy? Give us some prophetic utterances by the Spirit. Which woman prophetesses will we believe? There have been a number of them and they all dispute each other. Roadside signs advertise all kinds of women palm readers and prophetesses. One is as little help as Jubilee women when they promise the Holy Spirit.

How many of the old men at the Jubilee have heavenly visions? Surely sister Black can reveal that by the Holy Spirit. In Acts 2, there were miracles which occurred. Some of the Jubilee Pentecostals reject the miracles whereas others claim miracles. They do not want to keep the signs and wonders. The miraculous power of the Holy Spirit which came on Pentecost would only last for a given period of time. The truth revealed by the Holy Spirit would continue as long as specific truth was needed. We have revealed truth written in the Book of truth. It was the truth that the Apostles were to speak in tongues. This they did but that doesn't mean that sister Black has the gift of tongues. Our Lord had commended the apostles to preach and to baptize until the end and just that long he promised to be with them [Matt. 28:18-20]. We would challenge the Jubilee crowd to show where the Holy Spirit was to guide people miraculous until the end. Such cannot be done.

When our sister came to Colossians 1:26-27, she had to read the verse. Paul speaks of the mystery which had been hidden from ages and from generations, "...but now is made manifest to his saints...among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory." I know of no honest Bible student who would question the truth that Christ is said to have dwelt in the Gentile Christians of Colosse. I deny that Christ personally dwells in anyone. Where is the passage that so states? Present the proof. How does Christ dwell in the Christian? The Holy Spirit tells us, "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love" [Eph. 3:17]. Does Christ dwell in the heart? Yes! How does Christ dwell in the heart? The Bible settles the matter. Christ dwells in the heart by faith. That passage should be enough to shut the mouths of people.

We are asked to read Romans 8:9-11. Sister Black presents the usual Baptist argument on the passage except she didn't hitch onto verse 8 as Baptist preachers will do in order to try to prove the utter helplessness of the unregenerate sinner.

After the Holy Spirit regenerates one, the evidences are supposedly seen in repentance and faith. There isn't a Baptist preacher on earth including Doris Black that has the slightest intimation of a hint as to the truth presented by Paul in Romans chapter eight.

The sister made a very crucial mistake in reading from the NIV wherein she babbled about, "sinful nature." This would be fine with Billy Graham but it is absurd, preposterous and silly to read from a poppycock perversion which has little babies being born as little devils. Sister Black's good-buddy Billy teaches such bunk. Baptist doctrine teaches total depravity and a corrupt sinful nature. The result calls for a direct operation of the Holy Spirit which results in the evidences of repentance and faith. Such is the babbling of Billy Graham's Baptist manual. Billy can only make three points about the Holy Spirit and sister Black believes 90% of his points. Graham and Black are both wrong. The concept of sinful nature is not taught in the Bible, however the NIV presents such foolishness. The dead sinner needs regenerating by the Holy Spirit according to Black and her good-buddy Billy. Then the Holy Spirit will lead one along the glory road. Billy believes no saved person can ever be lost. I gather will all the palaver about the Holy Spirit working so wonderfully in women not a single soul will be turned loose to get lost.

Since Mrs. Black loves the NIV and its garbled perversions about, "sinful nature," I do wonder about a few things. For example, according to Baptist doctrine and of course all other false teachers who hold to the fool-hearty notion of total-depravity, a person is completely and totally engulfed in sin. The very nature of sinners is without any degree of goodness. Such people are, "...wholly inclined to evil." Their very thoughts are under the power of sin and evil. Their "sinful nature" is captive, dominated, and overwhelming. Under the curse of damnation.

When pressed about the matter of "sinful nature," some of the NIV sisters try to run from the consequences of their darling NIV perversion. They want it but they don't want it. They want to accept a sentence but not its meaning. The truth of the matter is they do not know what they want. Such is borrowed theological bunk.

I suppose there are a number of young girls on the ACU campus. I suppose there are some who have not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. I suppose those unregenerated girls of necessity are compelling to live by their sinful nature. Being under the compelling power of sinful nature, no ACU depraved daughter could possibly have any sort of desire for living morally. No adulterous daughter on the ACU campus should be chastised while living according to her, "sinful nature." She is powerless, helpless, hopeless, hapless and undone.

If ACU has a moral code or code of ethics for its students, it absolutely must have two different sets of standards. One code should regulate the unregenerated sinners-which cannot be regulated because of their sinful nature, and another code should restrict and regulate the regenerated daughters who have been empowered by the sweet Holy Spirit. Jubilee sisters who claim to get sanctified by the Holy Spirit never make any sort of sense.

If some wayward lassie on the ACU campus runs amuck because of her sinful nature, she should not be expelled. That sinful nature stuff is horrible when it has free-course. One is absolutely helpless under the dominion of sinful nature. The only relief is the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit but the poor, damned, and depraved daughters cannot even desire the sweet Holy Spirit while walking across the ACU campus. All their desires are controlled by their sinful nature.

Show me a consistent false teacher and I will fly away - O glory. There is no such person, including Doris Black.

It would be foolish to deny that the Spirit of God dwelt in the Roman brethren. The Bible says so. This was the same power of the Spirit which, "...raised up Jesus from the dead." This same spirit, "...shall quicken your mortal bodies..." This is the same Spirit which, "....led...the Sons of God." To deny what this was miraculous is but to demonstrate ones ignorance of simple words. The miraculous work of the Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and that same miraculous Spirit resided in the early church. It will certainly be a miraculous event when the body is raised from the dead. It was by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that the sons of God were being led.

Perhaps sister Black would like to tell us which version of the New Testament the brethren in Rome possessed and read. How were they being led if not by the miraculous? Give her eight more years to learn so much more and we will still be waiting for answers. Her lack of information comes in handy as a Jubilee jumper. Even Billy Graham cannot help her.

It will always help to study words in their various meanings. I hope this makes sense to the reader. The word "flesh" is used in more than one way in the Bible. This will help us when we have "flesh" and Spirit contrasted. The word Spirit is used in more than one way in the scriptures. A shallow glimpse will not prepare one to lecture about the Spirit.

John tells us that he was, " the Spirit" [Rev. 1:10; 4:2]. John was miraculously inspired by the Spirit. He says, "...I was in the Spirit" and he was able to look up to the throne in heaven. Joseph Henry Thayer said to, "be in the Spirit" was, "to be in the power of, to be actuated by, to be inspired by the Holy Spirit [see Rom. 8:9]." "The phrase in the Spirit is used in opposition to the phrase, in the flesh." "In the flesh" referred to uninspired, natural men [I Cor. 2:14]. I do not believe Mrs. Black is supernaturally inspired. She left her miracles in Abilene.

The Spirit of Romans 8:9 was miraculous and belonged to such as were inspired teachers. In contrast, if one claimed to be a teacher and was not inspired he did not belong to Christ. He could not prone his words by the Spirit [I Cor. 4:19-20]. Rome had its share of false teachers and they were to be marked [Rom. 16:17]. Such speakers would have been keynoters at the Jubilee with their smooth words and fair speeches [Rom. 16:18]. Please study I John 2:27 in conjunction with Romans 8:9-11. John wrote that there was no need for, "..any man to teach you." The "any man" could not be a teacher because he did not belong to Christ. He could only impart uninspired wisdom [I Cor. 2:5]. He had no inspired New Testament to prove his words by reciting verses of scripture.

In reading from John 7:38-39, our dear Holy Spirit filled teacher lost her place of reading and had to stop and search for it. I've done that many times but the Spirit doesn't lead me personally and miraculously. Tis interesting how the Holy Spirit directed sisters depend on their notes so completely.

Jesus was speaking to the Pharisses and he quoted some scripture which said that the believer would have rivers of living water flowing out of his belly. "But this spake he of the Spirit which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given, because that Jesus was not yet glorified."

It would be a very simple thing to find a passage which pertained to teh coming of the Spirit in connection with the glorification of Christ. Read John 16:7-16 where Jesus promised to send the Spirit who would guide the apostles into all truth. Further, "He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you." The Holy Spirit did come as promised. He came in Pentecost and continued with the believers who went forth casting out devils, speaking with new tongues, healing the sick and confirming the word with signs.

According to the assertion of sister Black with reference to John 14:16-17 she says, "The Spirit is going to come and literally indwell us." I cannot speak for all the women who listened to sister Black but I refuse to swallow her suppositions. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to the apostles, "whom the world cannot receive." "But ye know him for he dwelleth in you and shall be in you." Most assuredly! Is Doris Black one of the original apostles? John wrote, "We are of God:...Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error" [I John 4:6]. How did the apostle know this? Did he have Billy Graham's book? Was he affiliated with Abilene? John was inspired.

One of the most asinine of all ideas is often presented by Jubilee speakers when they talk about the Spirit, "literally indwelling us." How much more does one need to learn in order to learn that the Spirit is Spirit? How much does one need to know in order to know that the Spirit is not literal? Is there a literal Holy Spirit in Abilene? That which is literal cannot by the wildest stretch of the imagination be Spirit nor can Spirit be literal. In no other field of study could one address an audience of such credulity and be cheered. In all sincerity we ask why clap and approve of such fables as spun by Doris Black? Is God literal in Abilene? What does the literal Spirit look like out in Texas?

A comparison was made between the Spirit which was poured out on Pentecost and the blood of Christ. "It can be appropriated just like the blood of Jesus Christ." With respect to the Holy Spirit, "....there was just a gushing fountain that was poured out." "You can go to that outpouring when you become a Christian and you can receive the Holy Spirit."

Just like the blood of Jesus which continues to help people, that mighty outpouring on Pentecost still prevails according to sister Black. If I recall, that mighty Pentecostal outpouring was miraculous. That was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the pouring was a mere metaphor. How in heavens name can sister Black take a position which would result in the reception of the Holy Spirit as was poured out on Pentecost? Why tell people to go to that outpouring and receive the Holy Spirit? That is excellent Jubilee jargon. It is plain-down-right Holyrollerism, the same kind as taught by Steve Flatt.

Again a passage was read to all the women which declares, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you" [I Cor. 3:16]. Again from I Corinthians 6:19 sister Black emphasized, "Who is in you," "When you have received from God." "Not any way you can twist that around and make it say something differently. This says-it dwells in you, and this happened at the time of the great outpouring." "The Spirit has come. We are no longer waiting for him." How utterly absurd!

No one wants to twist the two passages given by Doris Black and my response is that to pervert a passage is as bad as to twist a passage. The emphasis given to the verse but demonstrates the colossal ignorance of one who claims to have learned so much more in the last eight years.

Paul did write that the Spirit was in the church at Corinth. No one tries to twist or deny this. A shallow utterance about what is happening today based on I Corinthians 3:16, will hardly convince thinking people. Reading Billy Graham will not get the answer.

What is the truth of the two passages? I do not think Billy Graham has the answer. When Paul wrote to the church at Corinth he immediately mentioned the matter of spiritual gifts and wanted the brethren to be behind in no gift [I Cor. 1:5-8]. He spent two entire chapters discussing miraculous gifts as seen in chapters 12 and 14. There were manifestations of these miraculous gifts among the brethren in Corinth. Those people were not listening to Doris Black, Billy Graham and their perversions of the Corinthian passages. When a brother read Paul's statement about the Holy Spirit in 3:16 and 6:19, just exactly how would he be able to apply the passages?

If he had good judgment he would see the pasages in the context and setting wherein they were given. How people can miss this would certainly indicate that Billy Graham or some other Billy has twisted ones thinking. The church at Corinth had miraculous gifts. When Paul spoke of the Spirit dwelling in them, would anyone venture the claim that such was non-miraculous?

We know the Corinthian church had miraculous manifestations of the Spirit. It seems strange that Paul said not one word in the epistle which would distinguish a non-miraculous measure of the Spirit.

It just seems that one would want to study the meaning and use of the indwelling Spirit in the places where the expression is used in the Bible. There is no place where the spirit dwelt other than in a church or individual which possessed spiritual gifts. If there is an exception, I cannot find it. The church at Rome, and at Corinth had spiritual gifts [Rom. 8:9; I Cor. 3:16; 6:19]. Timothy had spiritual gifts [II Tim. 1:6]. John wrote to those who possessed gifts [I John 4:13]. It should be obvious that all of these were miraculous gifts.

Sister Black reads some passages which applied to Corinth and like a wild kangaroo she jumps all the way to the Jubilee and tells a group of biblical illiterates who clap, ooh and ah-that they have spiritual gifts. Of course the nature of those gifts have changed considerably by the time they get to the Jubilee and Abilene.

She calls it, "Holy Spirit giftedness," but our dear sister is dead wrong. She has an opinion picked up from the Pentecostal holiness and she tries to find a Bible verse to help with her feeble effort.

We are told that, "The Holy Spirit has a ministry to build up the body and he distributes gifts for that purpose." "He is fulfilling a fourfold ministry in our lives and the lives of Christians." And what is the proof? John 16 was mentioned but even a tyro should know that John 16:13 has not one semblance of reference to a promise for a modern crew of Jubilee women. I'm sure they were convinced that sister Black possessed all truth and was performing equal to an inspired apostle. It is no more ridiculous today to claim to be an apostle than it is to possess spiritual gifts. Both have passed away except at the Jubilee and at Finto's Belmont cult.

Why does the Holy Spirit distribute gifts? "To build up the body," so we are told. Consider the assertion that the gifts are distributed by the Holy Spirit. They are from the Holy Spirit. Such gifts are "Holy Spirit giftedness." Why are they given? Sister Black said they were given, "to build up the body." They are, "for that purpose." There is the reason-Jubilee style. The body will be built up by, "Holy Spirit giftedness."

There is not one word of truth in the above baseless assertions. In the first place the Holy Spirit is not giving gifts today. If such is the case, let our sister please tell us why her brand of gifts are any better than Mormon, Adventists, Catholic, Baptist or Pentecostal holiness gifts. Not all of those people claim to have only miraculous gifts. We need to have some objective, definitive, sensible, answer. There are far too many nonsense answers floating around and they have all been answered a thousand times over.

Do you really want to know what some of those Holy Spirit gifts are which he is pouring out on church members in order, "to build up the body." Well some of them are, "mercy-administration-service-teaching-." Ther very idea of presenting such drivel, expecting real Bible students to swallow such nonsense! Where did sister Black run across such foolishness? I do not doubt that she was successful in getting all those women in her audience to agree with her. Some women do not need proof, just palaver.

To show the utter absurdity of the Jubilee speech, we have but to realize that mercy is an absolute requirement to be found in the life of every Christian. How do we know this? We have scriptural proof. The Bible teachers, tells us, instructs, informs and directs us to be merciful, based upon what Almighty God speaks forth in his inspired Word? Is the instruction which is set forth in the Bible, not sufficient for the Christian to know how to show mercy?

Can one who is not a Christian also show mercy? How does the non-Christian to practice mercy? Does he have a spiritual gift of mercy? Would it be possible to learn the quality of mercy? Could a non-Christian show more mercy than one who claims to be a Spirit filled Christian? Since every Christian is taught to be merciful according to the scriptures, that would prove that God wants each Christian to be merciful, not excepting any. Since this is the will of God for every Christian, then does the Holy Spirit also give every Christian some more of the gift of mercy beyond that which the Bible teaches one to show? Does the Holy Spirit give me the spiritual gift of mercy, even though I reject the fool notion that mercy is a spiritual gift? Am I not a Christian as a result of obeying the gospel? Can I practice mercy while denying spiritual gifts? Dont' you think sister Black needs to go back to Abilene and stay there until she learns the truth about spiritual gifts?

What we have said about mercy can be said with respect to teaching. It seems stupid to me for a person to go to Abilene and pay hard-earned cash in order to learn to be a teacher. How does one become a teacher at Abilene? Does the Spirit endow one with the spiritual gift of "teaching?" The teacher from Abilene tells us that teaching is a spiritual gift, however isn't it the case that ACU students are required to enroll, study, learn and qualify under state laws in order to be school teachers? Did sister Black not think about that when she was spouting off all that subjective nonsense? I'm certain none of the sisters bothered to put their minds out of neutral as they listened.

There are any number of Jews, Atheists, Moslems, etc. who can excel at teaching. I think they all have sense enough and judgment to realize how one becomes a teacher.

I reject the borrowed theology of sister Black in toto. She is a false teacher, having learned her material from false teachers. That is the reason she sticks her foot in her mouth at every turn. She has learned so much more since she wrote her book. From whom? The Holy Spirit? Where was the Holy Spirit when the dear lady was writting her book? Was she not a Christian then? If she was, then how could she be so deficient then and so efficient now? Please don't think, or you might have problems with these pointers. One doesn't have to think when visiting the Jubilee. Let the sweet spirit take over and control.

All the other spiritual gifts which Jubilee prattlers present are but characteristics which people learn exactly alike if they possess charactaristics as mentioned by the Jubilee experts. Brethren, people LEARN to be teachers.

As to thinking that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to build up the body, sister Black demonstrates that she is a member of some sort of latter-day-outfit which still lays claim to the gifts of the first century church. It would be a pleasure to help all those Jubilee sisters learn a very simple, elementary lesson taken from Ephesians 4:8ff. The Holy Spirit is the instructor and he said, "...When he ascended up on high..." That is the "WHEN." He gave gifts unto men. That is the "WHAT." "And he gave some, apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists; and some pastors and some teachers." That is the "WHO." "For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying [building up] of the body of Christ." That is the "WHY." "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the son of God, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ." That is the "WHERE," limited by the adverb of time, which is "till." As our sister would say, "There's no way you can twist that." Every false pastor of the Pentecostal persuastion who has had to face that passage has made a sudden retreat. Let us wonder out loud why the lady from Abilene never stumbled onto that verse. Those in her church never seem to find that passage.

The gifts were bestowed in order to edify or build up the body of Christ. There was no New Testament at Ephesus. The inspired apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers used supernatural gifts as they taught. Such gifts were to last till..... After the system of faith had been given, revealed and written down, we go to the inspired book. Back at Ephesus, they had inspired men. We have the inspired book.

If we are built up individually or collectively as a congregation, it is the result of effort on our part as we study, learn, increase our faith and develop in keeping with the word of God. Brethren used to know that before people like sister Black came along who have learned so much more.

It is asinine to think that the inspired Word of God is not sufficient to build up the church. Every absurd claim made for spiritual gifts as presented by Doris Black and other Jubilee jugglers is an indictment against the all-sufficiency of the inspired word. Let them deny it if they will. They know better than to try.

Does the church need to be built up? Yes! Do we have all that is needed in the written word in order to build up the church?

Yes! Do we need extra gifts from the Holy Spirit in order to build up the church? No! Does the written word inform us that we need more than the written word? No!

    When Paul bade farewell to the elders from Ephesus he said, And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified [Acts 20:32].
Did the Holy Spirit say it right?
To the Colossians, Paul wrote,
    As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, AS YE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT,.....
    [Col. 2:6-7].
Peter admonished the brethren to, "...desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby" [I Peter 2:2]. He said the brethren were, "...lively stones, are BUILT UP a spiritual house..." [I Peter 2:5]. The written word had not been completely given but as it was given, brethren could be built up as a spiritual house. They had to rely upon the spoken word from inspired teachers in order to grow up.

From some source, sister Black has learned that the Holy Spirit has a "separate-four-fold-ministry for us." She categorizes those ministries into,
    1. Ministry of Certification
    2. Ministry of Assistance
    3. Ministry of Practical Power
    4. Ministry of Partnership
In discussing the ministry of certification, the dear lady says, "uh, ah, here it it, let me read it. Ephesians 1:13!" She says she has studied the Greek word. So what? The Greek word has already been studied by Greek scholars and translated into a simple English word. Paul wrote, "...after ye believe, ye were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise." Sister Black explained that the Holy Spirit would say to her, "Me living in this woman proves she is a genuine Christian."

I have always thought that I could take the word of God in hand and prove that I was a Christian, but no longer can I prove this by the Bible. Is there anything which I can prove by the Bible? If I can prove that I am a Christian by the Bible, what more proof do I need? If the Bible is not sufficient to prove that I am a Christian, then of what value is the Bible? If the Bible tells sinners how to become Christians, then would one not be able to simply say what one did to become a Christian?

Run down to the Jubilee and learn how the Holy Spirit can prove one is a genuine Christian. Throw your Bible in the trash pile for you will not need it at the Jubilee. Notice, "The Spirit does that for you whether you never do anything else or not." I have no apology whatsoever in referring to an audience of women-who will support, commend, clap, condone and tolerate such heresy-as semi-illiterate in Biblical matters. "The Spirit does its work in certification and has nothing to do with how you feel or don't feel, experience or don't experience. When you become a Christian, the Spirit puts a seal that says, "This is not a counterfeit." To whom does the Spirit say that? Does he inform God that a given person is God's child? Does the Spirit tell other folks that a certain Christian is not a counterfeit? Does the Spirit tell the Christian when he becomes a Christian that the Christian is a Christian? Who does he tell? How does he tell? When sister Black learns more, we hope she will tell how the Spirit tells who is counterfeit and who is not. The Mormon claims to be genuine. Is he?

Are you certified as a Christian by the Holy Spirit? We refuse to join the sucker crowd or the congregation of dupes but we choose to study the Bible. Any good reference Bible or standard concordance will help one to look up all the passages which use the word, "seal." There are sixteen references in the New Testament which deal with the word "seal," thirteen of them are found in Revelation.

Paul wrote, "...for the seal of mine apostleship are ye in the Lord" [I Cor. 9:2]. This was miraculous. In II Corinthians 1:22, Paul wrote, "Who hath also sealed us..." The apostles were sealed, marked, stamped as genuinely inspired and their miraculous manifestations proved that they were inspired. The Ephesian passage states, " were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise" [1:13]. What promise? To whom? Joel had promised the Spirit in a miraculous measure [Joel 2:28-32]. The promise was made known and was fulfilled. Paul wrote, " it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit" [Eph. 3:5].
    When the Ephesians were sealed with the Holy Spirit it was miraculous. We know the Ephesians had been baptized [Acts 19:5]. There is not the slightest hint that they were sealed by the Holy Spirit in, at, or by water baptism. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied. [Acts 19:6].
This was miraculous and it manifested that the Ephesians were Christians.

How does the Spirit seal a person today? Sister Black asked the women in her audience, "When does that happen? John 16:8, Jesus says-"..the Spirit is given to convict us of our sins." The more credulity in an audience, the more fables one can present. The truth is, the above passage was spoken to Jesus' disciples. The long selection of statements began in John 13 when Jesus was in the upper room with his disciples eating the passover meal. Judas was there in that group and Jesus said, " of you shall betray me." Why did she not dip sop and give it to a Judas sister? Why? The conversation of Jesus continues with the disciples on through John chapter 17.

