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Tom Haddon’s Homebuilders class 2/25/01 (or 3/25/01 date unsure)

Transcribed by Bobby M. Johnson 5/30/01 thru 6/5/01

Madison member since 1985

Important Note: BMJ will show in parenthesis a brief phrase, words, or word to locate a particular paragraph or collection of messages from Tom’s class. No attempt is made to interpret Tom’s teachings and parables or what He means. Exact words are transcribed along with the spelling or misspelling to relate exactly how Tom pronounced the words. Please do not think BMJ to be illiterate or uneducated. Transcribing this tape was near impossible. Patience and Christian love is needed. You must read, read, read, ----------------- read , and read again. Then when you are through reading you must read again what Tom says to understand. This will be very clear as you proceed.

Tom Haddon (and only Tom) is talking:

1. (Entertainment and holy entertainment - making words unobjectionable.)

Last week we talked about Entertainment. --Uh, that’s kind of where we started. What we said was if the word entertainment does mean to divert ones attention, to cause to be pleasurable, to cause to be interesting, then that is what we’re here to do. --Um, and, and maybe it’s time we stopped trying to hide from words because they scare people. ---------

There comes a point when you have to have enough teaching on some thing where you realize that just because a word is maybe taken in a certain context, that that doesn’t mean the word is wrong. And sometimes instead of just not using it, what we need is teaching.

Does it mean we cannot we cannot use it for a while? But at the same time during that interim term we need to have teaching on it. We need to talk about it. Well what is it? And soon as I say the word “holy entertainment” there would be some who would go “ouu--- ! You know I jus(t), jus(t), it sounds so----. But in a way that’s what we’re here to do. We are here as Paul would say, “to take your eyes off what is seen and to put it on what? --- what is unseen”. We are here to divert people’s attention ---.

2. (Leadership)

We spoke about leadership. I’m not going to say any more about leadership except to say there are principles I’m talking about. They apply in our family, our business, and in our church. There are people who have to be led and our leaders have to know where we’re goin’----. (BMJ”s Note: Tom describes an airplane trip to Columbus. A couple of older ladies talk about Cincinnati. Tom is worried that he has gotten on a plane to Cincinnati instead of Columbus.- short version.)

You know the most unsettling times in any situation in life is when you think you are on a road one place and all of a sudden things happen around you, and you may not understand them all and you could be totally wrong, but all of a sudden you think you are on a train headed one place and, but you think the train is going somewhere else. That’s all I’m going to say about leadership.

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