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In response to a preliminary copy of a "Covenant of Membership" that was drafted by Buck Dozier

The Covenant of Membership

Buck Dozier’s Preliminary
"Covenant of Membership"

with the
Madison church family

Buck Dozier and the other Madison Church of Christ Elders have aligned themselves with certain “outside influences”. These influences have helped the Elders “LORD” over the membership unscriptural beliefs, teachings, and doctrines. Thru these actions Buck, certain other Elders, certain teachers, and certain members have divided the congregation into two different groups of differing beliefs. To learn more of our possible future and what may be in store for us please read on.

One such outside influence is the Saddleback Valley Community Church in California. The philosophy of this Corporation/Organization seems to have convinced Buck and the majority of the Elders to the point of ignoring the Word of God that our future salvation and the solution to Madison’s dwindling membership and contributions depends on following the example of this worldly church founded by Rick Warren in 1980. Much of the power gained by Saddleback is thru the COVENANTS signed with its members.

Rick Warren uses Rock Music and little or no reference to the unattractive notions of sin to attract new members. These new members are then required to sign a COVENANT that commits them to tithing plus participation in a small group, a lay ministry, and a missions outreach. New members who study with Saddleback in their series of high-commitment purpose-driven classes are required to sign further covenants before they can progress to the next classes. These members become “pastors” and then are sent out as “church planters” into existing churches like Madison Church of Christ to gradually change the church from a traditional church founded by Jesus Christ into a “contemporary” church like the one founded by Rick Warren. This guarantees Saddleback an income from members and they in turn attend and bring in others to attend the Saddleback “Conferences” and “Seminars” which in turn brings in wealth to the church/Rick Warren. Please verify what I have just told you by getting on the Internet and go to Saddleback’s web site:

and browse around as much as you can to learn about their ways. You must look deeply and in detail. They do not talk about SIN or REPENTANCE. Their worship is centered on all kinds of MUSIC in the contemporary and cultural sense. There is always Rock Music.

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