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Mail Bag

Letters received from concerned members


The Tennessean article of March 8, titled "Churches combine ancient message, new technology," which appeared on the "Faith & Values" page, should shake discerning Christians to the core. In order to keep culturally relevant, many churches now feel it necessary to spend hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to turn their sanctuaries into high-tech worship centers with what the article described as "the look and feel of performing arts centers." Apparently cutting-edge lighting, large video screens, state-of-the-art sound systems, and retro-hip Internet cafes and coffee bars have become essential to achieving a better "worship experience" today. The article also made references to churches that call themselves "Community Churches" as well as to Saddleback, Willow Creek, and other mega-churches that employ this "new" technology.

How sad that, instead of the Word of God, churches must employ the costly implements and worldly gimmicks of show business to attract people and keep them coming back to services. As the article noted, such technology is "not a luxury anymore; it's expected." Although churches are certainly free to worship in whatever manner they choose, one wonders where worshipers' priorities really lie. Focusing on Jesus and His simple message of salvation is still relevant, but apparently it is no longer all-sufficient.

Dr. William D. Crump


I really enjoy Their latest article is called, "Santa Claus The Big Imposter" It's a most fascinating article to the scheme of Satan wanting to be like God behind Christmas.

Another website I have learned much is In it you can scroll down their articles and read "No Rapture" This is a strong biblical support that there may be no Rapture and that Satan is behind possibly the biggest Christian deceit ever. I have learned one thing from reading that article is to not put my trust in an event for salvation but Christ Jesus alone.

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year Everyone at ConcernedMembers!

Elvin Capestany Jr.


I use the authorized King James bible because I've spent hours in about eight different bibles making comparisons and I have discovered all other versions are emasculating the basics of Christianity. It's another trick of the Devil and most pastors use the N.I.V. - a corrupt version!

In fact, we recently left a church when I tried to call this to the pastor's attention. He uses the N.I.V. From the pulpit the following Sunday he told me to 'DROP THE CRAP' (I have the audio). His whole sermon while not mentioning my name was directed at me! He formerly ministered near the perverts on the Potomac. There must be something in the water. His devout Assembly of God father, who pastored the church many years ago, would turn over in his grave if he knew this about his son who "evangelizes" at Star Bucks Coffee Shop while his wife "runs" the church. The congregants are getting younger and younger but lacking in total commitment. The old timers, who bullt the church, pray and tithe which helps keep the church afloat.

We begin attending a Christian Church with primarily an older population and guess what? The 40 something pastor uses the N.I.V. There are N.I.V. in the pews. It's membership consists heavily of retired college and seminary professors and no one seems concerned.


Betty Freauf
Salem, Oregon


Dear Brother Rhoades,

"I preach out of the King James Version" I encourage all members of the Grand Blanc church of Christ, students of the Bible, and even new members to use the King James Bible(KJV). The so called problems and criticisms about the KJV appear to be from those parroting KJV bashers.

The uneducated, simple, and common/average people of generations past learned all the critical matters of Christianity from the KJV. Some have learned to read in general from the KJV. Timothy learned the scriptures from his youth. The language is not so archaic that it cannot be understood. Words that have changed over time (English being a living language) is easy to learn, understand and makes perfect sense. Why would somebody bash the KJV? Because it is the current trend. Its the fad of ourday and the publishers of modern translations have to protect their investments. The modern translations are marketing ventures to re-invent the greatest book ever and sell it for gain. A simple test will prove this correct. Go to a book store. Examine the shelves of Bibles. Notice the many NIVs on the shelves, one for children, one for husbands, one for wives, one for the business women, one for the...etc. Now take two of the NIVs with dif. covers. They have the same translation date, introduction, printing number and now compare them. You will find changes. The International Bible Society made changes to appeal to dif. interest groups.

They have removed gender in some copies, made changes to appeal to denominational teachings, made changes to appeal to a wider segment of society. Why? All done for the sake of sales. The publishers make changes to generate more sales. Its not done by any translation committee. Any honest individual can examine for themselves in this simple way to know this is true. Do you want your Bible to be written by the publishers based on sales and popular demand? The KJV was not written by those who would gain from sales, but by those with a sense of responsibility. You say the translation committee had this sense of responsibility, but the changes, and re-writes are being done by the publisher. This practice alone prompts the rejection of modern translations and leaves us with the true and tested KJV.