The Holy Spirit was promised to the apostles as a comforter John 16:7. He would come and guide the apostles into all truth [John 16:13]. The apostles would speak as they were inspired of the Holy Spirit [John 16:13]. Just a little span of time spent in listening to Doris Black should convince the most stubborn die-hard that she does not teach the truth. She is not an apostle and she does not know all truth. She knows a lot of false doctrine for certain.

The Holy Spirit convicts, converts and conveys God's will to man by means of the written word being preached. The word of God is the sword of the Spirit [Eph. 6:17]. The gospel is the power of God to save believers [Rom. 1:16]. The word of God is that which produces faith [Rom. 10:17]. We do not need people like Doris Black from Abilene running around teaching so much false doctrine. The word convicts us of sin today. We do not need any shade of Calvinism among us.

She says, "Have you ever thought that every time you have that impulse to repent, that's God's Spirit nudging you? When you feel convicted of a sin....that's God's Spirit nudging you?" How foolish! This is Holyrollerism gone to seed. Sisters are to shuck off the scriptures and start feeling for the Spirit. The great Billy Graham would agree with the Jubilee feeler. Wait unto the Spirit nudges you. Does the Spirit nudge people to not sin? He nudges them to repent after they sin so why doesn't he use some powerful nudges to keep one from sin?

I have no hesitancy in declaring that Doris Black has been duped by too much Billy and has not paid attention to the Bible. I do not know her background but the woman actually said, "When I was a child, I was told that the gift of the Holy Spirit was the Bible." That was said in connection with quoting Acts 2:38. Whoever said the gift of the Holy Spirit was the Bible would be a marvelous Jubilee performer. You see, one doesn't have to prove any garbled utterance as a Jubilee babbler. Of course such an inane idea would help the Jubilee women to see how profound and accurate Mrs. Black was. She knows the difference in the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

I believe I know fairly well the thoughts, books, articles, debates and general understanding of what brethren have taught about the Holy Spirit down through the years. Not a solitary sould who was able to run around loose by himself has interpreted Acts 2:38 to refer to the Bible. I know why sister Black would utter such a foolish statement and so does she. I do not believe the Spirit was nudging her. The Spirit speaketh plainly [I Tim. 4:1]. He isn't in the nudging business. Some sisters enjoy being nudged and they are not all found clapping at the Jubilee.


The second ministry of the Spirit is that he, "comes to sanctify us." There is a passage that the sister hunted for - [the Holy Spirit left her for a moment] - and she eventually found it and presto the Bible passage proved what the Holy Spirit does without the Bible. Yes maam! "It means there is a force committed to bringing you to holiness." "Sanctified by the Holy Spirit." "The Spirit has a job cut out for him as he drags me to a state of holiness set aside for God's use..." "Sanctification is ongoing and with some of us it takes a long time." "The Holy Spirit is in me and he has a job to bring me to sanctification."

I do declare that at this moment Doris Black is the most perfect example I know of who has a theory based upon presuppositions-and who scrambles back and forth trying to find something to paste her fanciful puzzels together. Her pieces will not fit. What kind of woman will clap for such ridiculous ideas?

Have you ever considered the position of the various holiness groups who teach sanctification as a second work of grace? They consider sanctification as a second blessing which comes to the saved person after regeneration. Sister Black is teaching holyroller doctrine on the matter of sanctification. Please look again at the above expressions, if you question my statement.

Have you ever considered the position of the various holiness groups who teach sanctification as a second work of grace? They consider sanctification as a second blessing which comes to the saved person after regeneration. Sister Black is teaching holyroller doctrine on the matter of sanctification. Please look again at the above expressions, if you question my statement.

If I can make heads and tails out of her homespun tomfoolery, the lady thinks that the Holy Spirit entered her as a "force" when she was baptized. That "force" wants her to become holy which might take a long time. At baptism she was not made holy but the force will bring her to sanctified holiness after some time passes. That force may have to drag her onward to that state of sanctified holiness. "The Holy Spirit is in me and he has a job to bring me to sanctification." "Sanctification is ongoing and with some of us it takes a long time."

If some poor soul happens to die shortly after coming up out of the water, "the force" would not have time to drag the miserable wretch on to sanctification and holiness which presents a problem. If after baptism, the Holy Spirit force will have to drag one on to holiness, then when one is baptized one is not made holy, if sister Black is correct.

If after baptism the Holy Spirit force has a job to drag one on to the state of holiness, then baptism until the force drags one to holiness and sanctification. Holyrollers teach such tripe.

Since it is in baptism that we reach the blood of Christ, but in baptism we are not made holy-it follows that the blood of Christ cannot make one holy. One has to be dragged on to holiness.

It is by baptism that one is saved from sin. Sins are forgiven and washed away at baptism. But one is not made holy and sanctified until the force finally drags one, maybe for a long time. Sanctification is an ongoing thing. It has to follow that one is saved but not sanctified. One is forgiven but not holy. Ones sins are washed away but one is not sanctified. It is sad indeed that stupidity isn't painful. People need to be made aware of such false teaching. If a jolt or jar will help, I will not hesitate to use a bit of jolting.

It isn't pleasant to expose such ignorance as is being palmed off on gullible victims who swarm to the Jubilee, but let us examine the proof texts of the sanctified sister.

In Romans 15:16, Paul is defending his apostleship which was being questioned by Judaising teachers. He wrote that he was, "...the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles." His work was to preach "...the gospel of God." He declared that the Gentiles who obeyed the gospel were, "...acceptable" to God. The gospel of God made them acceptable to God when they accepted the gospel. It was by the gospel, by word, by deed, which God wrought by Paul which enabled the Gentiles to become "obedient." It was, "Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God..." [Rom. 15:19], which confirmed the word preached by Paul. It was by the power of the Holy Spirit through Paul's preaching, ministering the gospel of God which resulted in the Gentiles being acceptable, "being sanctified by the Holy Spirit." Sister Black messed up again. She needs to go home and burn her holyroller books and study the Bible.

As expected when sister Black finally arrived at Romans 8:26-27, instead of teaching the truth, she went off on a wild chase after Billy Graham and other heretics. She opines,
    God the Spirit intercedes for us.

    The Spirit comes and translates our needs.

    He prays for me. It's like, God this is what's wrong with this person. This is what this person needs in this situation.

    Just like the blood...the Spirit is doing this work for you.

    Do you feel your blood?

This is the same sort of holyroller jargon which Steve Flatt presented at the Jubilee.

Almighty God has never had so much help as he gets out of Jubilee jumpers. God doesn't know our needs until the Spirit translates that knowledge to God. God must not be all-wise down at the Jubilee. If all my Jubilee tapes about the Holy Spirit were not so wonderfully Holy and Divine-I would ask the Holy Spirit to take them as gifts up to God-so he could know how smart Jubilee speakers have become-after eight years of studying the Greek word.

A rule of thumb in studying the Bible should begin with throwing away all the heretical books which one has read. Sister Black has reversed this order. Futher, one must never construe any passage to contradict other passages. One must never dispense with reason, rationality and plain common sense when probing down into a passage of scripture. It is always a necessity to see how a word is used in other places in the Bible.

With these matters in mind, let us study Romans 8:26-27.
The passage must not be used to teach some sort of Holy Spirit enabling intervention into my life. If this is the case, then the Bible contradicts itself. If the Bible is a book of contradictions, it is not God-breathed-inspired. If the Bible is not a divine record but the work of men, then there is no God. If there is no God, there is no Holy Spirit and if there is no Holy Spirit, all that Paul wrote was spurious. The Bible is not a book of contradictions.

It was the work of the Holy Spirit to reveal the mind of God to man. Study and ponder well this truth. Not once did any New Testament writer ever reverse the order. I do not read where the Holy Spirit was used by Paul, Peter, James, John and Jude to send information up to God. The Holy Spirit is not a delivery person from man to God. Does God not know what man needs without man telling the Holy Spirit to inform God? God does know what we need, but he has told us to express our petitions through prayer. Our prayers are offered to God through Christ who is our mediator. As mediator, Christ doesn't inform God or instruct God. There is none mediator between God and man and He is Christ [I Tim. 2:5]. Jesus Christ is the one who stands between man and God. God does not need Mary, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Patrick, Saint Doris or the Holy Spirit to get information to him. This strabismus and purblinded concept would limit the wisdom of God and would also localize him completely in heaven, albeit God is all-wise and omnipresent. Is the Spirit somewhere that God is not? Tell us all about that distance between God and the Spirit at the present. Saint Doris messed up again.

We learn that the Israelites were groaning under the heavy burdens of Egyptian rulers. God heard their groanings [Acts 7:34]. Did the Holy Spirit make a trip to Egypt for God and take those groanings back up to where God was staying in heaven? If God could hear the groanings of the Israelites in Egypt without the Holy Spirit making a journey down there, then why cannot God hear the groanings of those described by Paul?

Sister Black makes an egregious blunder in mixing the physical with the metaphysical, in reducing the supernatural to the natural, in co-mingling the all-wise God with ignorance found at the Jubilee.

The work of the Holy Spirit was to reveal the mind of God to uninspired men that they might by inspiration know what to teach. They did know and they claimed that they did know. The Holy Spirit also helped, enabled, and assisted by super-natural means, as the inspired brethren prayed. If you doubt this, turn and read I Corinthians 14:14 where Paul wrote, "For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful." One could only speak in an unknown tongue by inspiration [I Cor. 14:14]. When one prayed in an unknown tongue, such was always by inspiration. The prayer was an inspired prayer.

Jude spoke of those who were, "...praying in the Holy Ghost" [Jude 20]. They prayed by inspiration of the Holy Spirit of course. Will some holyroller sister please inform us how one can pray in the Holy Spirit in a non-miraculous manner?

The apostles spoke and prayed by the help and intercession of the Holy Spirit. McKnight comments, "Perhaps the apostle meant that the Spirit helped their infirmities by inspiring them with a people prayer." Any other explanation of the passage makes no sense at all and is based upon sheer guess work and subjectivity.

We are asked to listen to the lady from Abilene when she says, "The urge or impulse to repent, I'm convinced that's from the Spirit, because Jesus said in John 16, he would convict us of sin." I am disposed to think and rightfully so that the lady from Abilene might have just thought that her Jubilee audience was comprised of stark fools. Jesus had to contend with, "...fools and blind..." [Matt. 23:19; Luke 11:40]. A thousand times no, I am not being too plain or unduly specific.

It is absolutely inexcusable for anyone to cite John 16: and prattle that, "Jesus said in John 16 he would convict us of sin." It is equally as ridiculous when women sit like bumps on a stump and refuse to correct such puerile pointers. It is also beyond the absurd when men invite false teachers to come and burp their brand of cultic theology and refuse to defend such characters. We shall say more about this. We will repeat again to answer to the assumptions given regarding the promise of Jesus. Get your Bible and turn to John 16 and we will see what a deceiver Doris Black really is. The long discourse of Jesus began back in the upper room with His disciples [John 13:5; 13:22]. To these disciples Jesus promised another comforter, "Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive...." [John 14:17]. The Lord further declared,
    But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your rememberance, whatsoever I have said unto you [John 14:26].
The entire chapter will plainly show to any honest reader that Jesus was speaking to the disciples. For anyone to take passages out of their contexts in order to try to prop up a foolish theory, can only depict ignorance or meanness.

The Lord's discourse to the disciples continues on through John 15. Notice 15:16 where Jesus said, "...I have chosen you..." Look carefully at 15:27 where Jesus said, " have been with me from the beginning." Does that include Doris Black? She should tell us all about Jesus is she was with him two-thousand years ago.

Begin to read carefully from John 16 and ask a simple question: to whom is Jesus addressing the words? Of whom does Jesus refer when he uses the pronoun, "YOU?" When our Lord said, "...if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto YOU; but if I depart, I will send him unto YOU." Who is the YOU? We read in 16:13 where Jesus said, "Howbeit when he the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth...." "And he will show you things to come," "..for he shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you" [v. 14]. "...therfore said I, that he shall take of mine and shall shew it unto you" [v. 15].

It can be seen that those to be convicted of sin were those out in the world. That conviction would be brought about by the apostles being guided into all truth. They would have a supernatural remembrance as a result of the Holy Spirit guiding them as they preached. They would take the words of Jesus and give those words to the world and thus conviction of sin could occur.

To babble about the Holy Spirit urging us to repent, then cite John 16, is pure nonsense and I have no hesitancy in saying so. "Just to want to is an urge from the Holy Spirit."

Such drivel should not need any response but there are people who are waiting to hear this kind of foolishness. This sort of garbage can be expected from all the cultic folks who received their theology from creed books written by highly emotional charismatic people. The direct operation of the Holy Spirit is a very popular doctrine among the Jubilee people. Doris Black was invited in order to help boost the Pentecostal position. She too shall not pass.

If the urge to repent is from the Holy Spirit why doesn't the Holy Spirit urge all men to repent? Why not overwhelm people with a powerful urge to repent? Oh well, since there are a lot of impenitent people, we can always blame the Holy Spirit for not staying on the job.

A Spirit Filled Sister Pours Forth The Force
In Speech Number Two

The second session of sister Black's speech had no real substance whatsoever. She is a wonder-woman however, travelling to do some forty-five seminars each year. She prays for her husband to have wisdom. With his wisdom he directs the, "Doris Black Ministry." Sister Black is, "...a living example of the power of the Lord." I would be ashamed to blame so much falsehood on God's power. Such grandiose claims were made by Aimee Semple McPherson long before the Doris Black ministry began. Tammy Faye Bakker made the same fanciful claims during her ministry while she was empowered by the Holy Spirit. Ah, but she and con-artist Jimmy could make all kinds of foolish claims and be believed because they had so many fools who were willing to support them. Sister Black is parroting the same kind of palaver at the Jubilee and elsewhere and silly women will support her. Dumb elders will invite her. Lockjaw preachers will play dead while the church is being turned into a Holyroller cult. It does take a lot of guts to listen to all the silly subjectivism, take careful notes and respond. Frankly, I will listen to the tapes for awhile then get up and walk outside. It gets almost unbearable. Why do I listen and write? I just believe the gainsayers need to be answered. False teachers need to have their mouths stopped and exposing error with the truth will shut down some of the blatant error and remove the welcome mats in some places.

In discussing the Holy Spirit, sister Black said that she, "thought for years and years and years that the Holy Spirit was a supernatural, all powerful, divine form of electricity that was at God's disposal."

She says she heard that the Holy Spirit was the Bible, but she has made an in-depth study of the subject and now she knows so much more. When a person reads cultic books and repeats the information that isn't getting very deep. In fact it is about as shallow as one can get, but such appeals to audience with extremely shallow minds.

So the Holy Spirit has a ministry of practical power for us today. The scripture which informs us about the power is Ephesians 3:14. He prayed that they might be strengthened with "might by his spirit in the inner man." We have seen how Paul went to Ephesus and taught the truth which resulted in those who were taught being baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus [Acts 19:1-5]. These people did not receive the Holy Spirit when they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and we are positive that sister Black did not get filled with the Holy Spirit when she was baptized.
    And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied [Acts 19:6].
This was a miraculous reception of the Spirit. Paul continued his prayer that the Ephesians might " filled with all the fullness of God" [v. 19]. In verse 20, he speaks of God, "who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us" [v. 20].

Who could possibly say that this was non-miraculous power?

This mighty power is spoken of in chapter 1:19 where Paul wrote, "And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his MIGHTY POWER. Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places" [vv. 19-20]. That is the mighty power falsely claimed by sister Black and the Holyrollers. It is too much power for so much weak speaking. It is incredible that a room full of women will get goggle-eyed over such babbling. I tell you, these Pentecostal sisters need to be exposed.

We are enlightened on the subject of hope as sister Black said, "The power of hope is given us by the Holy Spirit." "God gives us the power of hope-ability." In Romans 15:13, Paul wrote,
    Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.
There were spiritual gifts in Rome [Rom. 12:3-6], there was no New Testament in Rome. How in the name of reason could the church in Rome continue to operate? They were, "...full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another" [Rom. 15:14]. How? By means of spiritual gifts. Sister Black is an expert at citing a passage about the Holy Spirit and assuming that the passage applies to her audiences.

People who have turned aside to Pentecostalism get real excited when they start talking about being "...filled with the Spirit." With sister Black doing forty-five seminars each year, these are a lot of sisters out there who are getting filled-with ignorance about the Holy Spirit.

Our Jubilee speaker has informed us that she has studied Greek words. A goose in Greece understands when a Greek woman is calling her gaggle. So what? Sister Black needs to make a careful exacting, demanding study of English words throughout the Bible. She needs to study how "filled" is used in the word of God.

To be filled with the Spirit was a miraculous condition.
How do I know this?
    1. John was full of the Spirit [Luke 1:14].
    2. Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit [Luke 1:67].
    3. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit [Luke 1:41].
In discussing miraculous gifts in the church at Ephesus Paul stated that Christ ascended on high and gave gifts unto men- that he might fill all things [Eph. 4:7-11]. This is a reference to the apostles, prophets, evangelists pastors and teachers who received miraculous gifts. They were filled with the Spirit. We read where Stephen was, "...full of faith and of the Holy Ghost..." [Acts 6:5]. "He did great wonders and miracles among the people." Sister Black can talk about great power and wonders but she won't go so far as to demonstrate her being filled with the Spirit. There was fullness of the Spirit, power, and miracles but our sister won't perform miracles. Why?

Along with Stephen there were others selected who were, "full of the Holy Spirit." Phillip was one of those selected who was, "full of the Holy Spirit." Phillip was able to perform miracles [Acts 8:6-7]. It has always been interesting how the Holyrollers shy away from miracles when pressed on these matters. They have learned to not demonstrate but occasionally some poor deluded soul will die of snake venom. Our sisters babble about being filled with the Spirit but-they run like wild turkey's when they get to manifestations of the Spirit. They babble, "Oh, well we just don't have the sign gifts today. We don't have to explain anything about miracles and signs and wonders and supernatural events." "We don't have sign gifts today." "I'm not talking about sign gifts." That's brilliant beyond belief. Why not talk about sign gifts? For the same identical reason that Holyrollers refuse to deal with such matters. They talk but won't produce whereas sister Black won't even talk about sign gifts. It would be interesting to have her explain just why she does not perform miracles among the women who listen to her spiels. She is, "filled with the Spirit," so she says.

When the apostles were, "...filled with the Spirit," such was miraculous [Acts 2:4]. When Philip was filled with the Spirit, such was miraculous [Acts 6:3-5; 8:6-7]. When the apostles were, "...all filled with the Holy Ghost..." they spake the word of God with boldness [Acts 4:31].

What can we conclude from the above? In every case where there were those who were, "filled with the Spirit" the situation was miraculous. Is Ephesians 5:18 and exception? When every single one of the references which mention people being-filled with the Spirit-are miraculously beyond even a shadow of a doubt, what would the Ephesians understand Paul to mean when we wrote, "be filled with the Spirit." Those people were not morons. They knew full well about spiritual gifts and miraculous manifestations.

Timothy was in Ephesus as a preacher [I Tim. 1:3], and he had the gift of prophecy. Paul had laid his hands on Timothy, thus importing "the gift of God" [II Tim. 1:6]. Since there was no sister Black in Ephesus to explain the meaning of "be filled with the Spirit" and since there was no New Testament and since the profound Greek of Mrs. Black was not at Ephesus, it is most likely that the members of the church were not in utter confusion as to what it meant to, "be filled with the Spirit."

On Practical Power

We see where a spiritual gift is promised by sister Black although the inspired Paul did not say what our sister thinks. In II Thessalonians 1:11, Paul told the brethren that he prayed for them,
    ...that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power.
Sister Black demonstrates her lack of genuine respect for the word of God and it could be that there is a demonstration of something else when she says, "We his power" "may fulfill every good..." That isn't what the texts says. There is nothing said in the passage about our praying. Paul did the praying. He prayed for the brethren. He didn't even hint that the brethren were to pray " his power..." The apostle prayed that God would fulfill in the brethren "..the work of faith with power." It is absurd to apply the passage today and try to tell people they need a miraculous measure of the Spirit to help them to pray with power. It is worse than absurd to claim that we have to have a spiritual gift in order to engage in the work of faith. This is pure poppycock without any shred of Biblical truth to sustain it.

Please notice this claim from our sister. "The Spirit in filling us and sanctifying us, never works apart from his holy word." Do not be surprised at the above sentence. Most any false teacher will eventually stumble over some truth.

When Ben Bogard the Baptist debated Aimee Semple McPherson he wore her out with the truth. When he debated brother N. B. Hardeman, Bogard contradicted himself at every turn. Brother Guy Woods said, "Give a false teacher a little rope and he will hang himself every time." How true?

For two entire sessions, Doris Black rambled around at the Jubilee teaching outright Pentecostalism. The tapes are available for anyone to listen to them. Why would the Jubilee promoters even ask sister Black to speak about the Holy Spirit? They knew exactly what she would teach. They knew she would say what others have said. They knew her brand of Holyrollerism would fit right in with all the other heretics.

Come now our sister and actually states that the SPIRIT never works apart from his holy word.

She cannot have it both ways-except in a Jubilee class of women. Such is the pattern of false teachers. Ah, but the Holy Spirit nudges us and we feel those nudges, but wait. The only way the Holy Spirit fills us is by the Word. He does but he doesn't. It matters not one whit how utterly foolish some speakers become, there are those who have so little reasoning ability as to accept anything regardless of how puerile it is.
    What are some ways we can know the Holy Spirit fills us?
    1. "We are more sensitive to our sins."
    2. "We are tenderhearted."
    3. "Being full, we never brag about being Spirit filled."
    4. "We are non-judgmental, if Spirit filled."
The most calloused, wicked, immoral characters to have made national headlines claimed to be full of the Holy Spirit. Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker and others prey upon the ignorant while claiming the Holy Spirit.
    1. I'm certain that Doris Black is so filled that she will be tenderhearted and non-judgmental toward all sorts of religious racketeers who claim to be filled with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will not allow one to be judgmental, that means whoremongers should not be rejected.

    2. I have no patience while listening to all the silly and shallow claims of heretics who never shut up talking about the Holy Spirit in their lives. They claim to be full of the Spirit and rattle on and on but sister Black says, "being full, we never brag about being Spirit filled." Is the lady not aware that such is just about the sum total of all the talking which Holyrollers engage in?

