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The Book
The Book

"What Happened At The Madison Church of Christ"

Click here to read the preface.

1st Edition

How To Get Copies Of This Book

1. This book is FREE and can be viewed on the web by clicking HERE.

It can be downloaded and printed in either "rtf" with Wordpad, or in the "pdf" format if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click Here to get the Free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Rich Text "rtf" format:

For Adobe "pdf" format:

2. If you do not have access to a computer and printer, you can go to any Kinko's location and they will download and print it out for you. Although the book is FREE, they will charge you per page for their time. You might want to check with them to see what 76 pages would cost to get downloaded and printed.

3. The book can also be ordered in a printed and bound format, if you don't mind paying the cost of printing, postage,and handling. Print and mail the order form below for printed copies of "What Happened At The Madison Church Of Christ"


[ ] Send 1 copy of "What Happened At The Madison Church of Christ"
Cost to print $2.50, postage, $1.49, handling $3.00, sales tax $0 .57
Total for book $7.56

[ ] Send _____ copies (minimum of 10 copies) at $4.75 each.
For a total of $____________
(Cost for each includes printing, shipping, handling, packing & sales tax)

Mail book(s) to: (must be in USA or it's territories)


Address ____________________________________________

City _________________________ State ____ Zip ______

Mail your check/order to:

Corporate Image Design
608 Norris Ave. Dept.12
Nashville, Tn. 37204

This offer is only available by mail. The ConcernedMembers will not make any money from this book. Our only goal is to see that everyone that wants a copy gets one by some method.

The Book

Please let me know if a 2nd edition becomes available.

Click Here to get FREE postcards to handout or mailout, to let others know about this book.

If you are looking for the site ConcernedMembers at Madison Church of Christ click here.

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