I am not against a current translation that is reliable, trusted and responsible. As for now, the only trusted translations are the KJV, ASV (1901). The NKJV is tolerated among us because one can still be saved and study the pattern in its pages. A new translation is being considered by some among us. To research it closer go to Christian Courier on-line to see what Brother Wayne Jackson has said concerning the New English Version at website:

(Click here to see what ConcernedMembers has to say about "The English Standard Version)

The KJV has been a great version passing the test of time. Many debaters have been successful with it. No wonder the devil wishes to discredit this great tool. So many are gullible when it comes to the KJV bashers. Many do not like the plan truth, wish to change it, so they have to discredit the KJV. Do not be duped. I use the KJV and have converted some in their 80s and some in their young years of 8-12. It works!! The honest soul has no problem learning salvation, growing in the knowledge of Christ, becoming an elder, loving the truth, and remaining faithful unto death. Farmers to lawyers have enjoyed the study of the KJV. Why bash it? Why change it? What is the motivation? All the criticism is unjustified. Our children between 8 - 12 years of age learn Shakespeare. Call the Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC to confirm this fact. The language of the KJV is current, check the dictionary. Prayers, scriptures, and inspired poetry with Thee and Thou is great language for study, expression, funerals, weddings and worship! God has never encouraged an informal spirit (attitude) when it comes to these profound matters.

Thank you for allowing a few short comments concerning my use of the KJV.

Michael A. Golwitzer



One reason (among many) that I use the KJV, is that I don't care to use a 'bible' that agrees with one used by those who teach falsely. For example, a Jehovah's Witness publication says, "Jesus was called God's 'only begotten Son' because Jehovah created him directly...Jesus was then used by God to create all other things." My Bible says in John 1:3 that "all things were made by him" [Jesus], which according to Genesis 1:1 makes Him God! The JWs would not agree with this of course, and so John 1:3 in their 'bible' says, "All things came into existence through him..." The NIV and others also say that all things were made through Jesus, rather than by Him. What interesting nuances can be made by changing one word--no wonder Jesus said that each tiny word and mark were important!

As the Jehovah's Witnesses "New Word Translation" uses the Westcott & Hort Greek text, their 'bible' agrees with all the changed and omitted verses in the NIV and others. They are actually more honest than the publishers of other new versions.....when they leave out a verse, they put the number, and then a line--to show that there is something missing! (But they give no explanation, at least in the edition I have.)

God bless. Thank you for giving us this opportunity--I look forward to seeing what others have to say!

Shirley Doll,
British Columbia, Canada


Greetings in Christ,

It has been some weeks since we last spoke, so I will update you on the situation here. I am happy to say that we may be the among the first Churches to defeat an attempted coup by the forces of the community church movement!

Under some pressure from members of our congregation, our minister of 4 plus years has resigned, rather than face a vote of confidence that he acknowledged he could not win. This angered his close supporters, who have split from us, forming a "church" of their own. They meet in the home of a former elder. In all we have lost four elders and one deacon, their families and some and some 30 members; all supporters of the minister and his agenda.

This has obviously had a major impact on our congregation of 150 (pre-split). Life-long friends and family members are divided over this.

We are picking up the pieces, and moving forward, standing firmly on the Word of God.

There are some factors that have contributed to our victory. First is the fact that our Church Founders established an election process by which the congregation selects and each two years, affirms all elders, deacons, and the minister. Without this we would have been powerless to resist the ccm takeover attempt.

I must admit that I have had a change of heart about the election of officers here. From his arrival, our former minister assailed this "democratic" method of selecting elders as unscriptural. For a while he had me convinced. I now believe that there must be some kind of accountability on the part of our church leaders. Also, election is not unscriptural, as it was the method used to choose the replacement for Judas Iscariot in Acts chapter 1.

The second, and of equal importance, was the information made available to us by you folks at Madison Church. We had no earthly idea of the existence of the ccm, its tactics or its methods. You educated and informed us. Its much more difficult to fool people if they know what to look out for. We are forever in debt to you for this.

Right now we have an interim preacher, who is strong on the Word, as written, and has no tolerance for those who (in his words) "take liberties" with it. We are searching for a new minister who will preach and teach traditional, restoration movement, New Testament doctrine; and is comfortable with a more "traditional" worship service.

Please forward this to your fellows there, and be sure we thank God for you and your ministry of information. You really made a difference here. I pray for you as your struggle continues there.

I welcome anyone who would like to correspond further to contact me.

a grateful brother,

Dennis Carter

Sheva Church of Christ
4920 Chalk Level Road
Chatham, VA 24531

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