Why have twenty-five speeches about the Holy Spirit in six years at the Jubilee?
    3. "There are times the Spirit brings us to a quiet awareness." "There's this quiet awareness of God's hand in your life." "There are times that the Spirit is in your life in a power and force that overwhelms you." You just say, "turn loose of me Spirit." "I was working totally in the power of the Spirit." "He has often filled me with the fruit of the Spirit and I feel it with power that it overwhelms me." Go to a Holyroller revival and hear the same sort of nonsense. I've seen holiness women get overwhelmed and fall flat in the floor. A Holyroller preacher said to me, "You don't understand this do you?" I replied, "No, I cannot see why a grown woman would be sprawled out in the middle of the meeting house, with her dress up to her middle. If that is the work of the Holy Spirit, he needs to be renamed the Unholy Spirit." Some holyroller woman covered that half-naked Holyroller woman's panties which the Holy Spirit had exposed. Such is the tommynot teaching to be presented at a Jubilee.
The foregoing statements of our sister shows how utterly confused people can become when they get hood-winked by neo-Pentecostalism. Even a casual look should convince the most ardent skeptic that the Jubilee is reeking with all kinds of false doctrines, but not anything is more pronounced than Pentecostal-holiness doctrine. Am I your enemy because I tell you the truth? If I am not telling the truth, it will not take much ink and paper to expose my dishonesty. Surely some God-called, heaven-sent, Spirit-filled, shouting sister could set me straight, but that would probably be judgmental.

I must add a footnote to the above matters and emphasize that anyone who reads the aforementioned thoughts as expressed pertaining to the speeches of sister Black-will surely have some kind of reaction to the ideas set forth in this chapter. One will either agree or disagree. If anyone should be disposed to agree with the ideas of sister Black, I would be willing to meet such a person in a public discussion on the matter, or there are other brethren who will be willing to do the same. I sincerely believe that false teachers should be answered firmly and completely. Is that not what the Bible teaches? Do not forget, the Bible is right.

Chapter 2
The Jubilee Jargon Of Lindsey Garmon

When Lindsey Garmon delivered his three speeches on, "Identifying and Deploying Spiritual Gifts" at the 1992 Jubilee, I had a very difficult time making myself listen to those taped speeches. It isn't easy to hear a brother present so much jargon which is totally subjective and a million miles distant from the word of God.

I decided to answer the speeches of brother Garmon and have them printed in a booklet. That little booklet has gone out all over the nation and if the truth has been taught therein it might serve to help honest readers. I certainly welcome brethren to correct any false and untenable positions which are posited therin. No man can be honest and continue to espouse error after being made aware of it.

Why was brother Garmon invited to the Jubilee circus to speak on the subject of spiritual gifts? He was invited because he would say so much of what brother Steve Flatt and the Madison Church wanted to hear. It is a shameful disgrace that elders will let such heresy go unchalleneged.

In this series I will repeat some of the things which appeared in the booklet titled, "A study of Holyrollerism as presented by Lindsey Garmon and Steve Flatt at the Nashville Jubilee."

Brother Garmon has a sister and mother who assembles with the Madison people and it is my judgment that mother Garmon needs to put her son on her knee and teach him a few elementary lessons-including some much needed lessons on spiritual gifts.

Occasionally in his speeches, our brother stumbled across the truth and a prime example is noted when Lindsey declared that his speech, "...represents some new ideas. There's a wave sweeping across the land." New ideas? For two thousand years people have been able to read pages from the word of God. For two hundred years men will brilliant minds have been pleading with people to return to the Bible.

Comes now a youngster who has new ideas. I doubt not with the ego of brother Garmon and his new ideas, he must envision himself as another Moses who will lead us out of Egyptian darkness.

Brother Garmon's new ideas are so very interesting. One cannot help but be overwhelmed to learn that spiritual gifts are: "Talents, skills and abilities which we have from God which enables us to minister and serve effectively." Admittedly, this is new. Brother Garmon nor anyone else ever found such foolishness in the New Testament. The very basic principle from which brother Jubilee Garmon launched his did is as faulty as a fake penny. All the subsequent blunders made in the three speeches derive from that new idea about talents skills and abilities.

If one desires to learn about spiritual gifts one would need to sit in the presence of a teacher who respects the Word of God. One would also like to sit listening to a teacher who is not averse to giving, a "thus saith the Lord." One would need to have a teacher who would turn to the Bible for definitions and explanations of matters. The Jubilee speakers do not bother to be concerned about quoting the Bible. That might be a trite oldish.

I really wish I knew how and from where the new definition of spiritual gifts developed. Since the Garmon ideas are new they undoubtedly came from some cultic outfit. One could read the Bible for a million years and never find the silly and absurd idea that spiritual gifts were talents. We find the word used in the Bible and common sense would dictate that we let the Bible define the word. This methodology would not be new enough for Jubilee clowns. The breeze of Biblical truth is too stale for Jubilee clappers.

What passage did brother Garmon give to prove that spiritual gifts were talents? Since he gave not one passage, I would ask why not? I can give any number of Bible verses to prove what I teach about spiritual gifts. If I cannot do this I need to keep my mouth shut and my pen still. I think if brother Garmon could have found one verse to prop up his speech he would have done so. Surely the man does not think that every person is a born sucker, willing to swallow any kind of fool notion which one might present. We are obstinate, careful, cautious, demanding that every man prove his dictims. Some of us do not care for a speech of hot air. We demand facts, truth, evidence and will accept no substitute. Put my writings to the test. Let nothing be accepted but the truth.

Spiritual gifts are talents? Hogwash! We absolutely have a gang of characters running around loose who think they are at liberty to change the meaning of Bible words as they jolly well please. Just as the pedo-Baptists have changed baptism into sprinkling and pouring, so do men like Garmon feel that they can change the meaning of spiritual gifts into talents. Compared to the Bible meaning of words, such shenanagins do not make even good nonsense.

It doesn't require much effort and very little sense to look up the meaning of talents as used in the Bible. The word from which we derive the English talent is the Greek talanton. It was used as a balance with which to weigh. The weight of gold or silver came to be called talents. This is of frequent use in the Old Testament. When Joab conquered Rabbah, the king's crown was taken from off his head and, "...the weight thereof was a talent of gold with precious stones; and it was put on David's head..." [II Sam. 12:30]. The talent was also represented as a certain weight of lead [Zech. 5:7-8]. There were talents of silver which were used as payments of debts [I Kings 20:39].

A vivid description is given by our Lord as he spoke of his coming and the destruction which would occur. John wrote as Jesus directed, "And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent..." [Rev. 16:21].

I have no patience with nor sympathy for any man who can learn what talents were but who will stubbornly refuse to learn.

Talents were certainly amounts of valuable gold, silver, lead, etc. which could be weighed and given to others. Gehazi followed Naaman and said,
    ....Behold, even now there be come to me from Mount Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets: give them, I pray thee, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments. And Naaman said, Be content, take two talents. And he urged him, and bound two talents of silver in two bags, with two changes of garments, and laid them upon two of his servants; and they bare them before him [II Kings 5:22-23].
When Gehazi came to Elisha, he was asked, "....Is it a time to receive money...." [v. 26]. There are any number of examples given where talents were passed from one person, usually a king to another king. I do not believe a defeated king was presenting spiritual gifts to his victor.

Please remember, we are not concerned with homespun definitions conjured up to prop up a heresy. We cannot liken the kingdom of heaven to just any fool notion which crosses our minds.

Our Lord told the story of a certain king who would take account of his servants. "And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents" [Matt. 18:24]. The talents represented a debt which was owed [v. 32]. The debt could be paid [v. 34]. Did the servant owe spiritual gifts? Could he pay a debt with spiritual gifts? Notice carefully that these talents could be passed from one to another. How many spiritual gifts did Lindsey Garmon exchange at the Jubilee?

Perhaps the best known story relative to talents is found in Matthew 25:14-30. Again the kingdom of heaven is compared to a man taking a journey but leaving his servants with talents to be used. The talents were given from one the lord to servants. They are called "goods," which were delivered. The talents were, "received" by servants. The talents were dispersed among three servants, " every man according to his several ability..." [v.15]. The talents did not represent ability. According to a mans ability, so talents were given according to their several ability. The talent was given according to what a man had and not according to what he had not.

The man who received five talents went and traded with the same. Did brother Garmon tell his cheering section how they might trade their spiritual gifts? The Bible talents could be traded. How about Jubilee talents? Frankly, I wouldn't give a hoot for the Jubilee type of spiritual gifts. A man would get a bad bargain if he traded for Jubilee spiritual gifts.

But it seems simple enough to understand that one fellow who was given one talent "...went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money..." [v. 18]. The talent could be taken away and given to another [v. 28].

For pure poppycock presented in its most fermented, ignorant, form, I must say that the Jubilee speeches of Lindsey Garmon undoubtedly reach down to the lowest ebb.

Our brother created a little scene when he had a few people come to the front of his class and he handed out the spiritual gifts of, "writing, administration, mercy, leadership, craftmanship, hospitality, singing, etc." If one can hand out spiritual gifts on cards, then one can send spiritual gifts through the mail. Maybe the Jubilee promoters will begin a mail order business in dispensing spiritual gifts. Some church members are ignorant enough to order their spiritual gifts by mail.

Once a false premise is presented and accepted, then all sorts of silly ideas will follow. This is a terrible blunder made by brother Garmon and others who know so little but say so much about the Holy Spirit. His opinion is not valid concerning talents and spiritual gifts consequently his conclusions are as faulty as can be. I would like to think that some people have not refused to learn.

In his silly definition of spiritual gifts, Lindsey Garmon said that skills are such, "which we have from God and which enable us to minister and serve effectively." If you have skills you have spiritual gifts.. when croaking at a Jubilee circus. Can you accept such drivel? Does the Bible equate spiritual gifts with skills? Never, ever!

It is not intended as a reflection on the intelligence of my readers when I ask if you know what skills are? Of course you do and you know how one obtains and develops skills. Brother Garmon cannot even identify spiritual gifts, let alone deploy them. He cannot deploy them because he cannot identify them, thus his Jubilee speech was a dud and a complete failure. When he runs amuck into thinking that spiritual gifts are skills, he is in water over his head. I do not claim to be smart but I can think of any number of synonyms which could be used descriptive of skills. For example we could use, masterful, efficient, apt, deft, accomplished, competent, proficient, expertise, shrewd, adroit, artful, special, distinctive, ingenious, unique, etc., etc. Study each of the preceding and add to the list. Ask yourself how people become masterful, efficient, apt, etc.

If you can read this page competenly, how did you ever become skilled in reading? If you were asked to give a simple definition of the foregoing words, by what process would you be able to respond? Prancing around at a Jubilee will not help. I would appeal to the scriptures and a good dictionary for help. If I am not capable of understanding the form of baptism, it could be that Romans 6:3-4 would clear the matter. If I had heard someone or had read from someone who said that spiritual gifts were skills, it seems that before I started clapping and whooping, a closed session with my Bible would be in order.

To write these things to you is not irksome but it is safe [Phil. 3:1]. We can read about skills, skilful, skillfully, and skilfulness in the Bible.

Chapter 3
Brother Flatt Wants To Know:
Does The Spirit Move You?

Just as I listened to the taped speeches of the aforementioned Jubilee talkers, I also listened very, very carefully to the taped speeches of brother Steve Flatt. My attention was first called to an awareness of what brother Flatt was teaching on the Holy Spirit by members of the Madison church. Our brother delivered a series of lessons on the Amazing Grace TV program. Subsequently he presented the same material at the Jubilee in three lessons titled, "Does The Spirit Move You." I do not want to appear unduly wise but I think if the Madison church members and the Jubilee patrons could understand brother Flatt it should not have taxed my mentality too much as I listened to him. His speeches have been answered in a small booklet which I wrote but it seems pertinent to present some false teachings which is being spread at the Jubilee relative to the Holy Spirit. Steve cannot deny that he is responsible for some of the Jubilee speakers and their false ideas.

One can certainly get a composite picture of Holyrollerism by listening to all the different Jubilee speeches. We used to hear only the Holyrollers from Anderson, Ind. and Cleveland, Tenn. make such absurd claims for the Holy Spirit but now our sisters and brothers are going hog-wild to present Pentecostal speeches at the Jubilee and elsewhere. When an objection is raised, the usual wail is heard, "You didn't understand," or "You deliberately misrepresented me, etc, etc...." Again I insist that understanding brother Flatt requires no miracle or profound wisdom.

When brother Steve said, "maybe we are just kind of starting something." I believe we need some answers-but we will not get any. Why would our brother think that he might be starting something? What is he starting?

If it has not already been started then we certainly would like to know what authority brother Flatt has for starting something? It cannot be denied that brother Steve thinks his views just might be something new or novel in the church. Brother Flatt is deceived if he thinks he is starting something new. The Old Calvinists and Holyrollers gave speeches on the Holy Spirit before the Jubilee convened.

What would you think if I went berserk on the subject of baptism or the Lord's Supper and stated, "maybe we are just kind of starting something?" That is the problem with brother Flatt. He knows that he knows that he is not teaching what faithful brethren have been teaching relative to the Holy Spirit. This is exactly why he said, "Maybe we are just kind of starting something." The spirit of candor and ethics would dictate that he admit his novice views. What does Steve really think? Why would he say, "Maybe we are just kind of starting something?"

John Calvin just kind of started something when he gave impetus to the tenants of Calvinism and Martin Luther just kind of starting something when he broke with the Popes and began his theology of grace alone, but brother Flatt is neither a Calvin or Luther. I do not think he will shake the earth with his "something" which he has borrowed from the Holyrollers. The Flatt "something" is as shallow and flat as a think leaf. We all know without any question why Steve thought he might be starting something? Why deny it?

If our brother is actually deceived into thinking that he is starting something, then that which he is starting in the church does not already exist in the church. If it already exists and has existed for long decades, it would be a misnomer to assume that "something" was being started. One cannot start "something" at a time of place when the "something" has already been started. What grandiose visions does our brother have in starting his "something?" I have no hesitancy in saying that Steve Flatt can be on his way to starting a Holyroller church at Madison. He has said too much to deny it. It will not help to prattle that I do not understand his speeches. Moreover, it is a brazen lie to aver that I "seek to misconstrue" what Steve says. The very fact that he chuckles, "We may be just kind of starting 'something' new is the thinking of Steve. He will not discuss what he thinks he is starting.

It is a fact undeniable that many brethren are very aware of the false teaching of Steve Flatt. He is being opposed and exposed as a heretic, but of course he doesn't like for anyone to call him in question. No sir and no maam! No man should ever question the mighty Hamans who sally around in Shushan.

When I answered Steve Flatt's speeches which were given at the Jubilee, some of the brethren up in the Cookeville, Tenn. area requested some copies of the book wich they distributed. Also I wrote an article in the Plumbline paper which I called, "Don't Rock The Sycamore Boat." Brother Charles Maxwell of Cookeville requested brother Flatt to review the article but there was no review. Instead Steve just thought Wayne Coats was seeking to misconstrue what Steve said. God help us to show some integrity. Did a number of Madison members seek to minsconstrue what Steve said? There are some Madison members who have been in the world. Can they be so dull and demented as to not know Pentecostalism when they hear it?

To charge that I seek to misconstrue what brother Flatt taught about the Holy Spirit is pure poppycock gone to seed. He knows as well as anyone that I have not misrepresented one syllable of what he taught. Let him produce the proof and I will gladly retract. Let him tell us what he thinks he is starting. Let him tell us WHY he would babble such a silly statement. He knows full well that his Holyrollerism has not been a part of the faith and practice within the Lord's church. Steve is aware that his fool-hearty ideas ideas present something altogether different from that which faithful brethren have preached down through the years. When he stands before a semi-illiterate group of Jubilee gawkers in Biblical theology with a chuckle he can assert, "maybe we are just kind of starting something." He doesn't like it at all when I insist that his "something" is nothing more than Holyrollerism. I stand ready to prove my contention at any place and time, but of course brother Flatt would never want that to get started. I am amazed to learn that brother Flatt actually states that the Holy Spirit literally dwells in us. A literal Spirit? How utterly false! There is no such thing as a literal Holy Spirit or any other kind of literal Spirit.

I wish our brother had thought about such a blunder before he made it. With such a farfetched idea about the Holy Spirit, there is no telling what a man might say. What does a literal spirit look like? When did Steve see a literal Spirit? Goblins and Halloween ghosts fit well in Steve's theology.

Please remember that Lindsey Garmon spoke at the Jubilee in 1992 and he defined spiritual gifts as, "talents, skills and abilities." Brother Flatt spoke on the Jubilee in 1993 and he rejected the talent as being a spiritual gift. "It is not the same as a talent. I'm not talking about a talent. We are born with a talent." One Spirit filled speaker tells us that a talent is a spiritual gift but another Spirit filled speaker says, "not so." There was a time when church members were wise enough to conclude that positions which diametrically contradicted each other were obviously false. A proposition cannot be both true and false at the same time.

It makes as much sense to contend that we are born with skills and abilities as to say we are born with talents. Where in heaven's name do these fellows come up with such weird definitions? Have we become ashamed to try to prove what we teach by the Bible? Do we prefer some fool man-made theory in preference to a thus saith the Lord? Born with talents? Hogwash!

I have no answer as to why brother Flatt and others of his persuasion object to "sign gifts," while at the same time they talk so glibly about what the blessed Holy Spirit does for them. Brother Flatt spoke of Doctor somebody [???] Who, "had written a book on the Holy Spirit." A brother has tried to find out who that doctor is but so far brother Flatt has not told the name of the doctor. We need to know about that doctor. Brother Flatt won't tell after repeated efforts to find out. Is he ashamed to tell?

The very height of subjective thinking is reached when we are informed that one might have a spiritual gift and not know what it is. I suppose that spiritual gifts could not possibly be knowledge. If one did possess the spiritual gift of knowledge would one have knowledge to know that God speaks to them? Some sort of crazy notion is usually presented which supposedly comes right straight from God. But then some other illuminated expert gets on his soap box and he tells his dupes how God gave him a vision or gift an lo and behold the information is diametrically opposed, antipodal, reverse, anithetical and opposite to that which God told others. Ignorant people will believe such tripe. They are so patently blind that they will accept anything regardless of how much one statement contradicts another.

When Lindsey Garmon defined spiritual gifts as, "talents, skills and abilities" and Steve Flatt defined spiritual gifts as, "skills and abilities," but rejected talents, even a tyro should see that something is not right, but it is expecting too much to entertain the idea that some church members are even capable of thinking. This is due to what has come to be called, "brainwashing." A Jubilee event is a perfect place to experience a BRAINWASHING.

Lindsey Garmon declared that when one possessed spiritual gifts, " always knew." One should never question what a Spirit filled Jubilee person says. That would be as wicked as objecting to the Pope. Since a person who possess spiritual gifts always knows, then it certainly follows that I do not possess spiritual gifts for indeed I do not know that I possess spiritual gifts. I was taught the word of God and I was baptized but for some strange reason all those spiritual gifts have alluded me.

The Spirit in Lindsey Garmon told Garmon that one would always know but the Spirit in Steve Flatt said that we don't always know what our spiritual gift is. The Spirit said one thing in 1992 but he reversed it in 1993. In 1992 we can always know but in 1993 we cannot always know. If such putrid palaver appeals to you, then you certainly have my sympathy.

If the Holy Spirit makes such a conglomerate mess of things with all the contradictions presented at the Jubilee, then pray tell how I can possibly have any confidence in what the Holy Spirit has said in the written word? Maybe there are two Holy Spirits which come to the Jubilee and maybe one doesn't know what the other has said. Maybe one talks to Lindsey and the other talks to Lindsey and the other talks to Steve.

I am sure some folks will not believe me but the tapes are available for those who doubt my word. Steve Flatt actually said, "If you do not know, get good counsel from people about you. Get feedback from other Christians. Ask what do I do well."

The Holy Spirit is supposed to bestow some sort of spiritual gift upon a person but the pathetic person may not know what the gift is. Someone else might be able to give good counsel about the matter, meaning that others would know more about a Christian than the Christian would know about himself. Such puerile prattle is beneath the dignity of sensible people. Does brother Flatt know more about me and what I know from the Bible-than I know? I knew what I know about myself but he might know what I know about myself better than I know what I know. Do not ask me how he might know, for I do not know. Get his good counsel about what I know.

It could be that feedback from other Christians would resolve the problem. Where in heaven's name did Steve stumble across such tomfoolery? What is his authority? Does the Bible even hint about getting feedback about spiritual gifts from others? Are we so presumptuous as to think that we can babble and palaver about Bible matters while showing utter contempt for divine authority? Can brother Flatt give something that would even hint at divine authority for his conjectures? Of course not and he knows he cannot. Some folks are satisfied to follow religious racketeers but people who have any self respect and respect for God will demand a "thus saith the Lord." We will be satisfied with nothing less.

If one doesn't know what ones spiritual gift is just ask others, "What do I do well." How can we keep our composure and listen to such drivel? I am scorned by some when I try to expose such blatant foolishness for what it really is. Try to imagine a grown man standing before a group of people who claim to know the Bible and telling them to ask someone what they do well. Is this an index of the low depths into which we have suken?

If someone came to me with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about spiritual gifts and asked me what he did well, I believe I could make a list of things in which that person would need improvement. It would surely be the case that ones request would be determined by how stupid one might be and the answer would be determined by how stupid the person was who gave an answer. If I'm playing ball with a group of exceptional children, they might tell me how wonderful I am as a ball player. If I am playing with members of a college ball team, my spiritual gift would not be very complimentary. I do hope my brethren will not become too obsessed with asking others what they do well.

If the proof of spiritual gifts can be seen in what one does well, is it not the case that ones spiritual gifts from the blessed Holy Spirit would cease and desist at some point when one reached said point of not doing something well? A Christian might be a real whiz at running in a race. In fact one could start out ahead of the hounds when his spiritual gift kicked into overdrive but when one became leg-weary or suffered from muscle cramps, such would mean that one would have lost ones spiritual gifts. Such a foolish idea doesn't even begin to make any sort of good nonsense.

The absurdity of asking people what I do well as a criteria for determining spiritual gifts can be seen in the fact that the answer depends upon which persons are asked. This is sheer lunacy to think that when one does well at something, that something is a spiritual gift.

Could spiritually gifted brethren be unusually gifted in a certain area and others not know about it? Would all those who have spiritual gifts always know about the spiritual gifts of others? Would it be possible for people who claim spiritual gifts to contradict each other? What is the difference in brother Flatt's borrowed, cultic, definition of spiritual gifts and the Bible definition? Even a tyro should be able to see the difference.

