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Quote of The Month

20030202   CATHOLIC RESTORATION, A Journal of Antimodernism

The very term "jazz," according to the Cassell's Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, is a Negro slang word for sexual intercourse. The author of the Dictionary mentions that he was told that the term "Rock and Roll" is also a Negro slang term for the same thing.

"As jazz meant the same thing, it is interesting that the twentieth century's two most significant inventions in popular music both derive from the same Black sexual source" Nigel Rees, The Cassell Dictionary of Word Phrase and Origins, (London:1987), page 177

20021130   An Anonymous Concerned Member

I have never been seen as a Christian friend and enemy by so many people simultaneously in my life, and not neccessarily in that order.


"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." (Dresden James)

20021001 - Mel Futrell concerning "Jubilee"

Please keep in mind that brethren like Rick Atchley, Mike Cope, Max Lucado, Randy Mayeux, Marvin Phillips, Rubel Shelly, etc. have been speakers at the Nashville Jubilee. Among them these men have denied that the scriptures are a pattern, advocated/practiced open fellowship, redefined adultery, promoted grace only salvation, partnered up with denominational preachers, insisted that instrumental music is not an issue of fellowship, claimed that the law of Moses is not abrogated, implied that baptism is not essential for salvation, bid Godspeed to Billy Graham, and in general have beat up on the Lord's church. Brethren, if that doesn't constitute perverting the gospel of Christ [Galatians 1:6-9] then I don't know what does. It has been my privilege NOT TO ATTEND this "Jubilee"!

20020912 - Paul D. Love Comment in the Viper's Den at

"You'd be surprised at the number of people who oppose the campaign to convert the Church of Christ worship style to the charismatic style simply because it has arrived accompanied by a hateful spirit. If we are being asked to adopt a tatto-class worship style, the least we should expect is that the fruits of the Spirit accompany its introduction."

20020910 - From the article; Why Are Christians Losing America?
by David Kupelian

"Christians have stood on the sidelines during the breathtaking transformation of their once-great Judeo-Christian culture into today's neo-pagan, Sodom-and-Gomorrah-style freak show."

"What's missing in all of this, of course, is a love of truth."

20020901 - by Tom Haddon, In a talk to his Madison "Homebuilders" class.

"What we said was if the word entertainment does mean to divert ones attention, to cause to be pleasurable, to cause to be interesting, then that is what we're here to do."

"Does it mean we cannot we cannot use it for a while? But at the same time during that interim term we need to have teaching on it. We need to talk about it. Well what is it? And soon as I say the word "holy entertainment" there would be some who would go "ouu--- ! You know I jus(t), jus(t), it sounds so----. But in a way that's what we're here to do. We are here as Paul would say, "to take your eyes off what is seen and to put it on what? --- what is unseen". We are here to divert people's attention ---."

"I wanted to tell you a lot about that --- uh --- Saddleback church that I told you about."

"It is a church on purpose. They are directed"

"Have any of you read the book "Riding the Winds of Change"? --- It is a great book."

"And when I start using the praise teams and the --- banners and the ---, and all of this, and I'm wrapped in that and I like it and, and you know, and, and I feel closer to God when I do it. And, and I'm all enthused about it, what I forget is there's the people out there who haven't been in on the planning and the praying and the knowing and the experiencing it little by little and the little grandmother that says, "you mean the services that I grew up here for 55 years --- they're not here any more?" ---- And the dad who says, "my kids, I raised um here, it just doesn't seem the same." And Mary sits at the back you know or in the middle and she says, "you know Tom, they took Face To Face out of these books."--- And I want to say YES, YES but look at what they....."

"Four little things really quick. Really quick. We're jus(t) gonna mention um, on about how to deal with critics. Uhmm --- . A. Affirm and acknowledge. Affirm their right to not like what we like. Hold their hands and say because by the same token we'll have to turn it around and we'll want them to affirm our light, our right to like what they don't like. Affirm that decision with them. And next reflect. When they say something to you reflect back on it what they said on it. You know we teach each other that in marriage and counseling. Say now is, is this what I understand you're sayin'. Let um know you hear what they're sayin' and that you're talkin' to um that we're both on the same team. And then lastly I' gonna say plan' pray and part in peace. Don't think that you have to stop every time a critic or somebody stops you in the hall an' "wantna ya rrrrrrr". Don' think you hafta settle it right then.----------------------"

20020801 - From the January 2002 Plumbline

I sincerely appreciate the corrections which are sent to me regarding the mistakes which appear in the "Plumbline. Some words will be spelled incorrectly, wrong verses of scripture will occasionally slip in and there are no more infinitives in our area which I can split inasmuch as I have already split all of them. There are no particles dangling inasmuch as I have already dangled all of them. Anyway, tis helpful to be reminded that I am not perfect. I will press onward toward perfection with your assistance.

It seems to me that somebody at Madison needs some sound teaching. The elder from Madison who reportedly said "Brother Coats needs to be straightened out" would do well to confine his efforts to straightening out a number of things at Madison.
...Wayne Coats, Editor

              get Your Babies, Pets, Dolls and Toys Affirmed, Dedicated, and Blessed.
by Wayne Coats

"I am most hesitant to mention the matter of dedicating those baby dolls, for without doubt this practice will be copied by the liberals within a forthnight."

20020601 - Author: Jeri Dentel -

* Here is what I have gleaned from listening to them: First of all, I equate the change agent movement with the "Israel wants a king" mentality. They see the denominations growth rates and want to duplicate it and decide to examine why they are growing. They see the methods and then look for the authority to do such things. I can't tell you all of what the change agents are doing, but I can tell you how they get their authority. We establish authority by Command, Approved Example, Necessary Inference and Expedience and prohibition from the Silence of the scriptures. The "change agents" get their authority for what they do by throwing out Example and Inference as means of authority and silence as prohibition. Their claim: Example is not authority, because "you can't bind a narrative". Inference is not authority because "it is too subjective, my inference may not be your inference and as such you are binding opinion". They simply refuse to accept silence as prohibition. When you argue the example of Nadab and Abihu or even Hebrews 7:14, they claim "Old Testament is not binding on us today" and "You can't bind a narrative". That leaves them with Command and Expedient. Since they don't accept silence as prohibitive, anything not specifically forbidden is allowable. If they can't justify it under Command, they call it an Expedient. When anyone tries to call them on their errors, the change agents cry "legalist" and claim that the opposition is violating Romans 14 by attempting to restrict their liberty.

20020531 - From an article by David Sain

Despite the fact that, as already asserted, framing worship as entertainment will no doubt entice some people to worship who would otherwise be uninterested, trying to win the hearts of pagans by making Christianity attractive to them must be rejected as a valid evangelistic strategy. Why? To be blunt and to the point, it is because Jesus never directed, or even suggested, that His disciples try to win the world by making Christianity attractive to the world. As some have put it, Jesus told His disciples to preach the gospel, not sell it. His instruction to the twelve as basically, "If you can't win people with substance, move on" (Matthew 10:14), not "If you can't win people with substance, try to win them with splendor."3

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