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Volume 6 Number 12
July 2002

Thomas F. Eaves, Sr., Deceased

Webster defines a watchdog as a dog kept to guard property. A dog that guards against loss, waste, theft, or undesirable practices. A watchdog is a dog which guards against the loss of something valuable.

One of the most valuable things in our world today is the gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation--Rom. 1:16, calls sinners to God--II Thess. 2:14, and produces faith in the hearts of Godís creatures--Rom. 10:17.

The apostle Paul recognized that some were false brethren--II Cor. 11:26, and that some would depart from the truth--I Tim. 4:1-5; II Tim. 4:1-4. This great teacher of Godís word chaarged that men not teach a different doctrine--I Tim. 1:3--than that which came from God--Gal. 1:8-10. Some erred concerning the truth and were rebuked by Paul--II Tim. 2:17-18. These were identified by name and their false doctrine condemned in keeping with Paulís own instructions in Romans 16:17.

Paul rebuked sin--Gal. 5:19-21, false teachers--II Tim. 4:3, hypocritical Christians--II Tim. 3:1-5-- and erring brethren--Gal. 2:11. The greeat man of God defended Godís doctrine of the resurrection--I Cor. 15; Acts 21:6, grace--Rom. 5:20-6:4, and the new covenant of Jesus Christ--Gal. 4:21-31. Paul acted through love--Eph. 4:15, conviction--I Cor. 9:16; Acts 20:27, and was guarding Godís word from loss, waste, theft, and undesirable practices. He sums up his activities on earth, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith"--II Tim. 4:7. Today, when faithful preachers follow the example of Paul, some cry, "Brotherhood Watchdogs"!


Several months ago when Randy Mayeux (preacher for the Preston Road Church of Christ) made the statement, "I have preached and believed that the New Testament teaches that salvation is a free gift of God, period, You are saved by grace alone," several brethern pointed out that salvation is not by anything alone. The Bible teaches that the sinner is saved by: grace--Eph. 2:8, mercy--Titus 3:5, Jesus Christ--Matt. 1:21, life of Christ--Rom. 5:10, blood of Christ--Rom. 5:9, gospel of Jesus Chirst--I Cor. 15:4, faith--Rom. 5:1, works--James 2:24, calling on the Lord--Rom. 10:13, baptism--I Peter 3:21, hope--Rom. 8:24, and sinners save themselves--Acts 2:40. When such inconsistency is pointed out, instead of honoring Godís word the cry goes forth, "BROTHERHOOD WATCHDOGS"!

Larry Jamesí (preacher for the Richardson East congregation in Richardson, Texas) statement, "And so I would conclude that to praise God from the heart with an instrument of music is not wrong, itís not sinful or will it result in anyone being lost, and to condemn someone who uses such an approach I think is a terrible mistake," was not allowed to go unchallenged. But when compared with the truth of Godís word--" Cor. 14:15, Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16, Heb. 2:12, 13:15, James 5:13--the truth was glorified. But the cry goes forth, "BROTHERRHOOD WATCHDOGS"!

When a college uses speakers on its lectureships who have in debates, books, or recorded speeches upheld teachings which are contrary to the word of God, why are they defended and the ones who point out the false teachings labeled as, "BROTHERHOOD WATCHDOGS"?


There seems to be a tendency today to defend the false teacher and condemn the contender for the faith--Jude 3. The great prophet Isaiah wrote, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter"--Isaiah 5:20. If Paul lived today, would he be labeled as a brotherhood watchdog for rebuking Hymanaeus, Alexander, Phileteus, and Peter? Where is our allegiance today? It should be with Christ and his word--Gal. 1:10.

If proving all things and holding fast to that which is good--I Thess. 5:21, and contending earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints--Jude 3--makes a brottherhood watchdog, the woof, woof!


Some of our readers will recall the rumble which occurred some time ago when information appeared in the Nashville paper about the Lipscomb Bible teacher who also was the preacher at the Community Church in Hendersonville. The problem developed when the Community Church preacher made known that instrumental music would be used in a part of the Community Church services. The end result was that the Lipscomb teacher, Community Church preacher, left Lipscomb. I do not have a written statement as to why he left Lipscomb. I read that report in the newspaper.

At the same time, those teachers at Goodpasture School, who were members at Community, were forced to sever their connections with Community.

A few Sundays ago, brother Steve Flatt spoke at Madison and informed the audience that "two people from the ĎCommunity Church of Christí would be placing membership".

If the Community Church is part of parcel or in any way connected with the Church of Christ as revealed in the inspired word of God, then preachers might as well discard the Bible and use comic books. I suspect some already do.

The Bible still teaches, "wherefore come ye out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean, and I will receive you"--II Cor. 6:17. Neither Madison Community Church or Steve Flatt has the least bit of respect for the above scripture.

"Touch not; taste not; handle not; which all are to perish with the using; after the commandments and doctrines of men"--Col. 2:21.

Upon hearing the remarks of Steve relative to the Community members placing membership, one of the Madison members approached an elder and objected to receiving the Community members. The good brother who objected was contemptuously ignored. Today, he told me that on that very Sunday he left Madison church. Of course this is what a lot of people want those who object to do. "If you donít like what we are doing, you can leave" has become a frequent utterance in so many places. Teaching on the torments of hell might help a few but it seems to be no deterrent to many who would turn the church into a cult.

The Seventh Day Adventist College, Church and Hospital is but a few kilometers from the Madison church building. Will Steve and his Madison cronies welcome Adventists members to place membership at Madison? What about Pentecostal Cornerstone members who meet just over the hill? They might be able to contribute a few dimes to help pay the huge debt at Madison.

Does it make sense to put pressure on some people who object to liberalism, yet welcome Community Church members? Truly, there is a sad day coming.

It is disgusting to know that various faculty member from Lipscomb have been out to speak to the Community Church Cult. Also to think, some parents try to brag about sending their brats to Lipscomb.

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