Do you really want to know what your spiritual gift is? Then listen and you shall learn from brother Steve when he says, "Do not live by your sinful nature." It would be so very nice if brother Flatt would use his spiritual gifts of skills and abilities and enlighten us about ones sinful nature. Maybe such drivel is what brother Flatt is just kinda starting. Does the man not realize that our brethren have debated the Old Calvinists, hardshell Baptist, primitive Baptists and others for long decades regarding the tom-foolery of total depravity? Since the perverted NIV came forth with its putrid Calvinism, Steve Flatt and others have been parroting the sectarian jargon about, "sinful nature." We can expect such blatant error from the Old Baptists but who would have thought that the devil could convert so many of our spineless preachers. There is no such thing as the Calvinistic concept of sinful nature even remotely hinted at in the Bible. Sure the NIV brazenly presents the idea but it is as vile and wicked as anything right out of hell.

If one is interested in knowing what the silly notion of sinful nature is all about, one can read any of the debates which our brethren have had with the primitive Baptists. Total depravity and/or sinful nature is the first plank in the Old Calvinist and Holyroller platform. It won't ever happen but how interesting it would be to hear Steve try to explain ones sinful nature and compare it with ones total depravity. It would be most interesting to hear brother Flatt try to explain a lot of things but such will never occur. His preference is to ignore questions.

Since one is supposed to receive the literal Holy Spirit when one is baptized, then pray tell how one could live by ones sinful nature? Does the Holy Spirit literally dwell in a Christian who is also totally depraved? Does the sinful nature continue in one who is full of the Spirit? If one is full of the Spirit, why tell one to not live by ones sinful nature? If the Spirit literally dwells within a person, then why would one need to be concerned about spiritual gifts. If one is full of the literal Spirit, then why would the Spirit not make known to one what ones spiritual gift really was? Why will some brethren be so infernal ignorant about the word of God?

I note that brother Flatt takes umbrage at my assertion in a booklet that he is guilty of Holyrollerism. The very best he can do is make a flatt denial and run out. Will he make an attempt to answer my charges? Of course not! Why not? If he is so full of the Holy Spirit as he claims, why will the Holy Spirit not help the brother? I insist that the claims of brother Flatt relative to the Holy Spirit helping him and refute my statements? He can play deaf and dumb if he pleases but I shall not remain silent as long as God gives me strength to answer false teachers.

Brother Flatt denies that he is teaching Holyrollerism but he carries the earmarks of the Holyrollers. I ask, "Did the brother say, 'The Holy Spirits work is not limited to the word of God?'"

After all the clatter about the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian, then pray tell why our brother would assert that the work of the Holy Spirit is not limited to the word of God? Anyone who is able to run around loose by himself knows full well that Holiness preachers have been saying that very same thing for years. Shall we show brother Flatt some debate propositions where the Holyrollers have affirmed the very thing that he blubbered at the Jubilee? Maybe he thinks he can explain his statement to the satisfaction of Madison members, but not all folks will be deceived.

Now if the Holy Spirits work is not limited to the word of God, that would mean that the Holy Spirit does work through and by means of the word of God. How can brother Flatt prove that position? He can prove it just like brethren have continually proven it, i.e. by the Bible. The sword of the Spirit is the word of God [Eph. 6]. Since Steve asserts that the work of the Spirit is not limited to the word of God, just how will he prove his point? Will he appeal to the word to prove that the word is not sufficient? What work of the Spirit does the Spirit work within a person which is outside, separate and apart from the word? If if is a work apart from the word, how does one know it is a work of the Spirit? One certainly cannot appeal to the word for the work is apart from the word? If it is a work apart from the word, how does one know it is a work of the Spirit? One certainly cannot appeal to the word for the work is apart from the word and is not limited to the word. What will be the source of information? Any Holyroller in Nashville will tell us all sorts of wild tales and brother Flatt will borrow them.

Brother Flatt doesn't like to be compared with the Holiness preachers. Why did he say, "He leads us but not exclusively through the word." If I had said it I would not deny it and if I had said it I would expect one and all to cast me in the mold of the Holiness pit. Does the Holy Spirit lead people? Of course! How does a wicked, wretched, alien sinner come to Christ? He is lead to Christ by means of the written word. Every person is led exactly by means of the written word.

If the Holy Spirit does not lead us exclusively through the word, then there is some other way other than through the word by which we are led. Does the word tell us that we are not led exclusively by the word? I know how men were led before the word was written. It will not suffice to go back to the days of miraculous leading and lay claim to such supernatural influences. We want to know about that leading of the Spirit in our day. Who does the Spirit lead and how does he lead, independently of the word? The Holiness folks will tell us in a split second how they claim to be led. The Holy Spirit talks to them, directs them by miracles, signs and wonders.

Brother Flatt claims some kind of leading beyond the word. We deserve to be told all about that direct leading of the Spirit.

If the Holy Spirit leads beyond the word as brother Flatt contends, we need to learn how the brother knows so much. Every Holyroller in Madison will make the same assertion and I do not believe a single one of them would get upset if I simply explained how I understand the statements.

Note again when brother Flatt says, "The Holy Spirits work in this day and time is not limited to the word of God." How does my brother know this? What work does the Spirit do for one which the word will not and cannot do? If man needs something or needs to avoid something in order to please God, will the written word not be sufficient? What more is needed?

The entire Holyroller spiel of brother Flatt is nothing more than a blatant copy of a flagrant denial of the all-sufficiency of the revealed will of God. Brother Flatt's theology is as threadbare as Catholic theology which is founded on myth, superstition and tradition.

Chapter 4
Jeanene Reese Of Abilene University
Speaking At The Jubilee
On Leadership And Spiritual Gifts Among Women

In its concerted effort to change the church into another cult, the Jubilee wheels continue to bring in speakers who are imbued with the notion that brethren and sisters must think and act like a gang of Holyrollers.

It is hardly the wise thing to do to assert that we do not understand the Jubilee speakers. After all, the Jubilee audiences were not comprised of Solomon and his court. Most any dim-wit can comprehend fully all the gobble-de-gook which is prattled at the Jubilee by the neo-Pentescostals.

Everyone but anyone knows full well that the old time Holyrollers were not known for their excessive brilliance. They have managed to understand what their pastors yelled and screamed about. It doesn't take any more intelligence to understand what Jubilee blabber-mouths are saying as they sing the same old worn out Holyroller songs. This is the truth and I challenge anyone to attempt to refute this charge. Will anyone please answer why Jeanine Reese was asked to speak about spiritual gifts at the Jubilee? One does not have to guess why she came and gave her testimony.

Mrs. Reese said, "I was in a class where I taught and a woman came up to me just at the end of the class and she put her hand on me, she lifted her hand and began to first I thought she was praying and then I realized that I couldn't understand her...and I have those things happen in different places.?

If a person is presenting Holyroller bunk one should not be surprised if some folks want to practice Holyroller bunk. Have you ever had some woman come up and put one hand on you and raise the other hand while chattering like a chimpanzee?

I have not experienced such a bizarre event and I know why. Why would such an episode occur where Jeanene Reese was performing? When relating the above experience Mrs. Reese laughed but to me the matter is so disgusting as to cause one to be ashamed rather than laugh about it.

Mrs. Reese says she was, "tempted to pass around the room different spiritual gifts: teaching, evangelism, service, mercy, prophecy, wisdom, and have you go and stand under your spiritual gift." "Some women want to put one foot in one and the other in the other gift and kind of spread themselves, because they have more than one spiritual gift."

I am certain there would be enough gullible sisters to put both feet in different places just as sister Reese sticks both feet in her mouth as she babbles about spiritual gifts.

Would it be in order to ask one simple question as to how Jeanene Reese came to the conclusion that teaching, evangelism, service, mercy, prophecy, and wisdom are present day spiritual gifts? How does she know this? Where is her source of authority fo such foolishness? Is she speaking by the authority of Christ or is she just babbling a bunch of bunk?

Since sister Jubilee Reese gave six spiritual gifts, would not all the other women be able to give their lists? How will we be able to know for a fact which ones to accept and which ones to reject? Will all the women in a class give the same identical listing of spiritual gifts? That might happen in a trillion years but I doubt that it would.

Mrs. Reese resorts to pure subjective prattle when she presents her six gifts. If one desires to know about spiritual gifts, the sensible thing is to turn to the Bible and find out about such matters. Spiritual gifts as discussed in the word of God, were gifts which were supernaturally given. They were not natural characteristics acquired by study and training. We will say more about this at the close of our study. The gift of prophecy was a special gift of the Holy Spirit which was limited to the first century. There are no inspired prophets-even in Abilene. The other so-called gifts could be claimed by some of the biggest jerks to have ever lived. Moreover many intelligent church members who strongly reject the silly notion of present day spiritual gifts can teach, evangelize, render service, show mercy and demonstrate wisdom by refuting false teachers.

Sister Reese prepares a list and calls them "spiritual gifts." I call her just so much humbug. Who is right? She has no proof other than her own misguided blather but I have the inspired word of God to tell me what spiritual gifts were.

"I have women come every year and speak on spiritual gifts." "I have read every book that I can lay my hands on about it." "I direct summer worship at ACU on equipping women for ministry." "Peter Wagner who's a leading writer on spiritual gifts says the gifts in I Corinthians are manifestation gifts." "He says Ephesians are equipping gifts." "And Romans are motivational gifts."

If those women who speak on spiritual gifts at ACU present the same kind of heresy as the ACU women present at the Jubilee, may God help us right early. It is most evident that ACU is reeking with Holyroller sludge. And who is Peter Wagner who has written so much about spiritual gifts?

I would not believe it unless I had heard it but take my word for it-and confirm it by listening to the tape if you have enough guts to do so. Our sister actually said, "Through all of these tests and through all of these presentations that I have heard, I still don't know what my spiritual gift is." I truly believe I would be ashamed to make such a statement after running around all over the country posing as an expert on spiritual gifts. Imagine reading everything one can get ones hands on, including Peter Wagner and directing a workship on spiritual gifts, and being able to tell others how to identify their spiritual gifts and yet not even know what her spiritual gift is. How can other women go stand under their spiritual gift but Mrs. Reese doesn't know where to stand. She has two feet and surely she ought to know where to place one of them.

"I have no idea. Sometimes when I've taken it, it's been very clear that my gift is prophecy. And the next time I would take it, my gift is teaching. And another time I would take it, my gift is wisdom."

I thank God that my wife does not demonstrate such fermented ignorance about spiritual gifts. Does Jeanine ever show mercy? Since mercy is a spiritual gift according to her, could it be that she has no idea when she shows mercy? The same could be said of teaching. Maybe the poor soul has thousands of spiritual gifts and they are so numberless that she cannot know.

I do not desire to be unkind but I do desire to expose those who desire to be teachers but who neither know or understand that which they prattle. Tell me how do you take it? I know it doesn't make even good nonsense but how does one take ones spiritual gift? It sounds crazy I know but I will never stop until I learn how I can take it. I wish sister Reese had told all that brilliant group of women who clapped at the Jubilee how one takes it. What kind of device does one use to take it? Is it a fool-proof method? Can others take it like sister Reese?

I know a person can take a thermometer and check for fever. One can take a little gadget and take a sugar count of ones blood, but we haven't learned how to take it from one who knows how to take it but in taking it, one does not really know.

When in a church that needs wisdom, our sister will pour forth wisdom and when in a church that needs teaching, she will shell down the facts by the use of her spiritual gift of teaching, but she still doesn't know. Does she know how to take it?

How far out does one need to go to declare that the gift of service may be, "...from the day you're born til the day you die." Come now, dear sister, do you mean that a day old baby has a spiritual gift of service? I only know what was said and I deny the saying. Babies do not possess spiritual gifts.

"I still don't know my spiritual gifts." In that case I will take it for sister Reese and the best I can do is term it IGNORANCE of the word of God. This is serious but it is simple to prove. In fact it is so very simple that I need not hesitate to make the assertion.

"Gene Guest wrote a book and he said, No where in scripture are we told to search for our spiritual gift." Well of course not, since spiritual gifts come before scriptures. How utterly stupid for the church in Corinth or Rome who had spiritual gifts to receive a letter from Paul wherein he told them to search for that which they already had.

"If you want to know what your spiritual gift is, ask the Lord to show you and spend time praying and searching and waiting and listening. I find that you will not be unanswered." "I'm telling you he will let you know what he wants from you."

Isn't it so convincing for one who has no idea what her spiritual gift is to have the unmitigated gall to stand before others and tell them how to know what their spiritual gift is? Stranger still is to see how a group of women will listen to see how a group of women will listen to such drivel and clap.

The Reese remedy is so simple. Ask the Lord to show you. Why does Mrs. Reese not know what her spiritual gift is? She knows how to find our. Why not ask the Lord to show her, if it works for others. Why tell others to pray and search and wait and listen in order to know? Does it work? Is that the way to take it? This is the same remedy the old, ignorant fellows would use when they went to the mourners bench. There the poor souls would pray and search and wait and listen and mourn and wait and pray and hopefully they could get some answer. From Holyrollerism, sister Reese has swallowed old time Calvinism-but she still doesn't know. Does she not pray and wait and listen? Will it not work for her but work for others?

"I find that you will not be unanswered. I'm telling you he will let you know what he wants from you." I'm telling you Jeanine Reese is a fake just as much so as Oral Roberts. She is a perverter of the truth and of course that is why she is a Jubilee actress. Why she has not been answered? The Lord will let others know but so far he hasn't let the Reese lady know. Her pill will work for others but it hasn't worked for her. Why does our dear sister not know what her spiritual gift is? If God will let us know, then he is somewhat behind on our lady from Abilene.

"I don't know my spiritual gift because it has taken many forms." This is at least the third time the expert teacher about spiritual gifts has told her class that she doesn't know what her spiritual gift is. It could be a spiritual gift that she "doesn't know."

Then on to I Corinthians 12:12, 27; Romans 12:4-5, and I Corinthians 4 to deal with spiritual gifts-our sister leapt. Yes sir! When one needs a passage to prove that one has a spiritual gift at the Jubilee, can one flip over to I Corinthians 12, and one can read all about it and one can "take it" and one can demonstrate ones colossal ignorance about a very simple subject.

Paul wrote the chapter because he did not want the brethren to be ignorant about spiritual gifts [I Cor. 12:1]. Like old Israel our sister is grossly ignorant of God's plan and she has borrowed information from others. Sometimes it is absolutely impossible to turn people away from their path of ignorance.

Paul wrote, "But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant" [I Cor. 14:38]. I would concede that we are all ignorant-but on different subjects. When one comes to the Jubilee to speak about spiritual gifts, it apparently makes no difference how much ignorance is demonstrated.

With the foregoing, I have absolutely no fears of being corrected. Why any person would cite I Corinthians 12:1ff. Paul introduces the subject of spiritual gifts. These are not material qualities but they are spiritual. They are not learned by study and development. They are not changed from one place to another like the Reese brand. The spiritual gift was imparted by the apostle [Rom. 7:14]. He wrote about spiritual gifts to keep the brethren from being ignorant. We have the written word but we are still ignorant to a pathetic degree.

Paul explained that these were different gifts of the Spirit at Corinth. These were miraculous gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit was the benefactor in dispensing these miraculous gifts through the laying on of the apostle's hands. Paul wrote,
    For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established [Romans 1:11].
The great salvation was spoken by the Lord and confirmed by the apostles who heard the Lord. God bore them witness, "...both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will" [Heb. 2:4]. The gifts of the Spirit were indeed-of the Spirit-and they were miraculous. When Jesus ascended up on high, "...he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men" [Eph. 4:8]. These gifts were seen in apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers [v. 11]. All of these gifts were miraculously given by the Holy Spirit. The purpose is stated in order that the saints might be perfected, the ministry might work effectively, and the body built up.

I believe sister Reese would admit these inspired brethren did not have a copy of her NIV perversion, so they were to work by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

These spiritual gifts were to last for a limited time, i.e. until,
    ...we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ [Eph. 4:13].
Sister Reese and others have concocted a theory that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still around but we know better.

The very chapter which was introduced by the Jubilee lady specifically says that the, "...manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal" [I Cor. 12:7]. Why did she do the passover on this matter? We know why but of course it made no difference to her cheerleaders.

A manifestation of something is to make it known, to declare it, demonstrate it clearly. The Spirit gave gifts and they were manifested or demonstrated by those who received the gifts. Paul mentions these gifts as "...given by the Spirit..." [v. 8]. He says they were wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Do you have a problem when Jubilee characters select, pick out, and claim a few of these gifts of the Holy Spirit but silently pass by the others? We know hy and so do they. Like most Holyrollers who harp long and loud about the Holy Ghost in their lives, they conveniently reject any notion of handling poison snakes or drinking poison. Please see the pattern when our sister from Texas thinks that her spiritual gift might be wisdom or prophecy but she doesn't now. Why not ask the Lord for the gift of "discerning of spirits?" Why not tell her hand-clappers that they can do miracles, speak in tongues an interpret tongues, even heal the sick?

Those who had spiritual gifts in Corinth could manifest their gifts but sister Reese can only spit and sputter about such things. If some brother in Corinth had the gift of tongues do you suppose he did not have sense enough to know what his spiritual gift was? When someone received a revelation [I Cor. 14:26], did the poor ignoramus not know what his gift was? Oh well, "But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant" [I Cor. 14:38].

That just means that some will be deliberately, purposefully, and willfully ignorant. "You just cannot show some people anything." "You can expect affirmation of your gifts." Indeed? Why then does our lady of Abilene not know her affirmed gift? Can she not be expectant? Can she not be affirmed? Does she have no gifts? This is pure fermented ignorance brought from ACU and there are plenty of women who swallow such drivel. I would relish opportunities to expose and oppose neo-Pentecostalism as poured forth at the Jubilee. We need more brethren who will arise and join in the fray. It is already too late.

Acts II Scene II
Leadership And Spiritual Gifts Among Women
Day Two

    1. "Spiritual gifts grow out of spiritual life."
    2. "Gifts are always given in relation to a particular body of people."
While life experiences are spiritual gifts? Others may not be so persistant? But I demand that these Holyroller tainted heretics give some answers or else we will keep exposing them for what they are. Are all life experiences spiritual gifts? If not, then how can we tell? Is each person supposed to select certain life experiences which will qualify as spiritual gifts? Would a life experience such as going to the bathroom qualify as a spiritual gift? It isn't any wonder that Holyroller women will not debate.
    3. "Spiritual gifts are given for the common good."
    4. "Spiritual gifts glorify God, when given back to God."
    5. "Spiritual gifts are not required for all body functions."
    A long rigamarole was given by Mrs. Reese which she calls, "Mentoring."
This is a practice where a woman will get a few young girls or young women together and the older woman serves as a discipler and the girls as disciples. Oh no, the terms are not used because that sounds too much like the Boston Cult. Sister Reese is a "mentee" as she hovers over her chicks. This is a natural result of women moving out into the women's ministry circle. They become authority figures to coeds and they exercise authority. These are the kind of women who travel over the country and preach, first to women then to all who have so little common sense as to support them. They end up as she-elders who lord themselves over others.

At ACU, Mrs. Reese goes over to the girls apartment and mentors them on how to evangelize. Why doesn't she fill those girls with the Holy Spirit and they would know all things needed.

She says its a lot of fun, "...and it builds me up." It certainly does. Just think how the authority figures in the Crossroad Cult got built up when they became disciplers. Mrs. Reese is no different as she parades over the ACU campus. Here is another prime example of zeal without knowledge.

This mentoring concept has now reached the point where women are becoming "youth ministers." A good place to learn how it is at the Jubilee.

Sister Reese is a, "womans leader." She prayed and three years later the Lord answered her prayer to put some things into print. If one wastes time looking at some of the TV cultic preachers, it is unbelievable how the Lord answers the prayers of Holyroller evangelists. If you want something, pray one of those ACU or Jubilee Holyroller prayers. For personal tales, Jeanene Reese is tops.

After listening to the Abilene lady, it is crystal clear from the bits and pieces of three speeches that traipsing over the country and doing, "womens ministry" is crucial to the ego of Jeanene Reese. Her speech betrays her and this is no light, flippant, judgmental assessment. What the lady attributes to the Lord, I attribute to the devil. The dear lady seems to be tremendously afflicted with, "I" trouble. There is a difference in "gift of gab" and the gospel of Christ.

If one deleted all the personal pronouns, [I, me and my] there would be but little left. It would be fantastic to take the three speeches of Mrs. Reese into a social psychology seminar and probe deeply into her basic personality structure from which all those "I's" spring forth. We will see more of the woman unsurpers as more of them are mentored by the "mentees" at ACU.

Like so many of the far-out liberal gang, Mrs. Reese takes a broad swipe at the legalistic folks in the church. Who are these scumb-balls? Among other things these critters tell folks "you must be, you must be, you must be." "They are very legalistic." This is the sort of putrid blather that Jubilee women like to babble. Could Mrs. Reese possibly name three things which, "We must be?" Does that make one legalistic? Must the Abilene lady be pure in her morals? Is that legalism? When one steps down into the shallows searching for something to say, it helps to crow about the legalistics. This isn't new. Many of us have heard the wind blow before, and I promise that a snide remark about the legalists will almost always find its way into the manuscript of "mentees."

With such an outpouring of grace, love and gentleness, Mrs. Reese says that the legalists are narrow minded and very hard to live with. She thinks there are those preachers out there who are begging folks to come back to legalism, to do those things not required. This is pure ACU poppycock but it sounds good to the Jubilee women who can leave and repeat the sentences, when they also have to say something.

There is not a person on earth who can give a sensible, cogent, definition of legalism-and still repudiate that which is legal. Whatever it is, legalism is a real dirty word. It is a word used by the Old Digressives as they disparaged faithful brethren. We need to keep in focus why the legalists are berated.

I find it exceedingly strange that Mrs. Reese had three days to speak on, "Leadership and Spiritual Gifts Among Women" but after the first day, she ran out of soap and floundered for two days. When I purchased the three tapes, I thought three days would be given to a discussion of , "Spiritual Gifts Among Women." I would affirm that after the first day, the Holy Spirit undoubtedly left the ACU lady and the great empty space was filled with, "my-me-and I."

That the Jubilee is a forum for false teachers, no person can deny. That Holyrollerism is in vogue at the Jubilee, we invite one and all to check on the matter. Try to see the facts.

Chapter 5
Allowing God's Spirit To Grow The Church
Earl Lavender

The above topic was that which was supposed to be addressed by Earl Lavender at the 1994 Jubilee. Lavender is on the staff at the Harpeth Hills Church and it would be hard to find a Nashville church which could get further from the truth. As expected the speaker parrots the same speil which other neo-Pentecostal prattlers present and he specifically points out that we can accomplish the work of God through the power of the Holy Spirit which works in us. He laments the trend of trying to turn things around without relying upon the Holy Spirit. "We're striving to do his work through the lives of believers who are empowered and led by the Holy Spirit."

I would suggest that Lavender speak for himself when he guesses that "We are trying to do God's work without his power." This is as false as any Jubilee speaker could express it. Who is denying the power of God? The same foolish claims are made by Jubilee speakers who claim to be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit. They are the ones who reject the power of God when they reject the power of the revealed, written, word and begin to speculate about being empowered by the Holy Spirit. All of these characters would not even know the Holy Spirit existed unless they read about Him in the Bible. They read the Bible to learn about the Holy Spirit and then they claim to be led by the Holy Spirit as He helps them to do what they read in the Bible.

How much extra power does Lavender possess as a result of being empowered and led by the Holy Spirit? Will he be able to tell us? This subjective claim is made by any number of cults.

It is a miserable mistake to take a passage which applied to the miraculous age of the church and apply it to a Jubilee speaker and his audience.

There is no empowering of anyone by the Holy Spirit. Such is a mere guess unsupported by the word of God. There were those people mentioned in the Bible who were recipients of the Holy Spirit and they were empowered, endued and clothed with power from on high. They could demonstrate the power which resided within and worked through them. All any Holyroller Jubilee speaker can do is talk about being empowered. How much power do they have? They are as weak as stump water. Not in a million years could you get a single one of them to do more than chatter about being led by the Spirit. The Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, and Holyrollers all make grandiose claims to be empowered by the Spirit. Does the Spirit argue with the Spirit and/or object to the Spirit?

Does the Spirit lead Earl to say that he is led by the Spirit? I am led by the inspired written word to say that the claims of Earl are spurious. I can prove my position by the Bible. While claiming to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit our brother is taking a position which repudiates the Bible as the sufficient rule of faith and practice. Men such as Earl Lavender are forced to the conclusion that the Bible is only a partial rule book. They would say that it is a good book-as far as it goes but we need more power which is given as the Holy Spirit leads us. Again I repeat that this is the same fool-hearty position which our brethren have met in debates for over a century. One can hear the same silly assertions at the Jubilee circus.

I find it comical that not a single valid argument is given by those who present their twaddle at the Jubilee. If any sort of proof is ever given, such will consist of twisted scriptures.

I ask how much more power does one need beyond that which is contained in the gospel of Christ? I do not see why some Jubilee clown will not deal with this. They know better than to stumble forth and begin to show contempt for the Bible. Yet their position on being empowered by the Holy Spirit and being led by the Spirit separate and apart from the word is nothing more than contempt for the inspired word. I do not envy the fellow who swallows cultic theories instead of following the Bible.

If the gospel of Christ is not the POWER of God unto salvation to those who believe, then the passage which so states is a fraud.

If is it the power of God unto salvation, then why is more power needed? From whence will that power come? what new twist will Lavender place on Romans 1:16? He cannot possibly believe what the inspired verse teaches and at the same time hold on to his empowering by the Holy Spirit.

Paul preached the gospel in Corinth and those people were saved by it [I Cor. 15:1-4]. God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to the gospel [Rom. 2:16]. Paul declared that he had begotten men through the gospel [I Cor. 9:12]. If the gospel is hid, it is hid to the lost [II Cor. 4:4]. Man is cursed when he preaches another gospel and that is exactly what the liberals are doing when they promise another power beyond the written word [Gal. 1:7-9]. If people do not obey the gospel they will be punished [II Thess. 1:9]. Please cite one thing which man needs in order to please God which has not been furnished through the gospel. The word of God is full of power [Heb. 4:12]. The inspired scripture furnishes us completely. Let these Spirit led Jubilee fellows speak up and tell us that they do not believe Romans 1:16.

After running with Jeroboam from Dan to Bethel Earl finally arrived at Romans 8 for a brief discussion but he said he didn't have time to explain how the Spirit leads us. He could cut out all the useless gab and simply quote from Ephesians 6 where we are told that the sword of the Spirit is the word of God. How much time does that take? As important as the passage is, one should take time to refer to the verse many times over. We are led by the written word and there is no other source.

Lavender thinks the crucial question should be, "How much do I give my life to the Spirit?" In his brief discussion of Romans chapter 8, the speaker did the usual sectarian copy. On the indwelling Spirit he says, "Exactly how that works, we may never know." I would think that most any Spirit led, Spirit empowered Jubilee hawker would know all about how that is done. What benefit is the Holy Spirit to a person if He doesn't reveal all those things which are not explained in the Bible? Think how ridiculous it is for a man to be empowered but be so powerless.

We are told, "I believe that in the dwelling of the Spirit, there are also times when maybe the word doesn't speak specifically to a decision we have to make."

See how the written word of the Spirit is at times not sufficient? Pray tell what decisions do we have to make? How can we tell that we have to make such decisions? From some source we are aware that decisions have to be made. "But if we are dying to self, I believe the Spirit will lead us to make the right decision." The inspired word won't be the Spirit will. The written word will not speak but the Spirit will. What will the Spirit say or do to help, beyond that which He has already revealed from God? Did God not know what decisions man would need to make? Was He not able to reveal all that man needed to know in guiding him in decision making? The problem with Lavender and others who burp forth the neo-Pentecostal ideas, is that their theories undermine the Bible and presents a God that is too weak, deficient and helpless to give man all that he needs which pertains to life and godliness. In case one wants more of the Lavender balderdash, Mars Hill bookstore sells, "Strategies For Renewal" by Glen and Lavender. Thanks, but no thanks. Lyle Shallar published, "Stategies For Change" some time ago and we do not need a rehash of balderdash. Perhaps it will be worth the time and space to write more avout Romans chapter eight. I cannot understand why men like Lavender will go so far from the word of God and get all hung up with the doctrines of men. It just has to be that somewhere there is a fountain source for all the silly ideas being regurgitated by the Jubilee speakers. With all that voluminous amount of truth which resides in the Bible on the subject, it is incredible that the Jubilee team is so completely saturated with Holyrollerism. If an objective study was done, I believe it could be verified that the stinking stream springs from some of the universities. Brethren and sisters read sectarian books and assimilate the content and like a mother dog with pups-the sleazy slime is regurgitated for the little pups to swallow. The church of Christ is cursed with a lot of little pups who delight to get on a stump and tell how the Spirit leads them. One good religious debate with the liberals on the influence of the Holy Spirit would turn their foolishness into a tailspin. Of course that will never happen. Liberals have evolved and the backbone is missing.

Now to Romans eight! "Therefore" is always a connector and we must ask, "what is 'therefore' there for?"

It points out a difference in something. Also notice the word NOW. This shows a contrast in time. Now is not then, meaning neither yesterday or tomorrow. Go back and read all of the first seven chapters of the Roman letter in order to get the situation in mind. Do not tell me this is useless for I know better. The problem with the Jubilee Holyrollers is that they feel at liberty to take a text completely away from its setting and apply it at random. This is the case demonstrated many times over and I sometimes wonder if such talkers really think that all their hearers are pure idiots. We do know enough to discern to whom a New Testament writer is addressing a message. Some things written do not apply to us. Will anyone deny this? Let the Jubilee folks stage a huge healing service in the Nashville arena. They can find a verse which says something about healing-if they have enough help. when we look at each sentence and each word in the first seven chapters of the Roman letter, we learn that the difference in the law of Moses and the law of Christ is contrasted. False teachers of the Judazing kind were denying the truth of the gospel. Paul makes it clear that those church troublers would not and could not be saved without the gospel. Fleshly Judaizism would serve the carnal mind but it could not clear the conscience.

When the Judaising teachers bound the law on members of the church, they had the members walking after the flesh and carnal ordinances. Who were the true children of God? "They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God" [Rom. 9:8]. The children of God are those who by faith have been baptized into Christ [Gal. 3:26-27]. In Galatians 3:3 Paul asks, "Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?" We know flesh is used here by the apostle and it certainly refers to the old new. These brethren had started out by obeying the gospel. They began in the Spirit but had turned back to the law-i.e. the flesh.

I am as aware as anyone that a word can have different meanings. This is demonstrated many in the Bible as well as outside of it, for any normal person to deny. We must turn to the context in our efforts to determine just exactly how a word is to be understood. No rational person will deny this and those who do reject this methodology end up making fools of themselves.

Paul wrote, "For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in POWER, and in the Holy Spirit..." [I Thess. 1:5]. This was miraculous without any doubt. Inspiration resided in inspired men whereas today inspiration resides in the inspired book.

Paul uses "in the Spirit" in contrast with "in the flesh." To be "in the Spirit" was to be inspired of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual gifts existed in the church at Rome and there were supernatural manifestations of those gifts. We remind the reader again that "in the Spirit" was equivalent to being inspired by the Spirit and this is seen when one reads that John was, "in the Spirit." Notice that Thayer says, "the phrase in the Spirit is used in opposition to the phrase, in the flesh." "In the flesh" and "in the Spirit" are used in opposition one to another. In the flesh was equal to Judaism, or the law, and particularly a reference to the false teachers who were "natural men," uninspired [I Cor. 2:14]; sensual, having not the Spirit [Jude 19].

It matters not how dense a person might be about the work of the Holy Spirit, there are enough gullible people to swallow any sort of ridiculous idea that might be presented. Any further comments on Romans chapter eight are already referred to in previous chapters of this work.

To claim that people are being led by the Holy Spirit separate and apart from the written word is reaching down into the utter depths of duplicity-but that is where one has to go to find so many dupes.

Chapter 6
God The Spirit: Powerful Presence
1995 Speech by Randy Harris

Randy Harris who is a teacher at Lipscomb spoke on the above subject at the 1995 Jubilee. He asked his audience to open their Bibles to Romans 8, for the study. He is still trying to think through the matter of the Holy Spirit, but he admits that he has not gotten there yet. For those who keep an open Bible and an open heart with respect for the work of the Holy Spirit, it is most obvious that Randal Joe needs to think some more.

Other than a series of random stories, the speaker said but little about the Holy Spirit and what was said could be found in any book written by a Pentecostal preacher. When one gets before a Jubilee audience to stammer about the Holy Spirit, it is certain that one will hew to the party platform. Speaker Harris did that without a flaw. The directors know which fellows to sign on when the Holy Spirit is to be discussed.

Harris read from Romans 8:1-17 and he skipped verses 18-25 declaring that there is, "...stuff in there I don't have the faintest idea what it is." That hardly makes sense when one says so much about having the presence of the Holy Spirit. Why doesn't the Spirit tell Randy what verses 18-25 means? There are so many things the Spirit does for one. I know that if I had no earthly idea what some Bible verses meant, and if I had the powerful presence of the Spirit, I would never rest until the Spirit unfolded the meaning of scripture to me. Here again is a very convenient selective process of claiming the Spirit in restrictive areas. Go out to the Holiness church and listen as the pastor palavers about what the Lord has laid on his heart. He will tell you exactly what the Holy Spirit has told him to say as a result of the powerful presence of God's Spirit. Any passage, every pasage and all passages will be explained as a result of the sweet Holy Spirit helping the dear pastor. How do we know this is so? We know it because the pastor says it is so.

But down at the Jubilee, there is a man who has the powerful presence of the Spirit but he does not know what certain verses mean. Brother G. K. Wallace would say that without doubt some sort of spirit has had hold of these fellows but it is not the Holy Spirit. Notice, "If you came to get an answer to the question how does it do what it does, I don't know. Anybody else who thinks they do, has got answers somewhere besides scripture." This is very old ploy called, "better felt than told." The Old Calvinists just knew they had the sweet Holy Spirit and they proved it not by scripture but by the way they felt.

How does the Spirit work? To find the answer, one cannot go to the scriptures. The answer will have to be found elsewhere. Will Randal Joe agree that the Spirit works in the conversion of alien sinners? He will or he won't If he will, then will he tell us HOW the Spirit works in conversion? Does the Spirit work directly on the heart of alien sinners separate and apart from the word? It seems that a Jubilee speaker could figure that out.

Does the Spirit operate on the heart of the alien sinner through means of the written word? If such is the case, how can we know this? Must we turn to the written word or is there some other source or force? Just HOW does the Spirit work in the conversion of aliens?

How does the Spirit work among those who are children of God? Does He work upon the heart of the child of God over and beyond the written word? Does He enable, nudge, empower, and improve a Christian independent of the word? Oh yes! Such is the stock-in-trade answer down at the Jubilee. One doesn't get information in the scripture as to How that is done, but just think that it is done. I recall hearing some Holyrollers sing a song back in the early thirties, which should be the motto down at the Jubilee. They whooped and yelled:
    But I cannot tell you How, and I cannot tell you WHY I will tell you all about it, in the by and by.
Three things were given by Harris which supposedly states what the Holy Spirit does in our lives.

1. "The Spirit makes us better at being good. It transforms our basic nature." Anyone who hasn't learned the difference in an-"it"-and a-"He"-needs some teaching instead of purporting to be a teacher. The Holy Spirit is a person. He is not an "it." Does the Christian need to be good? Is goodness necessary in order to please God? Do I have the freedom to choose whether I will be good or bad? Is it optional? What does one need to be in order to be good? How does one learn to be good or better still, is goodness learned? Is goodness inherited or is it an acquired trait? That which is adjudicated to be good by some is deemed to be bad by others and vice-versa. The crux of the matter is seen in being able to have perfect standard for goodness. That standard is the Bible. Will Randall Joe deny that following the scriptures will make a person good in the sight of God? Will the inspired word direct one in the way of goodness or will it only help a person to be partially good? Randy does not believe a person can be as good as one needs to be by following the scriptures-but he is dead wrong. He thinks "The Spirit makes us better at being good." Whatever is lacking about my goodness, the Spirit will take control and make me good. All the Holyrollers make the same puerile points. It was the Spirit which made Jim Bakker so good. It was the Spirit that made Swaggert so pure with his women consorts. It is the Spirit which keeps the Jubilee speakers so innocent. Those of us who do not claim all that Holy Spirit assistance just have to read the Bible and follow its teaching. What a terrible disadvantage when one just follows the Bible. It appears that one can never be good at being good by being good enough to follow the Good Book.

Paul told the Roman brethren to be "...transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" [Rom. 12:2]. Is it sad that the good, acceptable and perfect will of God will not make a man good? I think a bad, unacceptable, and imperfect will would make a bad man out of those who follow such a plan. When one follows the good will of God, one will need more help in order to be good. If nonsense was painful, there would be a lot of folks hurting at the Jubilee.

The aged women are to be teachers of good things [Titus 2:3].

Of course they would not need to teach if the Holy Spirit would do His job in helping people to be better at being good. Goodness is to be taught by people and it is learned. When we teach the scriptures we will be giving that which furnishes a person unto all good works [II Tim. 3:17]. We are to provoke one another unto love and good works [Heb. 10:24]. If the Holy Spirit will step in and provoke us, we would not need to provoke one another to be or do good. Every single passage in the New Testament which directs a man to be good is a passage which goes directly against the enabling power of the Holy Spirit in helping one to be good.

We are told that, "The Holy Spirit transforms our basic nature." Is the "basic nature" the same as the "sinful nature?" Randal Joe read from his NIV perversion and at times he babbled about our sinful nature. The NIV is reeking with Calvinism and liberals dearly love such stench. It is but natural for them to call on the Holy Ghost for enabling help. If I courted the NIV, I would marry Holyrollerism. How the Holy Spirit transforms our basic nature will have to wait until the next Jubilee circus. We do not know as of 1996.

It was said that we can know when the Holy Spirit dwells within us, "the life is sanctified." That means that those of us who do not have the Spirit dwelling in us are not sanctified. To be sanctified is to be set apart. Is it true that we can be saved but not be set apart? Liberals have never made any sense. The truth is that man is sanctified by the truth of God's word [John 17:17].

2. "The Holy Spirit is the assurance of our relationship with God." This is just another silly absurdity which has not one iota of proof. Again this sort of sectarian, cultic, thinking takes away the assurance which comes from the word of God. What assurance do we have that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? How do we have the assurance? What assurance do we have that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? How do we have that assurance? How do we have any assurance that we are to even have a relationship with God? The answers are too simple to not know. The Bible gives us such assurances. Moreover as we learn and obey the word of God, we have the assurance that we are children of God.

In the first century there were inspired preachers who presented the word. People heard the gospel as it was proclaimed and they were able to obey it.

We have the inspired word and when we obey the gospel we move from outside of Christ to inside of the body. This is affected in baptism [Rom. 6:3-4; Gal. 3:26-27]. Of course denominational preachers and tainted Jubilee talkers will not agree. If Randal Joe ever baptizes anyone, it would be interesting to hear him try to explain why.

We are told that the Spirit supplies that assurance enabling us to say, "Abba Father." Down at the Jubilee folks have found a Spirit that supplies and enables them. Over at the First Church of The Holyrollers there is a claim being made that the Spirit supplies and enables folks.

The Holy Spirit supplied and enabled the apostles and inspired brethren back in the first century in miraculous waysj. Those brethren did not have the inspired book to enable them in preaching the truth. They had to depend upon the supply of the Spirit and they did. When they preached, the word was confirmed by signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Spirit [Heb. 2:4]. We do not need to listen to those who claim to have the Spirit, "...and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God?...To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them" [Isa 8:19-20].

When men preached in the first century, "God also bearing them witness, both with signs, and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will" [Heb. 2:4].

When one gets crusted over with cultism, one can get applause at the Jubilee. As the silly song continues to be sung at the Jubilee we learn that the Holy Spirit is an "intercessor for us:" "The Spirit is your connection with the Father who promises that prayer gets heard." With this intimate relationship by the Holy Spirit, we are allowed to call God "Daddy." "God's presence allows us to pray beyond our ability." "Through the Holy Spirit, God is so present with you."

We have already shown the perversion of the passage by heretics who claim that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. Like the other perverters of the passage, Randal Joe reverses the work of the Spirit while propping up a theory. Romans 8:28 refers to inspired prayer. We do not need the Holy Spirit to help us to pray beyond our ability. This is foolish. The Holyroller prattles that we need the Holy Spirit to heal beyond our ability.

Harris reminds me of the bawling brat who is trying to say da-da, da, da. He can sputter a bit, but he needs help. When one has the Holy Spirit one can say, "Daddy." That will get attention for sure. I can take my Bible and stand face to face with Harris all day long and show how I became a child of God, how children of God can call upon the Father, and prove my arguments by inspired scriptures.

Did you know that, "the Spirit is your connection with the Father?" Did you know that if you do not have the Spirit Jubilee style that you are not connected? You are not only stifled in praying but you are disonnected, cut off, aloof and short-circuited. The Jubilee kings and queens will be able to repair the situation and then one can be as gifted as any Jubilee squaker.

3. "The Holy Spirit provides us a glimpse of the future." How utterly amazing! It isn't any wonder that the conservative church consists of dunderheads and dullards. We are lacking in the gift of the Holy Spirit which gives a glimpse of the future. There are no Holy Spirit prophets among us, so that puts us far below the liberal pack. The sweet Holy Spirit will show you things to come [John 16:13]. But a person must have the Holy Spirit presence before one can see into the future. I am dumbfounded at the idea of any man who would be so obtuse as to apply John 16:13 to people today. I shall restrain myself in writing why a person would resort to such a thing. I do not believe it is so terrible to consider a text within its context.

Does one actually have the personal presence of the Holy Spirit before one can foresee the future? If one wants the gift of prophecy go see sister Reese of ACU. If one wants the Holy Spirit which will enable, empower and assist one to see the future, go see Randal Joe.

It is heartbreaking to realize how far away from the scriptures the Jubilee folks have roamed. It is sad to realize that people will listen to such poppycock and clap. It is understandable why one of the Jubilee jumpers will debate their foolish theories.

The gypsy fortune teller who puts her sign of the hand by the roadside claims to tell the future of any sucker who stops by. The phychics who peddle their powers over television must be doing a fair business with people who have no vision.

I challenge my brethren and sisters to make one sensible argument and point out the difference in these crystal-ball gazers..They are all alike. God helps us when we know so little as to send our children to Lipscomb to soak up the inane ideas of Randal Harris-and others.

Chapter 7
The Spirit And Life Experiences
Bobby Harrington

Bobby Harrington is the preacher for the Otter Creek church in Nashville and obviously he was used by the Jubilee promoters as a means of proliferating the usual Holyroller doctrine regarding the Holy Spirit and His work. It will not suffice to deny the real reason for all that prattle at the Jubilee. It is sheer verbosity unequalled to deny the real purposes of having eleven speeches on the Holy Spirit at the 1996 Jubilee.

Of course the Otter Creek church and its preacher will be happy to join in with other neo-Pentecostals at the Jubilee but like all the others, they will be as silent as Pharaohs tomb when it comes to defending their false teaching on the Holy Spirit.

I am very much aware of how difficult it is to be consistent. Not one soul can be consistent when error is taught. If we will teach the truth we can rest assured that we will be consistent simply because truth is always consistent. Truth is never contradictory. This I say because of the flagrant contradictions presented by Jubilee speakers within their own individual speeches and much more so is this obvious when one compares the utterances of each speaker with the babblings of others. I am convinced that the neo-Pentecostals among us care not one whit about self-contradictions. Bobby Harrington-herein to be referred to as B. H. for brevity-stated in his opening prayer, "We just pray that your Spirit would minister to us and help us to join with you in our lives. This is befitting the Jubilee folks. B. H. does not tell us how the Spirit would, "minister to us." It would help to have some information about this but one soul seems to be able to give any information along this line.

Do we need to pray for the Spirit to minister to us, if so what does the Spirit do? Does he really help us to join with God in our lives?

Do we actually need the help of the Spirit in order to join with God? I reject such fool notions in toto and does that mean that I have not joined with God in my life? Would B. H. say that I am joined to the devil? I do not rely on the Spirit to join me to God because such is ridiculous, preposterous and absurd. The most inane, puerile, nonsensible, prattle which human beings can possibly prattle about the Holy Spirit can be heard from some of the Jubilee speakers.

There ar myriads of faithful gospel preachers who repudiate the prattle of the Holy Spirit ministering to us. Are we not Christians? Are we much less than the Jubilee quackers? If the Holy Spirit ministers, "TO US," I want to know just exactly what the Holy Spirit does for us. I will not be content to sit goggle-eyed while someone blabbers forth that the Holy Spirit is going to do something for, to, and with me. Any dim-wit on earth can make any and all sorts of similar claims and it just seems that my hyper-sensitive sisters and brethren actually think that I must roll over eastern mystical religions as to fool around with the Jubilee crowd. I know what I'm writing about and challenge the Jubilee jumpers to try to refute it.

Is it possible to be joined to God without the ministering of the Spirit? Can I take the written word, follow its teaching and be joined to God? Of course I can! Liberals never make any sense at all with their assertions about the ministry of the Spirit.

Why is it the Holy Spirit will minister to one man and join him to the Lord as a Lutheran, and minister to another man and join him to the Lord as a Seventh Day Baptist? B. H. would do better to learn some truth about the Holy Spirit instead of copying from a combination of Calvinism and Holyrollerism.

Did you know you could go to the Jubilee and learn that you can, "be transformed by the Spirit?" Do not ask me how in fact do not ask anyone HOW because brother Anyone will not tell you. Do not waste your time asking any of these fellows anything about the Holy Spirit. They like to jabber but not to answer questions.

If you do not believe that you are transformed by the Spirit, will the Spirit transform you? If the answer is yes, then we have the Spirit transforming one against ones will.

Is this what B. H. believes? If the answer is NO, then everyone who does not look to the Spirit for transforming help, would not be transformed. That leaves me and a host of brethren completely out of the scheme of things.

To transform denotes a change. This could be a transformation in nature, disposition, heart, or to be converted. In order for there to be a transformation, there must be a transformer. The transformer either works directly upon the object to be transformed or the transformer works indirectly or through means of an agency or instrument upon the objective to be transformed. Down at the Jubilee the Holy Spirit transforms directly upon people. The Holy Spirit is the transformer. Jubilee folks, Holyrollers, et. al. are the objects who get transformed. The old Calvinists would go one step further and divide the transformed and the non-transformed into the elect and non-elect. There isn't a man on earth who is able to escape the Hardshell Baptist consequences when he begins to babble about the transforming, nudging, enabling, empowering of the Holy Spirit. Can we know anything about HOW a person is transformed? Can we be objectively certain? Do we need to guess about the matter? Will Biblical authority be sufficient? Where shall we go to get information about the matter? Lets try Romans 12:2 where Paul wrote, "And be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds...."

Unless you have been to a Holyroller revival or a Jubilee circus, you probably do not know that the Spirit of God will "whisper to you" when you are faced with picking up your cross. It is a fact that the Jubilee speakers would not be so learned about the things of the Spirit if they had not read all the fool notions presented by false teachers.

Do you get whispered to? What does the Holy Spirit whisper to you? Does the whisper in English? Does He whisper to a Russian Christian in Russian language? The Holy Spirit tells me that he doesn't whisper to you. But you say he does! How do you prove this to me? I can prove by the inspired written word that the Holy Spirit doesn't say one word to you. The Bible teaches that the instrument used by the Holy Spirit is the word of God [Eph. 6:17]. Futhermore all this whispering business is pure poppycock borrowed from Biblical illiterates. The Spirit is not in the whispering business.

How do I know? "The Spirit speaketh expressly...." The Holy Spirit speaks plainly, distinctly, and it is absolutely asinine to talk aout the whispering Spirit. I do not believe the Holy Spirit has any secrets to whisper to me or anyone else.

When one reads Romans 8:16, that Bible verse will be very profitable. That marvelous passage helps B. H. to say, "I trust that you have had an experience in your spirit where the Spirit of God has given testimony to your spirit that you are God's child."

In the absence of the written New Testament which had not been completed, what would the Roman brethren thinks as they read Paul's statement about the testimony of the Spirit? What kind of experience would they have had in their Spirit? For sheer foolishness, fables, fairy tales and phantasies, one must needs hear the Jubilee Holyrollers give their experiences. Years ago, if one could spin a good-sized yarn and relate it as an experience such was positive proof that one had received the hand of the Lord upon his poor agonizing soul.

If you have had an experience in your Spirit, you and perhaps a couple of dozen such people could meet at the Jubilee and testify about experiences. That would be a holy wow and make as much sense as listening to the bawling of some holy cow.

If the Spirit of God has given testimony to my Spirit then why can I not tell about my experience? It used to be better felt than told. Do I have a testimony given by the Spirit but I cannot explain it?

Suppose I stand before the church and I tell the people that I am a child of God. I explain that I am God's child because the Spirit testified to my Spirit that I am God's child. Shall we dispute this? A Mormon stands up and says, "I am a child of God." He gives his testimony. A Lutheran stands up and says, "I am a Christian." He gives his testimony. This continues for some twelve different preachers, pastors, prelates and parsons. Each one can testify and relate his experience about how the Holy Spirit gave testimony to each spirit. How naive must a human be in order to believe such tripe? Brethren, this is the sort of shallow stuff spouted forth by Jubilee speakers.

The brethren in Rome absolutely and positively had to rely upon the inspiration of God to direct them through inspired men.

Which book chapter and verse would they be able to quote from the New Testament when they made a statement that the Spirit bore testimony. Please be reminded that Romans 8:16 is as silent as the grave about bearing testimony TO our spirit. Paul wrote that, "the Spirit beareth witness WITH our spirit.." Do the Jubilee brethren not know the difference between "TO" and "WITH." Maybe this illustration will help. "I will give one-thousand dollars TO you." "I will give one-thousand dollars WITH you."

False teachers, Judaizing heretics were questioning Paul's apostleship. How could he validate and verify his apostleship? He would appeal to the Holy Spirit and His work to prove, demonstrate, manifest, seal and verify his apostolic credentials.

How do I prove that I am a child of God? I surely do not tell some wild conversion experience. I truly wonder how many visions have all those Jubilee folks had. Some of them claim miracles in their lives. Listen to the tapes if you have joined the skeptics.

I will take the Bible and meet any Jubilee heretic anywhere at any time and discuss the matter under consideration in this material. Specifically, I will not hem and haw, twist and wiggle in trying to prove how we become children of God. Can you possibly imagine an assembly of people listening to a fellow who claims a special working of the Holy Spirit to prove that we are God's children? Such drivel must be answered, opposed and exposed.

How compassionate, how considerate, how utterly benevolent to learn from B. H. about those Charismatic gifts. He says, "Some of you may have been wondering why I have not addressed in the time we've been together the Charismatic gifts, tongues, and that kind of stuff. I know there are basically four chapters in the Bible that directly addresses it. I believe the passages that are used to say it will pass away, don't work, when you really study them in context.

But I believe that even it-though I've never experienced it myself, I've prayed for it-if it was from the Lord and God's will, I've never found it. I have friends who speak in tongues and do that kind of stuff. In the occurrences where I have been, like face to face with people doing this kind of stuff-I didn't really believe it was from God. I haven't seen anything that I was convinced was authentic."

The above quotation presents the entire gist, the sum and substance of the entire spectrum of Jubilee jargon about gifts of the Spirit. If you will think carefully, here are claims being made by folks and there are folks who dispute the claims. The only solitary thing that is valid is a claim which some folks make and which some folks disclaim.

Yes indeed one does wonder why B. H. and others do not address, "..tongues and that kind of stuff." It is clear why these fellows who rant at the Jubilee do not say much about miraculous gifts. Please give them a little more time when they have a bit more brass and listen to their claims.

With all the bellicose burping about the Holy Spirit and his great help, I ask why they object to charismatic gifts? If and when the audiences get brain-washed sufficiently, there will be all kinds of miracles at the Jubilee.

We are asked to listen to B. Harrington of the Otter Creek church speak about the Holy Spirit at the great Jubilee where the famous as well as the infamous can find a place to sit but hearken, the speaker doesn't, "have a lot of answers about that kind of stuff." That kind of stuff requires only ONE answer, not an entire series of speeches. Since B. H. knows about four chapters which deals with the matter, surely he could find the answer. Has he not read where those special gifts were to pass away? Can he not understand simple language? Does he have no respect for the Bible?

Paul did not mention all the miraculous gifts but such were to cease [I Cor. 13:8-10]. The gifts were to last for a limited period of time [Eph. 4:8-13]. The problem with Harrington is that he has no regard for the inspired word. He says, "The passages that are used to say it will pass away don't work when you really study them in context." Well! If they don't work-they don't work. Genesis 1:1 don't work for a lot of fools who do not believe in God. Mark 16:15-16 does not work for most religious people. It is no surprise to hear any Jubilee speaker spout a mouthful of skepticism.

Since there are passages which some folks use to, "...say it will pass away," then these kind of folks must not be able to, " them in context," since such folk think the gifts are to be present no more. Where is the Bobby H. contextual study? We need someone like him to pull the veil from our eyes so we can see. We are not giving the proper exegetical, intellectual and theological interpretation, but sadly no assistance can be found among all the brilliant, Holy Spirit informed followers of the Jubilee. Woe is me!

Since passages don't work for those who reject spiritual gifts for today it is shocking that passages, prayer and appeals do not work for B. H. That's right. He says, "But I believe that even if-though I've never experienced it myself, I've prayed for it-if it was from the Lord-and I've never found it." Why didn't it work? Why pray for it? Why has B. H. not found it? Did he quit praying for it? Did he think it was from the Lord? If he thought it was from the Lord, is that why he prayed? Does he still pray for it? Does he still think it is from the Lord but he doesn't pray for it anymore?

But B. H. has, "friends who speak in tongues and do that kind of stuff." If they do that kind of stuff is that kind of stuff from God? If it is from God, then what would prove that "that kind of stuff" can still be done and the passages work for the tongues speakers. Do you think B. H. believes in others speaking in tongues? Since the passages which are used by some to teach that tongues have been done away are not studied in context and those passages don't work and since B. H. has friends who speak in tongues and that kind of stuff, would you dispute very long-against B. H. believing that kind of stuff....for others?

He has friends who do that kind of stuff but, "In the occurrences where I have been, like face to face with people doing this kind of stuff, I didn't really believe it was from God." In all seriousness, one would profit just as much to read some comic book about Mickey Mouse or Lil Abner as to listen to Jubilee tapes.

B. H. prays for "it" but he doesn't get "it." He has friends who have got "it." He has seen others who claim to have "it," but "I haven't seen anything that I was convinced was authentic." How ridiculous! A man will have the unmitigated gall to stand up and talk for three days about the Holy Spirit to a group of gullible people and fill them with Holyroller junk and then question in another breath what the Holyrollers claim. B. H. would not know consistency if it knocked him flat on the floor.

I am sure there were those who were deeply impressed to hear about such "-great spiritual leaders in Christian history" as "Irenaus, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Luther, and Wesley."

The Christians were all Spirit filled. It would have helped if B. H. had explained to his audience that the six great men were not a part of the Lord's apostles.

Just for the record, I have volumes of books by the fellows mentioned and I do not think any of them have anything of value for people who want to go to heaven. Yes I have read, studied and have been examined relative to the theology of Irenaus et. al. and all that rot fits well at a Jubilee.

B. H. asks, "What does the Spirit of God do with me?" He explains, "...there is this nudging, this prompting, often times these thoughts being drawn, the convictions, that's how the Spirit works with my spirit." "In my Spirit I have this sense that I am God's son or daughter."

Chapter 8 The Compassion Of The Spirit
Bob Anderson Review

I do not desire to be hypercritical in dealing with the speeches of various people who perform at the Jubilee, but no man can forbid me the freedom to express my thinking as to the merits of all that rigmarole about the Holy Spirit down at the Jubilee.

I keep wondering how in the name of reason so much foolishness can be dumped in one place by people who are supposed to be able to read the Bible.

The speech of Bob Anderson could be dismissed in a moment without losing anything of value but a few remarks will be set forth in a brief critique. The major problem with Bob is that he points to a few passages of scripture which were addressed and applicable to the apostles and if I understood the speaker, he jumps all the way to the present and seems to try to tell his audience that the Holy Spirit passages still apply.

For example, he reads John 13:25-31 to show how the apostles preached boldly through the Holy Spirit. Any person who ever listened must know that no Jubilee babbler will speak boldly at a place and time where their stubble can be trimmed. They must not have the Holy Spirit except at some place of safety.

John 16:13 was a promise Jesus gave to the apostles. Please consider that the Holy Spirit would be given that, "ye may remember." We agree! The Spirit would guide these apostles into all truth. Does brother Anderson know all the truth? What truth does he know? What is the source of any truth that he might know? Is it not contained in the written word? Why imply that we have the Holy Spirit as the apostles? Did I miss something?

Our Lord said that those to whom he spoke would be put out of the synagogues and killed [John 16:2]. Jesus was on earth in bodily form as he spoke and he would be leaving those to whom he spoke. He would go away and send a comforter [John 16:7]. The apostles had not received the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit but such would be needed to help them to preach and write as some of them did.

We are told by Bob that, "The Holy Spirit warns us." "The Holy Spirit convinces us of sin." "The Holy Spirit will lead us to talk with wisdom, with compassion." Hmm! "The Holy Spirit will help us to know what is pleasing to God." "To avoid teaching about judgement, we are not being led by the Holy Spirit."

A brief comment was offered from Acts 2:43-47 about the benevolence of the early church and a question was asked, "When the church is full of the Holy Spirit, how do they act?" "Today when we need help, we're gonna help each other." "Have all things common." Do we have all things common and practice benevolence because of the present possession of the Holy Spirit filling the church? Hogwash!

Perhaps I am not well versed as to all the Holy Spirit accomplishes down at the Jubilee. I'm trying! "Everything the Father did from the beginning Jesus did. Everything Jesus did the Holy Spirit does." Well that just isn't true. How many dead folks does the Holy Spirit resurrect at the Jubilee? "Did" is past tense but "does" is present tense. There is a difference.

The last point is crucial and seems to be the norm at the abnormal Jubilee. To the delight of his hearers, to the satisfaction of the promoters, to the pleasure of the ignorant elders, Bob Anderson said, "We become guided by the Holy Spirit." Will I be censured for contempt if I refuse to pay attention to the silly remark? Some statements are beneath the dignity of wasting time to reply. I do wonder how many inspired apostles will show up at the Jubilee. Yep! It is said that stupididty isn't painful. If it were I think a lot of folks would be in the hospital emergency rooms, instead of babbling, clapping, and giggling at the Jubilee.

Chapter 9
Kingdom Life-Walking In The Spirit
Earl Lavender

The above topic if that which was addressed by Earl Lavender of the Harpeth Hills church and which was delivered at the 1996 Jubilee. Harpeth Hills is just another one of the far-out liberal groups in Nashville which for some strange reason wants to be known as the church of Christ. Some of my readers need to be reminded that Gail Napier sounded forth as a member of Harpeth Hills when he accused conservative congregations of fostering incest.

James Vandiver who preaches at Harpeth Hills conducted a Revival for the Gallatin Premillenial church and he has been a Jubilee speaker. Comes now Earl Lavender with his spiel about all the good things the Holy Spirit will do in our lives.

I often wonder if those who hear me think that my lessons are shot full of contradictions from start to finish as is the case with the liberals who spout off about the Holy Spirit at the Jubilee circus. I do believe that I would be able to discern if and when I stuck both feet in my mouth. Moreover, I am confident that my brethren who listen to me and who read from my pen, would take me aside and show me a few things. I do not believe they would sit like dunces and clap.

I have listened to the taped speech of Earl Lavender twice and it is my judgement that a speech could not be delivered with more contradictions, inconsistencies, and glaring blunders than the Lavender effort. If I am mistaken, and apology will be given.

I am positive that the Bible is our standard by which we are to be governed. I am positive that Earl Lavender does not preach the truth about the Holy Spirit, but like so many other Jubilee talkers he pours forth a pail of subjectivism. Check carefully to see if I prove this point. Please take note of any contradictions in my answers and arguments.

Truth is consistent and when one teaches the truth, one welcomes the most careful scrutiny from readers.

Why was Earl Lavender invited to speak on the 1996 Jubilee program? Rubel Shelly and his church had charge of the outfit and Shelly chose who would quack like he wanted, when he wanted and how he wanted. Lavender was a good actor on the Shelly channel. Pentecostalism was the menu as served by Earl.

If the Jubilee lads and lassies do not like what I write, I can plead innocent and claim the leading of the Holy Spirit in my right hand. What can they say? Nothing! This serves to demonstrate the utter foolishness of our erstwhile brethren who like to clown around at the Jubilee. One will be led by the Holy Spirit to say one thing and another will be led by the Holy Spirit to say something entirely different. Why is this? I have as much right to claim the leading of the Holy Spirit in refuting false teachers at the Jubilee as those fellows have in claiming that the Holy Spirit leads them. Of course I know better and am not so dishonest as to cover up.

Brother E. L. said, "If you do not believe in the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, there is only one thing you can replace that with." "In other words if we have been called to a standard of life, that is, a Christ-like life, and God has not placed in us his Holy Spirit to guide us to that life, what is the only other possibility to control our life in terms of behavior? Us! A code of behavior and folks that's what we call, 'legalism'."

Just to make it a bit interesting, I will affirm that I nor anyone else has the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The proof of E. L. is a few baseless assertions but that is all that is needed when speaking at a Jubilee. How does one prove the person of the Holy Spirit dwelling in a person? The first essential is to have an ignorant audience. One can "prove" most anything to some people. Secondly, one will need to take passages completely away from their setting, and Jubilee speakers are skilled in this.

Well yes, we admit that a person has been, "called to a standard of life that is a Christ like life..." It would be interesting to get E. L. tied where he could not run and press him until he would tell HOW one is called to a Christ-like life. No Jubilee jumper will ever stand still long enough to be confronted with questions.

I have been turning to the Bible for over one-half century and proving that man is called through the gospel [II Thess. 2:14] We are begotten by the word of truth. We are saved by the gospel [I Cor. 15:1-4]. It is the inspired word which calls us to a Christ-like life. Let some of these Jubilee actors try to deny this if they will. No, God had not, "placed in us the Holy Spirit to guide us to that life." If E. L. is correct, then if one doesn't reach that Christ-like life, it is because the Holy Spirit is not in us to guide us to that life and if the Holy Spirit is not in us it is because, "God has not placed in us His Holy Spirit to guide us to that life." Every solitary one of the Jubilee babblers cannot talk five minutes about the Holy Spirit without espousing Calvinis. Oh, yes I do understand what they are saying. I know what the Calvinists and Holyrollers teach.

Do we have to plead, beg, implore and moan for God to place His Spirit in us? Does God act without our asking Him to act? Do we have to act in order for God to act? Will God not act unless we act? God wants us to behave like Christ but we cannot live like Christ until we get the sweet Spirit placed in our lives by the Lord. Such puerile prattle doesn't even make good nonsense.

The only other possibility to control our lives if we do not have the blessed Holy Spirit is a "a code of behavior..we call legalism." When the Holy Spirit controls our lives is that not a code of behavior? How can there be a proper behavior without a code of behavior? How does one learn about that code of behavior? Must we behave? If the Holy Spirit controls our behavior without a code of behavior, does the proper behavior in ones life without a code of behavior, maybe E. L. would like to explain the behavior. If the Holy Spirit affects the right behavior in ones life without a code of behavior, does the proper behavior conform to any code of behavior? I would like to listen to just one liberal that made some sort of sense. Legalism is a code of behavior? "It is a system of thought which allows us the manipulate our spirituality or prove our righteousness by defining it in terms of laws that we can manage but leaves our hearts unchanged."

One only needs to ask, "Does the liberal subscribe to a code of behavior?" Is there a code which would prohibit the wife of any Nashville preacher from committing adultery with the husband of someone else? Which law does one violate when a wife becomes immoral?

How I hope E. L. spend a lot of time on this some Jubilee circus. These fellows are as inconsistent as the very devil when he tried to use scripture to ensnare my Lord.

I have never heard anyone disparage obedience to the word of God with such cold contempt as those who talk about legalism. One gets the impression that we can be outlaws or lawless people. If we follow laws, rules, regulations, commandments then our hearts may not be changed. Who dares to so affirm? This sort of drivel may be of interest to a Jubilee audience but it stinks to high heaven.

We are told that, "Legalism is identifying acts in which I must participate in order to be righteous, but I do that on my own." Is it in order to ask how many deliberate, willful, malicious lies did E. L. tell while he was delivering his speech? Let us quickly state that not one deliberate lie was told. Why not? The speaker wanted to be honest, participate in truthfulness. Does one have ot participate in honesty in order to be righteous? Is honesty an act to be demonstrated? Is it legalism to be honest, moral and pure? Does one have to have the Holy Spirit placed in ones life in order to be honest? My ignorance knows better.

Consider this dose of self-possessed legalism by E. L. when he says, "I don't want to in any sense give the idea that the teachings of God, or the commandments of God are any less binding on us as believers. But I do want to clearly say that if we still think that we are going to reach kingdom life through observing a set of commandments, then we are no different from those under the Old Covenant."

If the above makes sense, then chalk me up as not having any sense. This is the same kind of contradictory foolishness with which we have had to contend as stated by denominational preachers for many long years. Are there really such things as, "the teachings of God or the commandments of God....?" It would be kind if some liberal would tell us which teachings of God and which commandments of God ar so frivolous as to be rejected. Just what is a commandment of God? A command is not a promise. When one gets as smart as Rubel Shelly one can divide the commands into first, second, and third level commands and reject which ones as it may please. When one reaches the great brilliance of E. L., one can eliminate all commandments.

Does a commandment serve, or could it serve as a regulation of ones behavior? Would, "Thou shalt not kill" be a mere suggestion? Would it be a commandment or code of behavior? Is the command to not kill binding on us? If that command is binding on us are there other commands which are not binding? When and how do we decide that some commands are not binding? When and how do we decide that some commands are not binding? Can we reach kingdom life without observing a set of commandments? Must we observe some commands, no commands, or a selected number in order to reach kindgom life? Why did Paul refer to those under the Old covenant as examples to us if obedience is not required [See I Cor. 10:1ff]. Why are there thirteen books in the New Testament teaching us how to live if we do not need to observe commandments? Jesus would bless those who do the commandments whereas the liberals would have us to think that such is a curse [Rev. 22:14]. I wonder if E. L. thinks that we are to keep the commandments to love one another [John 13:34]. "In the absence of the Spirit of God you must turn to law in order to maintain control." Does E. L. ever turn to law? He tries his best to disparage law but his efforts are absurd and I will prove it. Not only does Earl demonstrate much ignorance about the Holy Spirit but he is equally as dense about law. How can it be that the liberals do not know that we are under law to Christ [I Cor. 9:21]? Have they never learned that we are to keep the royal law [Col. 6:2; James 2:8]? Do you wonder how we can attain the crown if we do not strive lawfully [II Tim. 2:4].

Since sin is transgression of the law, and since we are not under law, then there can be no sin for the liberals [I John 3:4]. If I were a liberal I do believe I would be more careful how I copied from other liberals.

The writer of the Hebrew letter quoted from the Old Testament where a new covenant was promised. In describing the new covenant, the Lord said, "..I will put my laws into their mind.." [Heb. 8:10]. I gather if people have minds, they should be receptacles of the law of God. If folks do not have a mind, obviously there would be no place for the law of God. No wonder the liberals refuse to debate. They are wise enough to avoid public embarrassment.

Earl thinks that under law, "Elders instead of being shepherds, become border guards." "If you believe that what kingdom life is, is observing a set of rituals in a certain way, or believing a certain set of truths, then if you are sort of in charge of that, what are you going to do? Your going to become the one who questions the individual at the border to make sure they have their visa in order before they enter into that territory. And we become very border oriented. Jesus came to tear that system down."

Is man to observe a certain set of truths? He is or he isn't. Are we to observe the New Testament truths? E. L. had to say something but he sticks his foot in his mouth again. My, my, but Earl can question you about observing certain truths and he can stigmatize you as a border guard but you must not be a border guard. E. L. wants to question you about your visa being in order. He knows exactly what you should be and how you should do. He is certain that he is qualified to know that you are not qualified for kingdom life. You are a bigoted border guard and who is it that says so? E. L. can be a border guard against border guards, but Jubilee folks are too blind to see this and I would be tempted to say too dishonest to admit it.

It is arrogance, bigotry, and egotism in its worst form when the liberals question others but refuse to be questioned. Such is contemptible beyond limits. Sound and faithful brethren welcome one and all the question, check on, test and prove what we say by the word of God.

E.L. knows about some folks who do not believe that some other folks have their visas in order. But to E.L. the first folks do not have the proper visas. He is a border guard but doesn't seem to realize it. Pity the poor fellow!

It is sheer foolishness to assert that "Jesus came to tear that system down" implying that there are no barriers to entering the kindom. Do we not have sense enough to read the Bible? Are there no set of truths which regulate entrance into the kingdom? Is it really a mark of intelligence to disparage brethren, especially shepherds who are charged with guarding the flock by referring to them as border guards? Are elders under the authority of Christ to keep liberal wolves out of the flock? Did Earl foget that along with all the oteher matters which he forgot?

We want to know if there are any borders to the kingdom. As brilliant as the liberals are they might be able to definet he kingdom borders.

If there are no borders then there can be no barriers. Not in a million years will Earl try to explain his problem. If there are borders and barriers, then we will have to depend on Earl or the Pope to tell us exactly what those barriers are. When he tries this, he will be just another despised border guard. Oh for an honest false teacher! Oh for a liberal that even tries to make sense.

Anyone who is able to read the Bible knows that Jesus did not fling the doors of the kingdom wide open and welcome every misfit that approached Him. Our Lord set up the standard for entering the kingdom. Was he a border guard? Did he not question individuals about their offers to follow him? Did he question the visa of the rich young ruler? That young fellow could not drag his possessions across the border. Was Jesus acting as a border guard when He required Nicodemus to haave a proper visa (John 3:3-5)? Brother Earl had to say someething to the Jubilee folks.

E.L. says, "I'm not affirming that in any sense today these supernatural sign gifts that we read about in the scriptures, I don't see evidence of those, I'm not sure that I could conclusively prove that point with scripture. I'm just saying by my ovservation, I no longer see the sign gifts that I read about in the New Testament, so I assume the Holy Spirit is no longer giving the sign gifs, but that doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit is not just as powerful and just as alive in the dynamic of kingdom life." Well brother E.L. can do a great job copying from others. Steve Flatt intoned "I don't see the sign gifts." Joe Beam performs his act at the Jubilee and he tells tall tales about all sorts of miracles. Jeanine Reese has the gift of wisdom and prophecy at times. Doris Black is dragged by the Spirit and he won't turn her loose. E.L. is led by the Holy Spirit but he can't see as well as some others.

There is a good reason why Earl will not affirm sign gifts for today. It is the same reason that he will not affirm a supernatural indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He will bable loudly at a Jubilee but his faith ceases when he leaves the cheerleading section. For shame!

Our Jubilee brother says,"...I assume the Holy Spirit is no longer giving the sign gifs." This is the crux of the matter with the liberals. Their entire theology is nothing but baseless, absurd, unfounded assumptions.

Thank God, we do not rely on the assumptions of E.L. I can assume til Jesus comes but sensible people will not be impressed with my assumptions. One might be brazen enought to say, "I assume the Holy Spirit is still giving the signs gifts." A lot of folks who go to the Jubilee do assume as much. In the very same breath Eaarl contradicts himself, and again rams both feet into his mouth when he says, "But that doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit is not just as powerful and just as alive in the dynamic of kingdom life." Well, what does that mean if it doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit is not exercising power and dynamices and is just as alive? The Holy spirit is just as powerful but He doesn't give signs. He is alive and dynamic but he doesn't give sign gifts. Give these fellows a few more months to copy from the Holyrollers and they will be as powerful as Joe Beam with his signs and wonders.

What ununholy mess when we get to the point that we assume instead of proving matters by the scriptures. I can certainly prove by the scriptures that spiritual gifts are no longer given.

Earl thinks, "we struggle with legalism." Of course he doesn't but others do. He is not a legalist. His theology is not legal at all, so it ahs to b e illegal. It is not lawful so it is unlawful. It is not by obedience so it is by disobedience. Liberals do not ever make any sense.

We are told that there is a call to a life of Christ-likeness, "but we don't know how to get there throught our rational minds so we create laws that clearly defines what the means without really affecting the transformation of the heart." Isn' it strange that our rational minds can be lucid and adequate enouth to know that there is a call to high standard of Christ-likeness but we are not rational enough to know how to reach that standard. Why is this? This is that based upon Earl Lavender's silly assumption. He says it, thus dummies are to accept it. If a person has sense enough to understand the demands of being Christ-like, he has sense enough to affect those demands in his life and it is asinine to deny it.

No we do not create loaws to define, we respect the laws of transformation as set forth in the Bible. Will Earl deny that such laws are in the scriptures? We do not want him to assume but just tell us if ones heart and life can be transformed into Christ-like living by following the scriptures?

An atheist will answwer. It would be difficult to hear a more blasphemous utterance coming from the mouth of a man who claims to the a Christian, as Earl babbles, "And I think what the New Testament teachers us is that the transformation of the heart...its passive when it comes to our doing it. We can't transform ourselves. That is the work of the Holy Spirit of God." How's that for a dose of Calvinism? This is ignorance gone to seed and sowed upon an ignorat audience. Let's prove it. "The New Testaament teaches us." Well lo and behold please tell us how the New Testament teaches a passive heart? Does the New Testament teach a passive rock or stump? Thaat which is passive is not active and that which is active is not passive. How does the New Testament teach a passive heart? A passive heart cannot be taught but the New Testament teaches passive hearts. I want to know how that is done.

The heart is passive but does the New Testament teach the passive heart that is is passive? Does the New Testament teach the passive heart that is needs to be transformed? The passive heart needs to be transformed but the passive heart cannot be taught that it needs to be transformed. The New Testament does not teach that, "It is sad that stupidity isn't painful," but is is very sad indeed. Having passive hearts we cannot transform ourselves."That's the work of the hOly Spirit of God." If assertions, assumptions, wild prattling and ridiculous bobbling was of Value, E.L. would be a mighty rich man. It would seem that someone would insist that the fellow should try to prove his wild statements.

So the passive heart must be actyed on by the Holy Spirit. The passive heart must be transformed by the Holy Spirit. No old time Calvinist ever said it more clearly. This we woul know: Does the heart of the alien sinner have to be acted upon by the Holy Spirit? This is Calvinism and Baptist doctrine without question. Calvinism teaches "We cannot transform ourselves" and that is what Earl teaches. "That's the work of the Holy Spirit of God." Look in your Baptist manual and you will find the same sort of junk.

If Earl is not talking about the alien sinner then he must be speaking about his Jubilee audience. I think he might have been referring to those who claim to be Christians. These folk need to be transformed by the Holy Spirit of God. "That's the work of the Holy Spirit of God."

"It's passive when it comes to our doing it. We can't transform ourselves." Helplesss, hopeless and hapless are those poor deluded souls who must wait for the Holy Spirit to transofrm every believer? If so, when does the transformation take place? Can a person want to be transformed or is he so passive that he cannot want to be? "Its passive when it comes to our doing it." Such ignorance is seldom seen in our time.

I would remind E.l. that all his sputtering is so much bunk since his heareers are passive. Why talk to passive hearrers. they cannot hear and they cannot even want to hear because theey are passive. Would hearing be an essential part of that transformation which we cannt do? It is a pain in the neck to listen to all the jobbering of Jubilee jumpers.

To expose the cultic chirping of earl about the Holy Spirit transforming us, we only need to turn to Romans 121ff. Paul addressed his brethen. He besought the brethren to present their bodies as living sacrifices unto God. Certainly they had the freedom to do this and it is foolish to say they were passive and could not do so. The brethren were told to, " not conformed to this world..." Were they passive in this? Would Paul tell them to be when they could not be? Did the brethren have no responsiblility? The very fact that the inspired writer told the brethren to be not fashioned or conformed to the world is proof to sensible people that the brethren had freeto choose.

Paul then tells the brethrento: be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds." Do you suppose Earl has not read Romans 12:1ff? Do you suppose he has, but assumes that others have not? Do we remain passive while renewing our minds? We certainly do not renew our minds by attending a Jubilee. You be, denoted action. When Paul said, "Be ye," there is action. Earl messed up again. If, "we can't transform ourselves" then the Holy Spirit through Paul told the Roman bretherren to do the impossible. Yet that is the crazy concept which causes some folks to clap. Anyone who has enought ability to read a simple statement can understand what Paul wrote. He clearly states that the brethren were to present their bodies as a living sacrifice. The Holy Spirit was not to do this. Ther brethren were to be not conformed to this world. They were to be transformed by renewing their minds. The Holy Spirit would not assume this task. the brethrren would prove the will of God. The Holy Spirit would not prove God's will but the brethren would be active in proving it.

False teachers can transform themselves into the apostles of Christ. Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (II Cor. 11:13-14). The devils ministers transform themselves as ministers of righteousness (v. 15). In like manner God's children can transform their lives. Earl needs to do more study. We are informed that the Holy Spirit "sanctifies us according to First Peter, in the introduction-talks about the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit." The elect according to the foreknowledge of God were sanctified by the Spirit unto obedience and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ (I Peter 1:2). How were those people set apaart by the Spirit? That was accomplished by their obedience, they reached the blood of Christ. Do you think Earl would cut out "obedience" with his pen knife. Why mention obedience if the Holy Spirit was going to miraculously sanctify the people?

In the same chapter Peter refers to the people as, "...obedient children" (1:14). In verse 16, he tells them, "to be holy." They were born again by the incorruptible seed, the word of God (v. 23). They were to desire the word in order to grow (I Peter 2:2). They were to abstain from fleshly lusts that was against the soul (2:11). Write down every command, requirement and characteristic which Peter enjoins upon the people to whom he wrote in both of his letters. See if you can harmonize those commands with the absurd idea that the Holy Spirit will snactify us without any obedience or action on our part. In chapter 3:15, Peter lays upon each person the personal responsibility to, "sanctify the Lord God in your heart..." In Jesus' prayer for his disciples he said, "sanctify them throught thy truth, they word is truth" (John 17:17). To the elders at Ephesus, Paul commended them to God and the word of his grace which would give them an inheritance among them that are sactified (Acts 20:32).

Paul was sent to preach the gospel to the Gentiles to open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they might receive remission of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith which is in me" (Acts 26:18)

Paul was the misiter to the Gentiles, ministering the gospel of God, that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost" (Rom. 15:16). The holy Spirit worked in Paul," make the Gentiles obedient, by word and deed." The Holy Spirit confirmed Pauls preaching by, "might signs and wonders by the power of the Spirit of God,... I have fully preached the gospel of Christ" (18:19). Earl wants the Holy Ghost but he rejects the mighty signs and wonders. This is typical of Jubilee heretice.

Did you know that you have the Holy Spirit to walk beside you and guide you to holy living? Jesus promised to send a helper according to John 14:16. Earl lays claim to that promise but he perverts the passage completely. The Lord stated that the Father would send the comforter and ," he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance. Whatsoever I have said unto you. " Like all false teachers the Jubilee Holyrollers pick out what they like and leave out what they don't like. The comforter is so helpful to a Jubilee speaker. Ah, but he walds beside and guides as a helper. While listening to the tape of Earl's speeches. I was not impressed that the Holy Spirit was helping him. I am positive that some sort of spirit was guiding the fellow but it sas not the Holy Spirit.

In the very same breath, in the very same context where Jesus promised the comforter, he also said the Holy Spirit would, "...teach you all things..." Does Earl know all things Jesus taught? He stopped reading too soon-but that doesn't bother a Jubilee audience. If the Holy Spirit walks beside us, why do we not know all things? If he guides us, why does he not guide us into a remembrance of all things Jesus said? When the holy Spirit was promised, he was to guide the apostles into all truth and show them things to come (John 16:13). The Holy Spirit would take all things of the Father and Christ and show it unto the apostles (John 16:15). Why do the Holyrollers not know all truth? Why do they not know "all thing of the Father?" Why are Jubilee clowns so ignorant about the work of the Holy Spirit? Why will people be duped by shallow speakers? There have never been more blind guides with more blind followers. It seemed to be effective to Earls' auditors when he ridiculed the idea of, "measures of the Spirit," as some good brethren have taught. He actually blurts forth-

"we don't get any less measure of the Holy Spirit of God than the apostles did." But with such a stupid utterance, please note that the "sign gifts" are not with us. As consistent, (liberal, cultic, Holyroller), Jubilee speaker does not exist. Has anyone heard of Earl using his great measure of the Holy spirit lide the apostles? No! Has he been able to speak to his Jubilee classes without reading from his NIV and his manuscript? All of these Holyrollers are alike. Ask them for some visible evidence to sustain their claims and they will sputter about tempting God. All of their great and glorious blessings are internal. The Holy Spirit is a great helper but he balks at a certain point with some Jubilee authorities but he ventures more with others. That might confuse some folks but such are more of the wiles of the devil.

"The work of the Spirit is the same as it has always been and that is to bring holiness to the lives of believers." Well that might be swallowed by some but such is false to the core. The work of the Spirit is not the same as it was in dys gone by. Even a tyro knows that the work of the Holy spirit was to reveal the mind of God to the apostles. His work was revelational and confirmatory. How foolish can a man become? The early church did not have the inspired writtren New Testament as we have it. The world and the church needed the word of God in written form. The Holy Spirit was to reveal the word in inspired men who could write the inspired message. Let Earl or someone else deny this if they feel capable. Most people who can read understand full well that the function of the Holy Spirit was to reveal the truth and that truth has been revealed. What revelation has Earl had? Someone please get him to explain his revelations. Does he have more information from God thatn the apostles had? What does he know that others do not know?

When the apostles preached, their word was confirmed by the Holy Spirit enabling them to work miracles (Mark 16:20). The work of the Holy Spirit was to establish or prove the genuineess authenticity of the preached word. What does Earl use to confirm or prove (???) his utterances to be from God? Ask that of any Holyroller. Like so many cultic characters, they take the silly claims of preachers and equate them as the proptings of God.

In some kind of senseless jargon, Earl talks about, "empoowering the Holy Spirit." He never explains how we empower the Holy Spirit. We know that the Bible speaks about the power of the Holy spirit but how do we empower the power? However that is done, I just do not know. Can we empower God or Christ? "He has given us the dynamic but wee still have to empower him by our believing he is therre." Does that make any sense at all? He has given us the power of the Holy Spirit. We have the power. It is there, but we still have to empower the power by our believing the power is there. Thank God, you will not find me at a Jubilee clapping like some moron.

"Where the Spirit dwells and is empowered, he transforms." Empower the Spirit in your live. Turn the battle over to him." "He won't force control. He sits back quietly and waits." With such a stupid observation, I will close with an equally stupid question.

What does the Holy Spirit sit on while he so quietly waits?

Chapter 10
The Sweet Fruit of The Holy Spirit
An Answer To Tom Riley
1996 Jubilee

Tom Riley is a graduate of David Lipscomb University and Harding Graduate school. That qualifies him to make the same eggregious blunders about the Holy Spirit as other Jubilee speakers. I listened to Tom's speeches twice in order to be able to get a clear understanding of his views.

Tom declared, "Because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit there are several blessings that we have...I think Romans chapter 8, that talks about the intercession in our life--At times when we may be going through challenges and hardships, Paul tells the Roman Christians that the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings that our words, our minds cannot even comprehend. That beautiful knowledge that the Lord intercedes for us. The Spirit himself intercedes for us!"

Brother Tom confuses a text which applied to the Roman Christians and he tries to apply the passage to himself. I will refer the reader to former chapters wherein Romans 88 is explained in depth.

If there are several blessings which we have because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I need to know aqbout those blessings. What are they? Could I have a list of those blessings?

As a child of God, I can come before the throne of God in my time of need (Heb. 4:16). Do I have sense enough to know when I need my Father? Do I not know when I need to come before God for help? I need information about the intercession of the Spirit in mylife. The Holy Spirit dwelt in the Romans in a supernatural manner. There were those who had spiritual gifts imparted by the laying on of the apostles hands (Rom. 1:11). It is prettydense to lay claim to such gifts today. The Holy Spirit worked in a miraculous manner, even to helpings by inspired prayer. Paul prayed by the Spirit (I Cor. 14:15).

A thousand no! The Holy Spirit does not intercede for anyone today. It is preposterous to take a passage out of its context and try to make it apply to the present, when the apostle had no such thing in mind.

But during "challenges and hardships" our "words, our minds cannot even comprehend." Do our minds comprehend all about prayer when we are not beset with challenges and hardships? Think bretheren! Do we know how to pray as we ought? Do we know to pray? Tell me How we know to pray. Tell me how we know to pray as we ought. You will turn to the Bible and teach me Bible verses which tell mee I ought to pray as a child of God. You will cite Bible verses which teach me HOW I ought to pray. By studying the Bible I can learn all I need to know, all God wants me to know about prayer.

I do not pray for the dead. Why not? The dead cannot be helped by my efforts in their behalf. It makes as much sense for me to pray for the dead, as it makes to gethte Holy Spirit praying for a helpless, hapless live person. If I am down and out and the Holy Spririt can intercede in my behalf when I can't utter a sound, then I insist that the Holy Spirit should intercede for me when my lisping, stammering tongue lies silent in the grave. Let the liberals lay off of the Catholics who pray for dead folks. The first Christians did not have the New Testament to instruct them regarding prayer. The Holy Spirit instructed and helped men not only as they preached but as they prayed. Do you mean to tell me that after I study my New Testament and learn what it teaches about prayer that I do not have sense enough to pray? Am I so stupid, dumb and demented that I do not have enough sense to adress my God and plead, "Help me Lord?" Do I need to mutter every single, solitary area wherein I need help? Must I name every single blessing of which I am the recipient, as I give thanks? Do I actually not have sense enough to say, " I thank thee Lord for every blessing?" I believe I can pray to my God without the tomfoolery of some Jubilee talker being my guide.

During the time when ancient Israel worshipped God around the Tabernacle and in the Temple, priests from the trive of Levi served as mediators between man and God. After Jesus ascended back to heaven he became our High Priest and mediator through whome we come to God.

Before Jesus entered his work there was a special interim work of John the Baptist.

The work of John was never intended to continue indefinitely. After Jesus ascended back to heaven, he dispatched the Holy Spirit for a special, interim work. It would be just as absurd to claim that the work of John the Baptist continues as it did in the first century. It is a crass assumption that a sensible man cannot express his prayer to God. Then it is another wild guess that the Holy Spirit will express what I cannot express to God. Some of these silly characters actually assume that the Holy Spirit informs God what a person needs or wants. Does God not know/ Is the Holy Spirit more knowledgable than God?

I emphatically deny the personal indwelling, literla presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. We do not need any sort of Spirit assistance. We already have all the help needed in the finished work of Christ. If more is needed, then what Christ has done is not sufficient.

It is a very subtle effort of the devil to get men to look to the Holy Spirit instead of Christ for help. What purports to be of the Holy Spirit is in reality of an evil spirit. Can I prove this? Read further.

A carefu, verse-by-verse study of the Hebrew letter will convince any honest reader of the all-sufficient mediator, intercessor, and friend we have in the blessed Son of God. No longer do we need a bull or goat, a Levitical priest and a sanctuary made with men's hands. No longer do we need or wait for the Holy Spirit to come to us and help us to come before God.

Some folks want Jesus to come down and others want the Holy Spirit to come down and one plea is as silly as another
    ...Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.) (Rom. 10:6-7).
We have the scriptures to guide us unto salvation. By the testimony of the scriptures we can believe, confess, call on the Lord, obey the gospel and be saved (Rom. 10:8-17).

We know the Hebrew Christians were living in very difficult times. Study every line and word of Paul's letter to those bretheren. Paul wrote as the Holy Spirit directed. He was inspired or carried along by the Spirit. Through Paul the Spirit revealed the mind of God.

Notice carefully where the Spirit directed the following truths.

"For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted" (Heb.s 2:18). Is Jesus able or not? Is he not willing to help, succour, aid and assist as we go to God through Christ?
    For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Heb. 4:15-16).

Where do we go in time of need? Where do we go for mercy, grace and help? We certainly do not go to a Holyroller session at the Jubilee. Ah, but the neo-Pentecostal, Jubilee babblers tell us to seek the Holy Spirit.

The Christian has hope as an anchor of the soul. That hope, "...entereth into that within the veil; Whither the forerunner is FOR US entered, even Jesus..." [Heb. 6:19-20]. Jesus is for us an all sufficient manner. He would if he could, but he just seems to be inadequate. He is For us, as far as he can go, but we run down to the Jubilee and join in with the HOlyroller crowd and the Holy Spririt will be for us. Maybe some of the smart set will deny that Jesus is for us.

We have a high priest who is unchangeable. "Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them" [Heb. 7:25].

Christ is seated on the throne of the majesty on high. By his own blood he entered once into the holy place having obtained eternal redemption for us. It is through the blood of Christ that we have redemption from sin. It is through the precious blood that we can have a purged conscience. Let some rabble-rouser step forward and deny this, if they will.

Jesus is the mediator of the New Testament. He obtained redemption through his death.

For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God FOR US [Heb. 9:24].

So it just looks like the Jubilee folks think Jesus needs a lot of help. He is in heaven in the presence of God and he appears FOR US but he is so weak and so incomplete just like us. We need help and so does Jesus. The sweet Holy Spirit will help us when we weep and wail. I may have to jog down to the Jubilee in order to learn about that.

When weak, weary and troubled we are to keep running the race, "....Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith..." [Heb. 12:1-2]. Chastenings, persecutions, blackness and darkness may prevail but in all this we remember that we are come, "to Jesus the mediator of th new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling..." [Heb. 12:24]. For some strange reason as the Holy Spirit concluded the Hebrew letter through Paul, he encouraged those weary Christians by saying,
    ...he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me [Heb. 13:5-6].

    "Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach" [Heb. 13:13]. "Not so," says the Holyroller. "We gotta get the Spirit and let him go for us."

    "By him, therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name" [Heb. 13:15]. When we sing praises to God, we offer by the Holy Spirit. I don't know what we would do if we sung and ask and receive a message from the Holy Spirit and be able to spout forth the information to the sound of giggles and clapping.

    Almighty God raised Jesus from the dead. The everlasting covenant was perfected through the blood of Christ. Thus the will of God is to, Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever.[Heb. 13:21]
Will some Jubilee babbler please attempt an answer?

Chapter 11
Joe Beam And His Jubilee Babblings

It would be sheer folly to deny what the Jubilee promoters are trying to do as they continue to spread their ridiculous brand of neo-Pentecostalism. It is even worse when so many blinded folds refuse to see what is happening. If the efforts of the Jubilee speakers in spreading Holyrollerism is successful, then the church will be swept away in digression as it was 150 years ago, and it will certainly be carried away into a Babylon of Pentecostalism.

In 1996, there were eleven speeches presented at the Jubilee which had the audiences clapping. the personal literal, indwelling, enabling, empowering influence of the sweet Holy Spirit along with miracle working power is unusually popular among the Jubilee performers. One must never seek to minsconstrue what a speaker says. This is a horrible attitude and is about as low as accusing one of deliverately trying to misconstrue ones utterances.

A false teacher will convict himself. One doesn't need to twist, pervert, or misconstrue anything a neo-Pentecostal, Jubilee jumper might say. For sheer baffoonery, frivolity, and shallow offerings no one can beat Joe Beam at the Jubilee. With an audience of spiritual illiterates, who are unskilled in the word of God and are ready to giggle, applaud and tickle the ears of itch-infested speakers, brother Joe can out-do most any circus clown.

There is a time to alugh and ther is a time to cry (Eccl. 3:4). When any man presumes to speak about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit before an audience of dying men and women, I just do not believe it is a time for clowning around. the same is true of a group of assembled people who should have enough common sense to discern between truth and fiction. Judging from the reactions of that Jubilee audience who laughed and clapped as Joe entertained them it would not be amiss to assume that it would take a solid week to teach most of Joe's audience the short Bible verse which declares, "Jesus wept."

I am appalled, amazed, disgusted and heart-sick when I realize how utterly ignorant people cna be and still claim to be followers of Christ. One cannot help but wonder from whence all those dull hearers have come. What have they been hearing. What has happened to eyes which have been closed, ears which have been stopped and hearts which have become stone cold?

Who Is Joe Beam

Joe Beam can be described best by Joe Beam. All of his testimonials qualifications and successes comprise a part of his speeches when he gets so very high up in partnership with the Godhead.

Brother Beam is an example of another poor preacher who get ensnared by old Satan over and over. There and elsewhere he continues to tell how his marriage fell apart ending in divorce. God would not turn loose of Joe. There are some rare jewels for certain and it sounds like God cannot operate without their expertise. God will back off, give up on, and turn his face away from millions of rebels but he sent the hounds of heaven on the trail of brother Beam. God found Joe somewhere and things are better than ever since Joe found the Holy Spirit.

If I was working for Barnum and Bailey I would hire Joe Beam for my clown acts if possible. He is full of funny stories. One dear lady said she put her mother on the front row each day because Joe was so funny! How clownish does one need to be in discussing eternal and sacred matters? It makes no difference at a Jubilee.

Brother Joe Beam i.e. J.B. laughs about getting fired as a preacher. He doesn't tell why he was fired. He disclaims being a preacher now and is in some sort of secular business. That allows him to make snide remarks about faithful bretheren. He keeps his audience laughing with one joke after another. That's what it takes to become brilliant enough to speak at the Jubilee for three days on the Holy Spirit.

J.B. makes an initial statement about sharing some things that, "...a few years ago I did not believe." I do not know what he may have believed a few years ago if anything. He believes in entertaining an audience while supposedly speaking about the Holy Spirit.

Can we grasp the fact that Joe has changed in his belief? That is the reason he is a Jubilee speaker. He would not be invited as a speaker if he believed and taught the truth. They want to hear some new things. Joe admits that hea has a different tale to tell. When Joe turned to read Acts 2:38, he allowed that Peter quoted Joel where the Spirit was promised, "to all people, whether young or old, male or female." I suppose that would be something new which Joe has learned. Where did he learn it? The NIV of Joe Beam very conveniently has all people receiving the Holy Spirit and the application is made for people today. Such is sectarianism without bounds.

Anyone who has any respect for the Bible will be able to connect Joel 2 and Acts 2, together.

It does not seem possible that people can get so entangled with so much error about the Holy Spirit. When J.B. reads Acts 2:38, he concludes, "The Holy Spirit is for every immersed believer." He bases this on his conclusion form reading Acts 2:38. He thinks the promise of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 is for people today.

Turn in your Bible to Acts 2:12 where a question is asked. The apostle Peter proceeds to answer the question, "What Meaneth this," by referring back to Joel's prophecy.

We know that the prophecy of Joel referred to a miraculous event. This has to be the case because Joel declared teh Spirit would be poured out on, "all flesh." All flesh did not mean all people any more than it meant all creatures with flesh. If all flesh meant everything with flesh, then birds, baboons, and tiny babies would receive the Holy Spirit. That is not so. Do atheists receive the Holy Spirit?

The prophecy of Joel absolutely referred to the miraculous coming of the Holy Spirit. The explanation given by Peter in referring to Joel's prophecy is miraculous.

In Acts 2:33, Peter spoke of ,"...the promise of the Father" and of course he was referring to the promise given through Joel which was miraculous.

We have heard bretheren complain that if the gift of Acts 2:38 is miraculous, then the miraculous would continue right along with baptism for the remission of sins. No! These same brethrenhave no problem preaching Mark 16:16 in order to be saved, but they comprehend very well that the signs of verses 17 and 18 are not among us.

Consider again where Peter used the promise of Joel and referred to "you". You Jews assembled here are teh recipients of Joel's promise and "them that are afar off" are the Gentiles and both comprise the "all flesh" of Joel's prophecy. There would be no difference between Jew and Gentile...finally and at last.

But read again the second chapter of Acts. Whree does the miraculous begin? Read all the way through verse 33.

We are indebted to brother Franklin Camp for setting forth a cogent, rational, and exegetical discussion of the words "receive" and "gift".

Notice how the word "RECEIVE" is used.

    1. John 7:39
    2. John 10:21-23
    3. Acts 8:15-17
    4. Acts 10:47
    5. Acts 19:6
    6. Gal. 3:2
    7. I John 2:27
    8. Acts 2:38
Brother Camp judiciously and wisely states that every one of the above passages refers to the miraculous and he asks, "is Acts 2:38 an exception?"

A further principle is discussed by our brother Camp when he calls attention to the word "gift." Some six times the word is used in connection with the Holy Spirit. These can be found as follows:
    1. Acts 2:38
    2. Acts 8:20
    3. Acts 10:45
    4. Acts 11:17
    5. Ephesians 3:7
    6. Ephesians 4:7
All of the last five passages refer to the miraculous. Surely everyone would agree with this. Pray tell why the gift in Acts 2:38 would be non-miraculous?

I emphatically deny that the Holy Spirit gift of Acts 2:38 is to be applied to all people today. Brother J.B. can make assertions till Jesus comes but he assumes instead of proving.

J. B. says, " I am a spirit-filled Christian and I'd love for you to be one." What a revelation! What prolonged clapping! What crass ignorance upon the part of an audience! I will admit that J.B. is filled but I deny that he is Spirit filled. He is full of levity and foolishness and that is differnet from being filled with the Spirit. How do we know Joe is full of the Spirit? He told his audience he was and they clapped and clapped. If he had said he saw a ninety-foot Jesus I doubt not that his auditors would have clapped, whooped and hollered. Instead of telling jokes it would have been far better for J.B. to have stayed home and studied the Bible.

J.B. is no more, "filled with the Spirit" than a June bug. Please consider how the expression is used in the Bible. This could have been given instead of so many silly jokes-
    John 1:15-John was to be filled with the Spirit
    Luke 1:41-Elizabeth was to be filled with the Spirit
    Luke 1:67-Zacharias was to be filled with the Spirit
    Acts 6:3-Stephen was to be filled with the Spirit
    Acts 6:8-Stephen was full of power and did great wonders and miracles
    Acts 6:3-There were seven full of the Spirit
    Ephesians 5:18-"Be filled with the Spirit"
    Acts 2:4-"The apostles were filled with the Spirit"
    Acts 4:31- "They were all filled with the Holy Ghost"
Is it not the case that every single one of those occasions mentioned above refer to the miraculous, unless Ephesians 5:18 would be an exception? If the passage is not miraculous, it would certainly require some strange interpreting. What would the Ephesians think Paul meant by his imperative, "Be filled with the Spirit?" Does J.B. want us to really believe he is a Spirit filled Christian? Let him demonstrate as Stephen, Phillip and others and not equivocate.

Does it make sense for J.B. to say to his Jubilee clappers, "I'm a Spirit filled Christian, and I'd love for you to be one?" Wree the hank-clappers not also Spirit filled? Had they been immerersed? If they had been immersed, then J.B. would say they were Spirit filled. If they were already Spirit filled why would J.B. say that he would love for them to be? Did they know they were Spirit filled?

Joe knows how far to take his cheer-leaders. He said, "I have studied some charismatice theology and I think they have some theological flaws and I reject it." That sounds wonderful to floks who have ears and hear not. Anyone who has any reasoning power whatsoever can see that Joe is spouting out Pentecostalism by the bushels. My but he has changed within the past years. He now pours forth charismatic theology. If not why does he mention all those miracles? Does he think everyone is retarded? He says he has changed.

Miracle Number One

If Joe is not charismatic, then why tell the story about the baby who was to be born without all its internal organs? For twenty-four hours of intense praying and asking God for a miracle, the miracle happened inside the woman.

"The lady went back the next day for ultrasound and God had given the miracle. The organs were there." That's Joe Pentecostalism which he delights to prattle but Joe is not charismatice. It depends upon which foot he has in his mouth. He doesn't even try to be consistent.

Miracle Number Two

A woman in Texas had Lupis. She prayed and she was healed. Joe said so. "God can make you well" clap-clap-clap. Such tickles the ears of the teller.

Miracle Number Three

Around midnight Joe went to visit a home. Everyone should have been in bed. When Joe got there he knew therre was a woman in the house with the man who should not have been there. God sent Joe to stop the brother from sinning. The marriage wasn't saved. Where was God? Where was Joe? Could God and Joe not save the marriage? Did God send Joe to all the other adulterers? Why not?

Miracle Number Four

Joe was driving his car and he had to stop. He wanted God to speak to him. Joe turned on the radio and asked God to put somebody on the radio. He heard a song and a lady was singing about the sin which Joe had committed. Joe cried. Clap-clap-clap-clap!

Miracle Number Five

A doctor friend told Joe about a woman who was healed of cancer. It was a miracle. yes, yes! Joe is not charismatic so leave him alone. He says, "There are some frauds out there." Yes, and I would say that a sizable number can be found at the Jubilee. No fake healers or fraud will allow himself to be exposed before the public so do not think that the Jubilee frauds will have their cultic foolishness put to the test. Joe exhibits great courage when he says, "Leave me alon."

Miracle Next

J.B. tells about hearing a man on the radio (orT.V.). who whad troat trouble and could barely squeak. He was healed. His vocal cords were healed. Joe can testify with any Holyroller because that makes good stuff at a Jubilee. People clap for that stuff.

Apparently Joe Beam must have thought that he had a marvelous point for his cheerleaders when he said, "The Holy Spirit came to earth, He did not leave the earth." It would be the intelligent thing to point out WHY the Holy Spirit was sent and to WHOM He was sent. One would be led to think that the Holy Spirit is on earth and still doing what He came to do in the first century. This is zeal without knowledge and I ask if Joe is doing what the apostles did qhwn rhwy ewxwicws rhw Holy Apieir? For a man who has to hunt for Bible verses, it doesn't take me long to decide that such an one is a fraud. The Holyrollerism of another Jubilee speaker blares forth when J.B. says, "The Holy Spirit of God speaks to us, not just through the Bible."

"Does the Holy Spirit speak to you outside the word of God? Yes..." "It's the guiding and prompting of God that tells to do that." "The Spirit of God actually enters my body."

"Its not biblical to say everything happens just thorough the word." "The Holy Spirit is on earth and He is in you and among you." "He is active today."

If one will put on a thinking cap, it will be as clear as day that each of the above assertions could be heard at the local Holyroller church. Joe makes no effort to prove his baseless babblings. What did he say to prove that the Holy Spirit speaks to someone outside the word? How does he prove that God prompts one independent of the word? What is the proof that the Holy Spirit is active today? We refuse to accept Joe's word any more than we accept the wild claims of Oral Roberts. One is as subjective as the other and as false.

Joe did not need to prove anything to the blind followers who stumbled into his classes at the Jubilee. There could never be more fermented ignorance assembled in one place. Not one little peep was made by any Jubilee chick when Joe Beam talked about, "...quenching the fire of the Holy Spirit." He babbles about not putting out the fire. His dupes agree when they clap.

When Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonia he said, "Quench not the Spirit" [Thess. 5:19]. He said nothing about the fire of the Holy Spirit. Joe prattles about the Holy Spirit, fire and testifies about several healing episodes but he says he is not charismatic. He isn't but he is and his pathetic audience doesn't know the difference.

The passage to the church at Thessalonica refers to spiritual gifts which some possessed. Look at the very next verse please. Paul wrote, "Despise not prophesyings." What is the connection? It is simple, elementary, and too plain to miss. Notice the plural. Spiritual gifts were miraculous gifts. Not everyone could prophesy like Joe Beam. If someone claimed a spiritual gift, the claim did not prove it. There were those who claimed to be apostles but Paul put them in their place by telling them to demonstrate with the signs of an apostle. There were some dim-wits running around who claimed to be Jesus Christ but like Joe Beam's claims, they were absurd.

How would a person in Thessalonica or elsewhere validate his claims of possessing spiritual gifts? He did not have the New Testament but he certainly could "prove all things..." True spiritual gifts were not to be despised or hindered. The woman would not have put her mother on the front seat if all the funny stories had been left off. Truly the audience left an accumulation of ignorance instead of a knowledge of the word of God.

If anyone should wonder how Joe Beam manages to be a speaker at the Jubilee, or elsewhere, it is because of his great "spiritual wisdom." Yes, Joe deals a little with Acts 15:6, 15:19; and 15:28 to prove that men have, "spiritual wisdom." Like a kangaroo he jumps from Acts 15 to a Jubilee circus and convinces people that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual wisdom today just like he did to Paul, Barnabas, Peter, James, the apostles and elders (Acts 15:2-5). When a letter was written the statement was made, "For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us... (v. 28). Who directed that meeting in Acts 15? What part did the Holy Spirit play in that situation?

It is absolutely incredible that a man would use Acts 15 as an example for us to claim spiritual wisdom today. Joe Beam had no problem with all the cheer--leaders who clapped at his jokes.

Is Joe on an equality with Paul, Peter, James, and Silas? It is crass foolishness to assume from Acts 15 that we have spiritual wisdom today.

But we are reminded that we are to pray for spiritual wisdom and that the spiritual wisdom will enable us to know things which we do not know. This is just another claim of clutic babblers. I'm just stating a fact that a man who is full of the Holy Spirit, spiritual wisdom, and is baptized in the Holy Spirit--should not be so obtuse in the scriptures. His speech and actions betray the man.

If Joe's spiritual wisdom is any indication of the time he spends in praying for wisdom, I confess that he hasn't prayed at all, God has not heard his prayers, or he has spent far too much time reading joke books. I see noevidence of spiritual wisdom in Joe Beam's speeches.

But we are to, "...pray for spiritual wisdom?" We are to do no such thing. If that were the case, J.B. would need to do nothing but pray. The text used by Joe to pray for spiritual wisdom does not apply to Joe Beam or any other Joe.

Bible students have great respect for the principle which demands that we look at a passage in its context.

I truly believe that the people to whom I preach each Sunday are not so dense as to tolerate a preacher who will wrest the scriptures.

We know that in some of the "wisdom" passages the miraculous gift is meant. It is indisputable that those seven who were selected to look after the distribution of itmes to the needy were, "...fully of the Holy Spirit and of wisdom" (Acts 6:3).

I know better than to say that wisdom is always used in a miraculous sense in the Bible. Paul speaks of the wisdom of men. He also spoke of the wisdom of this world. In contrast he spoke of the wisdom of God (V.7). Paul spoke the things freely given of God. This was supernatural wisdom.

When discussing spiritual gifts in chapter twelve, Paul wrote, " For to one is given by the Spirit, the word of wisdom..." (v.8). Surely this was miraculous.

To the Colossians Paul wrote and desired that they, "...might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding" (Col. 1:9).

J.B. would have his hearers pray for spiritual wisdom and by this God supposedly will lead, direct, and speak to and control whenever one seeks such. He thinks we just need to ask God and He will give wisdom. Let us study wisdom, not only as it is used in a miraculous sense in the preceding passages, but also as James used the word.

The inspired writer asked, "Who is a wise man and ENDUED with knowledge among you..." (James 3:13). To be endued means to endow, transfuse, to put on, to bring in. The apostles were endued with power from on high (Acts 2). The wise man of James was endued, endowed, transfused, and put on knowledge.

His wisdom was from above (James 3:17). There was an earthly wisdom (James 3:15). What kind of wisdom was to be sought? It certainly was not worldly wisdom. Since there was no New Testament to provide the wisdom needed, the spiritual gift of wisdom would enable one to be endued with wisdom.

Every cultic leader in the country makes the same claims about God speaking to them and putting words in their mouth, and directing them. Joe Beam and his Jubilee jumpers are no different. It is far too late for many to be helped out of the labyrinth of neo-Pentecostalism. The Jubilee is a curse beyond the wildest dreams of many.

Joe Beam: Star Attraction At The Jubilee

As we continue our study of some of the utterances made at the Nashville Jubilee, it should be of interest to read some of the far-out fables presented by Joe Beam. Joe is an entertainer with enough jokes and fairy tales to keep his classes clapping and giggling. One young woman said she put her elderly mother on the front row each day because Joe was so funny. What a brilliant observation! Judging from all the giggles, frivolity, clapping and cavorting--such would appeal to the kind of folks who listen to Joe Beam.

Brother Joe declared that he was going to share some things that "...a few years ago I did not believe." Obviously! When I stress that the liberals have changed and are trying to trun the church into a Holyroller outfit, some folks snarl at me. Steve Flatt thinks the Plumbline should be called "Plumblies." You will never hear Steve attempt to defend the Jubilee Holyroller bunk. Joe declaimed, " I am a Spirit-filled Christian and I would love for you to be one" (clap-clap-clap).

Joe is no more filled with the Spirit than a junebug. He is full of jokes. John was filled with the Spirit (John 1:15). Elizabeth was filled with the Spirit (Luke 1:41). The apostles were filled with the Spirit (Acts 2:4). Joe Beam is full of bologna.

Brother Jubilee Joe believes in miraculous healing. Listen to the taped speech where he told of a baby who did not not have all its internal organs. Would Steve Flatt call that a "Plumbie?" Being full --Steve agrees with Joe or being full-Steve and his Holy Spirit denies Joe and his Holy Spirit. Do you suppose Jubilee supporters can see that much?

Why did it take twenty-four hours to get the attention of God? Why keep praying as if God hears one for his much speaking? One fable is as foolish as another.

Joe was driving his car down the road and he asked God to speak to him. Joe turned on the radio and a woman was singing a song which dealt witha sin which Joe committed. Joe sat there and cried (clap-clap-clap). that encouraged another tale.

A man was speaking with a horrible throat problem. He cold hardly squeak. Believe it or not, but while Joe was listening the man's throat was healed.

Will Steve Flatt approve of these miracles? He can accuse the Plumbine of printing lies but he will never make an effort to prove his charges. What will he say about the statements of Joe Beam? Will he agree with Joe? Will he testify like Joe? Talk is pretty cheap when men refuse to defend the truth.

Joe declares, "The Holy Spirit of God speaks to us-not just through the Bible. Does the Holy Spirit speak to you outside the word of God? yes" "The Spirit ofGod actually enters my body." "Its not biblical to say everything ahppens just through the word." What the Jubilee clappers were hearing was a kind of hocus-pocus supera-natural working outside of, separate, independent of and beyond the word.

That means that the word of God is not complete, sufficient or able to meet the needs of mankind in going to heaven. God could have spoken enough to meet the needs of man but He would not, or else he could not. Was the death Christ not enought to meet the demands of God for sin?

What does Joe Beam know beyond that which the word of God reveals? Absolutely nothing!

Joe thinks we are to, "...pray for spiritual wisdom." If that is so, brother Joe Beam has not been praying or his prayer doesn't get above the top of his hat. How much more wisdom does he think he possess than others who do not revel in Holyrollerism?

There were those in the first century who had the supernatural gift of wisdom but I seriously question that Joe demonstrates any degree of supernatural anything.

I realize that some folks will not believe me and they certainly will never bother to check for themselves to see how much neo-Pentecostalism prevails at the Jubilee. When one retired PhD was told by a young preacher on some of the things which I opposed and opposed, the die-hard said, "I would have to hear that myself." Why waste time with such wackos? Stubbornness is a convenient weakness for those who refuse to see.

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